Case 1: Wine and Cinderella Case

Inspired by/songs involved: Romeo and Cinderella, Nazotoki/Nazokake

Case 2: Water "Spirit" Case

Inspired by/songs involved: Nazotoki (Full version; the one with people falling down from the ocean thingie)

Case 3:Heir to the throne

Inspired by/songs involved: Prisoner / Paperplane

Case 4:Alice Human Sacrifice Case

Inspired by/songs involved: Alice Human Sacrifice (OBVIOUSLY)

Case 5:Himeka's case

Inspired by/songs involved: Paradichlorobenzene, Antichlorobenzene

Case 6:Circus case (Divided into two: Rin and Len's case, and Kaito and Gakupo's)

Inspired by/songs involved: Dark Woods Circus, Kagome Kagome

Case 7:Japan's case (Divided into two: Tei's psycho love using Conchita+Enbizaka and Ritsu's issues using DoE+SoE)

Inspired by/songs involved: Daughter/Servant of Evil, Evil Food Eater Conchita, Tailor Shop in Enbizaka, Regret Message, Kokoro x Kiseki

Case 8:Framed case

Inspired by/songs involved: Cinderella ~another story~, Nazotoki/Nazokake, Cantarella

Case 9:Final/Ted/Experiment's case (Divided into two: Before Rin's memory lost and after Rin recovered)

Inspired by/songs involved: World's End Dancehall (The grey walls and the jumping off a building part, at least.), Kagome Kagome, Dark Woods Circus,

Anyone up for a puzzle/riddle/case/game? How to:

1. Answer the puzzle/riddle/case/question.

2. There will be two options available and you'll have to pick one of them.

3. After you've chosen what you think is the correct answer, you'll be given further instructions.

4. Keep repeating step 1-3 until you finally reach the "final" riddle (depending on the route/answer you've taken)

You'll get a spoiler/song which will be... Some kind of unexpected turn of events? Note that there's only one correct answer/route. The others are wrong. So... Are you confident enough that you've taken the correct route/answer? BEWARE OF TRAPS.

If you can answer without Rie's hints, then you are geniuses. She said you'll know the answer if you search the right places.

:Riddle one:

(ML) S X N (HM)

Hint: Minato

Options: If you can find the original video in NND today (2012/5/1) then go to riddle two. If you can't, go to three.

Beta's hint : Originality

:Riddle two:

It has no meaning.

Hint: Garuna

Options: If it has a meaning go to Riddle four. If it has no meaning go to Riddle five.

Beta's hint : Finished

:Riddle three:

Blue + Yellow =

Hint: IchigyouP

Options: If your answer is green go to Riddle six. if your answer is Hatsune Miku go to riddle seven.

Beta's hint : Reality

:Riddle four:

Someone reported that he found a body on his hallway. When the police got there, he asked the founder the situation when he found the body. The founder said that he just got home, and he walked across the hall to reach the light switch, and after he turn the lights on, he found the body lying behind him. Right after that, the power went out and the police and the founder found themselves in complete darkness. As they wait for someone to fix the electricity, the police said to the founder that he'd arrest him because he thinks that the founder is related to the murder.

Hint : Yuyoyuppe
If the police made the right decision, go to nine. If he's made a mistake, go to eight.
Beta's hint : blindness

:Riddle five:

A girl painted a canvas with red paint in an art room at her school. Later a boy painted a canvas with blue paint. By the end of the day, both the girl and the boy painted in the same canvas. How many canvases were painted in the art room?

Hint: Yuyoyuppe

Options: If the answer is uncountable due to lack of details go to riddle ten. If the answer is countable go to riddle eleven.

Beta's hint : Possibility

:Riddle six:


Hint: iroha

Options:If it's connected with the "hint" go to riddle twelve. If it is not go to riddle thirteen.

Beta's hint : Stomach ache

:Riddle seven:


Hint: Dixie Flatline

Options: If it's connected to the hint go to riddle fourteen. If it's not go to riddle fifteen.

Beta's hint : festival

:Riddle eight -final riddle route-:

Keyword: Twins.

:Riddle nine -final riddle route-:

Keyword: Resurrection.

:Riddle ten -final riddle route-:

Keyword: Heroine's death.

:Riddle eleven -final riddle route-:

Keyword: Happily never after.

:Riddle twelve -final riddle route-:

Keyword: Suicide.

:Riddle thirteen -final riddle route-:

Keyword: Hero's death.

:Riddle fourteen -final riddle route-:

Keyword: Prison break.

:Riddle fifteen -final riddle route-:

Keyword: War.




... Khkhkhkh Are you sure that's the right answer you have there?

... Ah, or maybe it's all a trap...

... I don't know.. Maybe there are no answers...

... Too bad, maybe this is a-month's-late April Fool joke?

... OoO We'll see on the sequel.

The sequel's name will be "The Riddle Solver" by the way owo