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Kurt's mind kept wondering back to the footage of his friends singing. Why had Dave done that? There just had to be an underlying meaning behind it. There always was with Karofky. It frustrated him that he could never predict what the jock was going to do next but it intrigued him enough to look up the Karofkys address and drive to his house.

Kurt sat in his SUV wondering what his next move would be. It wasn't as if he could stroll up to the boy and announce his presence. He fiddled with Dave's flash drive. Initially, his idea was to come to the Karofsky household under the pretence of returning the damn thing. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. Now it seemed brainless. What person in their right mind would return a flash drive to their bully on Christmas Eve?

Kurt jumped out of his thoughts when he hurt a sharp knock on the driver side window. He let the window slide open and was greeted by Karofsky's face peering a little too closely at his. "What do want, Hummel?" he didn't look particularly happy to see Kurt. This realisation annoyed the boy in the car. After all, Dave was the one that started this by giving him the present in the first place. He should have expected that Kurt would want answers.

"I just wanted to give you this back," said Kurt holding out the flash drive as if it were a damp handkerchief.

He saw his bully's eyes flash with disappointment as he grabbed the USB stick and shoved it in his pocket. "Fine," he said before he turned away, trudging through the one foot depth of snow. It suddenly dawned on Kurt that from Dave's perspective it probably looked like Kurt was rejecting his present. How was Dave supposed to know that Kurt had copied the file onto his laptop?

Kurt opened his door, and gasped slightly at the changed in temperature before trekking after the larger boy. "Why did you give me that?"

Karofsky didn't even acknowledge him. He just carried on walking. This infuriated Kurt.

"Where do you get off doing that? Are you even listening to me? KAROFSKY! Would you slow down?" Kurt noticed that they were walking in the opposite direction to Dave's house. This was stupid. Kurt didn't even know where they were going. Without warning, Kurt stumbled as his foot caught a rock. He wasn't able to catch himself and yelped as he fell face first into the fresh snow.

Great, he thought to himself. This was not going as he had hoped.

He rolled over in the snow, onto his back and found that Dave was standing over him. Kurt could tell that he was fighting back a smile. "Have a nice trip?"

Dave stuck out a hand. Kurt considered not taking it but then thought better. He didn't want to look any more like a clumsy fool. He accepted the gesture and was mildly surprised at how easily Dave hauled him to his feet. Kurt felt his hand tingle but assured himself that it was probably just numbness from the cold. For an awkward moment, both boys stood holding hands until Kurt looked down. Dave followed his gaze and dropped Kurt's hand almost immediately. The Hummel boy couldn't help but feel a little saddened that the warmth had gone. "It's not like I planned on falling like that."

"Tell me about it," Dave mumbled to himself. He clearly hadn't planned on falling for Kurt.

"What?" Kurt didn't understand.

Dave sighed. "Nothing."

Kurt changed the subject. "Why did you do it?"

"Do what?" Dave shuffled his feet in the snow not wanting to look at Kurt directly.

"Give me that video? Was it some ploy to get to me to miss my friends even more than I did before?" Kurt wanted Dave to look at him. It appeared as though the older boy didn't want to be having this conversation.

"So you watched it?" Dave's tone was a mixture of shock and satisfaction.

Kurt threw his hands up in the air. He wanted to be calm but something about David Karofsky just made his blood boil. "Of course I watched it. I wanted to know what sick joke you were going to play on me next."

Dave wore a smug expression. "Hate to break it to you Hummel. It was just a regular Christmas present."

"Why?" Kurt pressed.

Dave shrugged. "I though you might miss your loser friends. How was I supposed to know that they were going to do that stupid song for you?"

Kurt studied Dave's face and decided that it wasn't as ugly as he first thought. His eyes were almost beautiful. "But why? You didn't have to do that."

Dave shrugged again. He started walking away but Kurt caught his arm. Dave looked at Kurt's delicate hand on his jacket before looking up at Kurt's face. He raised an eyebrow as if to say, why are you touching me? Kurt sighed and withdrew his hand letting Dave resume his exit.

"Fine. If you want to walk away that's your prerogative. I just thought you might have changed. Maybe have a grown up conversation for once. Silly me. David Karofsky will always be nothing more than a mindless bully." Kurt spat out the words in disgust hoping to get a rise out of Dave. He didn't even care if Dave hit him. He hated being ignored.

Karofsky took the bait and whipped his head around, followed by the rest of his body. "You know why Hummel. Stop acting like you don't," his voice was low and heated.

Kurt knew Karofsky was on the brink of breaking but that didn't stop him questioning the boy. "I really don't know what you're talking about."

Dave went into autopilot mode. He clenched a fist. "Don't push me, Hummel."

Kurt chuckled sarcastically. "Oh, how original. That should definitely be your catchphrase." But he was shaking in his fur lined boots. Dave's threatening demeanour was always going to scare him, no matter how much he acted like it didn't.

Dave narrowed his eyes but lowered his fist. "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

Kurt decided Dave must be clinically insane. "Enjoying what? I don't have a clue what you're talking about," he repeated.

Dave twisted his face into a grimace. He screamed at the smaller boy. "I MISS YOU OKAY? I miss every fucking thing about you and I hate that!" He kicked a random pile of snow and hoped to God that he wouldn't cry. He didn't want to be any more of a pansy than he already was. Why had he even given Kurt the flash drive anyway? He was such an idiot. He screwed his eyes shut not even caring that the younger boy was stood frozen on the spot.

The next thing that Dave felt were Kurt's lips on his.

He was kissing him. Kurt was kissing Dave Karofsky. Why was he doing that? Kurt wasn't exactly sure. It just felt like the right thing to do. Maybe it was the snow or the fact that it was Christmas Eve, but Dave's declaration was a heart melting moment. Kurt tried not to think as Dave started kissing him back. Thinking would just over complicate things, though he was aware that he was kissing his tormentor. Kurt cupped Dave's face deepening the kiss. It was hot, heavy and desperate.

