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Chapter 3- Louise's failures and the Spartans form hell.

Louise sprinted to breakfast just as the bell rang. She still had a throbbing head ache from all the liquor she downed yesterday. She sat down as fast as she could not even waiting for the servants to pull her chair. She scarfed down some juice and toast before she couldn't stomach anymore.

'That's the last time I drink that much hard liquor.' She thought suppressing a groan and an almost unstoppable urge to throw up.

She recalled her list of classes for the day.

'First Earth magic with Ms. Cheruvese, then we have combat training, then we have Lunch and the rest of the day is simple and advanced magic classes with Negi and the rest. Speaking of Negi I wonder where he and the rest of them are.' Wondered Louise as she got up to head for the first class.

She began walking down the hall to Earth Magic classes when she felt as if someone was watching her.

She turned around and saw no one, she continued walking and she felt something again and she turned around to a saw Kirche and Tabitha walking towards the class with Flame in tow.

Kirche saw Louise and stalked up to her. "Having fun looking at what you don't have Valliere?"

"Shut up von Zerbest! Who would waste their time ogling at you?" -Retorted Louise.

"Hmmmm… I think a better question would be who wouldn't. Well at least the answer would be shorter. Now I wonder about your familiar, he would like me as- Hey Tabitha wait up!" Kirche ran off chasing after her silent friend, leaving a stunned Louise.

She collected herself and walked into class just two minutes before the stout female instructor walked into the class.

"Good afternoon class" She said in a cheerful tone.

"I am Ms. Cheruvese -The Red Clay, and I will be teaching you Earth Magic from now on Now could someone explain the concept of the elements to the rest of us?"

"Allow me" said Guiche" There are 4 true elements which are fire, earth, water and air, and the levels are dot, line, triangle and square, each showing how many elements you're proficient in, and I am Guiche de Garmont, and my second name is-The Bronze, I am an earth mage like yourself"

"Very good Mr. Guiche, those four along with the lost element of void make up the pentagram system of magic. Earth magic is the most important magic of all for our society, and that's not just because I myself am an earth mage. Without it we can't construct our homes or even extract the metals and minerals we need for everyday life." Continued ht teacher as the students soon got used to hearing the same speech by every teacher for their own element, but an unnoticed shadow hears all of this attentively and begins to laugh mentally.

'Only 5 and they limit themselves to a pentagon, how sad and limited.' Thought the shadow.

"Now to demonstrate, I will use Alchemy one of the most basic of all earth magic to transform these spheres of earth into something else. Now observe. " She began chanting as the students and the shadow leaned forward in anticipation.


A light engulfed the earth and turned it into shining golden metallic balls.

"Is that really gold?" -Questioned Kirche.

"No. Only a Square Class mage can make gold, I myself am but a triangle class mage" said the professor in a rather self important tone.

"Now would anyone care to demonstrate" asked the teacher as she saw a pink haired girl staring off into the distance, she snapped at her.

"You, girl with the pink hair, you will come and demonstrate this."

Louise stood up and shakily replied "Ye- Yes!"

All of the students yelled out in surprise and Kirche began protesting "But Ms. Cheruvese, she's The Zero, she can't cast any element properly and she'll blow us up"

"Yeah that's right, she's The Zero, she can't do anything, besides maybe summon decent familiars." Agreed someone from the back, the shadow still unnoticed sat calmly waiting to see how things would pan out.

Suddenly all the protestors began mumbling incoherently as they began spewing out clay form their open mouths.

"There will be no name calling in my class. You will all continue the rest of the class like this, now come up and try the spell child."

Louise got up and slowly walked up to the desk that was at the centre of the amphitheatre like class room and began chanting the same spell the teacher had done moments ago while the shadow continued its silent observations.


Just as she was about to complete the aria the shadow sensing a great danger approaching leapt into action.

Louise suddenly found her wand knocked out of her hand by none other than Negi, while Evangeline seemed to be lounging around in a chair everyone thought was empty moments ago.

"Tch. Why did you stop her boya? It would have been fun to see these morons flung around by that explosion." said a rather bored Eva. The professor and everyone else around her blanched and began murmuring in the background.

"No matter what you say master, I for one don't like being blown up, even if I can't get hurt too badly by it" said Negi as he turned to Louise and Cheruvese.

Cheruvese began yelling t Negi after overcoming her initial shock" Who are you? And how dare you interrupt my class?"

Negi replied "If you must know, I am the new teacher in charge of the second years, and as of now, this will be your last class, me and my associates will be taking over all the classes for the second year on the Headmaster's instruction, you are to focus on teaching the third and first years as per his order, in fact this class was only conducted on our insistence to learn of your style of teaching, that is it."

Negi then turned to Louise leaving a gaping and stunned Cheruvese looking at the ceiling. While the rest of the students remained slack jawed, even the usually quiet and expressionless Tabitha seemed quite vary of Eva.

