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Cal enters Gillian office and watch her face carefully.

"What's going on, love? Are you hurting again?"

Gillian puts her finger softly on her lips and sight a little "Shhh!" Then she grabs her head with her both hands and she looks scared as if she thought it might blow.

Cal slowly realizes she's having another one of her terrible migraines.

"Love, why don't you go home for the rest of the day?" Cal says with his calm and sweet tone of voice up. While his hands make their way to her face pulling back her hair so he could watch her eyes.

"I might go, Cal!" Gillian whispers and rise up. Suddenly, if Cal didn't catch her by the waist she almost falls on the floor.

"Gillian!" Cal says frantically.

"Gillian, what happen? Woke up, Gill!" When he realizes she had passed out he puts one hand under her knees and the other one around her back and carefully puts her on the couch.

Slowly Gillian starts to come back and realizing how worried Cal was because of his tone of voice she calms him down: "I'm ok! This was just a migraine! I'll be ok!"

After saying these words she passes out again and Cal screams: "HEIDI, CALL AN AMBULANCE!"

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