But Dave gentle pulled away ending the kiss leaving Kurt confused. Dave was breathing fast and shallow as if he'd run long distance. "Why did you do that?" he managed to exhale.

Kurt's breathing matched Dave's. Their faces were merely inches apart. He answered truthfully as he could. "I don't know."

Dave's face fell. "What about your boyfriend?"

Kurt felt shivers go up his spine. It's just the breeze he told himself. "Blaine? He's not my boyfriend."

"But you like him," Dave insisted. Kurt could deny it all he liked but Dave saw the way that Kurt looked at Blaine. Like he was God's gift to gays.

Kurt diverted his eyes to Dave's chest, watching it rise and fall. He smirked. "You jealous?"

Dave shoved him away. "That's not the point." But he was jealous. Stupid Blaine probably got any guy he wanted.

Kurt shrugged the shove off. "Blaine got me the Wicked CD for Christmas."

Dave didn't get why Kurt was changing the subject. He didn't know who this Wicked band were but even their name sounded shit. Made up of a bunch of homos no doubt. "So what?"

Kurt smiled. "I've had that CD for years."

Didn't Kurt get that Dave didn't want to talk about Blaine of all people. "You're point being?"

"Let's just say, I think your present was better." Kurt said leaning forward.

Dave shoved him again. "Stop being so weird. You're messing with my head."

Kurt stayed silent. Why was he being so weird? Why the hell did he want to kiss Karofsky again? He didn't understand why the thought of dating Dave Karofsky didn't make him want to puke.

"I didn't save your fucking life Hummel, I made you a stupid video. It doesn't even out what I did to you." Dave was clueless as to why Kurt was even giving him the time of day. It was all very strange. Dave hadn't made the video for forgiveness; he just didn't want Kurt to miss McKinley too much. After all, it was his fault Kurt left.

Kurt gave a short nod. "I know that."

Dave was flipping out. How was Kurt still standing here? "So why the fuck did you kiss me?"

Kurt hit back with his own question. "Why did you kiss back?"

Silence fell between them again. Dave didn't exactly know what Kurt was suggesting. Friends with benefits? A relationship? Random hook-ups? He sighed. "We can't do this. I'm a bully. Your bully."

"So? No one's perfect," said Kurt with a small smile.

This just enraged Dave even further. "YOU ARE!" he blurted.

Kurt gasped. Both his hands flew to his chest. "You think I'm perfect?" he asked Dave. Kurt felt a grin spread across his face.

Kurt's expression irritated Dave. "Stop that."

"Stop what?" Kurt said through the smile

Dave frowned. "That cute thing you do with your face. I swear, I'll punch it right off," he said though it was obviously an empty threat.

Did Dave Karofsky just call him cute? Kurt felt warm inside despite the freezing whether. This was beyond fucked up. Why was he trying to get with the jock? Kurt wanted Blaine. He had always wanted Blaine. "Why are you so angry?"

"Because you're a dick," Dave said lamely. He wanted Kurt to hate him again. How could Kurt be so nice to him after everything that he had done? If Kurt knew what was best for him he would have got the hell out of there.

Kurt scoffed. "Really? That's the best you could come up with."

"Oh, just leave Hummel. Get the fuck out of my face," Dave growled. Kurt shouldn't be near him. He wasn't safe to be around.

Kurt considered slapping the boy in front of him but instead nodded his head. "Fine," he said before walking passed Dave.

Dave eyes widened. He didn't think Kurt would actually listen. He turned back around to stop Kurt going but found that Kurt was only a couple of feet away facing him. The reflection of the streetlights made Kurt's eyes look like they were sparkling.

"Miss me?" Kurt smirked. He didn't feel so scared of Dave anymore.

Dave tried to play it cool. "No. I just wanted to make sure you'd actually gone."

"Too bad." Kurt could tell he was lying. He suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline as an idea popped into his head. "I decided that my Christmas present to you will be in song."

"Talk about walking cliché," said Dave not impressed.

Kurt chose to ignore the comment. He took a deep breath before he started singing. "I…don't want a lot for Christmas…"

Dave couldn't believe his ears. Of all the songs. This one. AGAIN? "Don't," he warned.

"There is just one thing I need…" Kurt's voice carried into the empty night. Every other sane person was at home with there family on Christmas Eve and here he was singing to Karofsky. Wonders never cease.

"Shut up Hummel." Dave hated this song. It was fucking everywhere this time of year. He had heard the Gleeks sing it enough times when he was watching the footage over and over again wondering whether he should give it to Kurt or forget the whole thing.

"And I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree."

He had to shut Kurt up. He couldn't stand the fact that Kurt's voice was so innocent. Pure. And he was anything but.

"I just want you for my own, more then you could ever know…" Kurt felt a little braver and wiggled his hips and pointed towards Dave with extended arms, loving the uncomfortable expression on Karofsky's face.

Out of the blue, Dave lunged forward knocking both him and Kurt over in the snow.

Kurt groaned midway from the fall but kept on singing, even though he was lying on his back with Dave looming over him. "Make my wish come true…."

Dave couldn't stand it any longer. He brought his head down to Kurt's forcing a kiss. He wanted Kurt to stop it.

Kurt pushed on chest hard breaking the kiss. He needed to finish his song. "Baby, all I want for Christmas is you…" he whispered before harshly grabbing the older boy's shirt and pulling him down for another kiss.

As both boys lay there, kissing in the snow, knowing that they were probably going to freeze to death, Dave was left with one thought; 'Okay, maybe Mariah wasn't that bad.'


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