"Now as for you Louise, I suggest you try using this wand to cast your spells from now on, this should make it easier for you." -Said Negi as he handed her a wand with a golden star on one end.

"You can continue your class if you want, we have seen enough." Said Negi as he walked out, followed by Eva and the rest of Ala Alba that had made the familiar contract with Louise, who surprisingly also remained unnoticed until they actually left.

Louise looked down at the wand and then asked Cheruvese if she could try again.

The professor merely muttered in acknowledgment still reeling from the shock of being outspoken by someone a third of her age or less, and also at having been transferred her first day on the job.

Louise began once again and chanted the complete aria this time-"ANSUZ HAU ISNZ EHWAZ BFRKANN PRORY TERA"

Many of the students ducked under the tables expecting explosions, but when nothing happened, they slowly peeked out from under their tables and saw something so shocking that Ms. Cheruvese began to doubt her competency when compared to the new teacher; sure she had heard stories of "Louise -The Zero". But to think he could have actually helped her magic.

On the table stood three perfect piece of a very high quality crystal, in fact some actually thought it was diamond.

No one was more shocked than Louise herself. She had finally cast magic without it blowing up in her face, and it was thanks to the weird wand Negi gave her.

"Ni-Nicely done Ms. Valliere, now please return to your seat" stammered MS. Cheruvese still in extreme shock.

The rest of the students just gaped at her and stared at the now closed door through which her familiars had walked out.

Cheruvese managed to finish her first and last lecture, trying to squeeze in whatever she knew into their heads, fearing what the strangers were going to teach them. She ran her class right down to the last second until the bell tolled for change of classes.

"Well my students, I wish you the best of luck!" she said with slight tears forming in her eyes.

The students themselves showed little if any emotional response. Most of them were glad that they would be taught by Ala Alba, both boys and girls.

They walked out to the field where they saw all of Ala Alba (well the ones who made the familiar contract with Louise anyway) standing out in the field sitting in garden chair talking about something quite animatedly, each of them having some tea.

Then Negi, Setsuna, and Asuna got up and walked towards them, the sun shone in such a way that it gave them the appearance of divine beings with halos.

The students stood in large groups with Louise by herself, talking about Louise's familiars, and her actually not blowing a spell up.

Finally their teachers stood in front of them and began, "Welcome. This will be your first of many classes with us. You should all know that we show no favoritism with students, in fact all of you will be put through the same training and you can expect it to be both challenging and rewarding. Anyone who wants' to quit is welcome to do so, you will be returned to a class with your normal teachers if you do."

Many students began chattering gain after hearing this.

'So there's a safety net' some of them thought.

"Oh and if any of you question our methods or don't live up to our standards you will be forced to quit. WE have the headmaster's permission for that as well." Asuna said this as more chattering broke out.

Setsuna got annoyed and shouted " SILENCE!"

Many of the students began gaping at how loud her voice is.

"Since you are training under us, you will only speak when spoken to. Belly aching will not be tolerated, you wanna run crying home to your mommies then be my guest LADIES! Now all of you drop and give me 100!"

It seemed like switches were turned on as all of a sudden Negi and Asuna's expressions became very hard and cold.

"Give you 100 of what?" asked a confused student.

"PUSH UPS MAGGOT!" shouted Setsuna.

"What's that?" This time it was Malicorne.

The chubby blonde had a bad feeling about this.

"Well it's an exercise where you do this" said Negi as he demonstrated.

The nobles of the academy shrugged at that. It didn't look too hard.

"Now get started." This time it was Asuna.

The nobles all soon began doing pushups as they saw their instructors glare at them with sticks in hand.

Most of them could barely get past 2 before collapsing. Those that collapsed were struck by one of their instructors with those stick they had seen earlier.

Louise managed to get up to 10 before collapsing; to her surprise she was also hit.

"Don't stop now maggots!"- Shouted Setsuna again.

After half an hour only one student had managed to complete all one hundred and Tabitha was sitting under a tree still waiting for others to finish.

Louise managed 50 before her arms gave out; Kirche managed 70 before she collapsed, the males fared worse Malicorne managed only 40 and Guiche managed 50 as well. The rest of the class averaged about 30.

"Pathetic!" said Setsuna with a condescending tone.

The only response she got was moans and groans of pain.

"Get up!" This time it was Asuna.

"Run 10 laps around the schools wall now. Anyone who stops will have to do another lap"

As the students pushed themselves of the ground they saw Chachamaru walk up to Asuna and she said" Asuna-san since the area around the academy is quite large I'll take over for now."

"Fine…"Replied Asuna cheerfully as she went back to the table and began petting Eva on the head.

"Now get to it you maggots!" bellowed Setsuna.

They all started jogging around the field when some of them tried to turn back to see their instructors, they saw no one. The students slowed down only to be hit again by a stick. They looked up to see Negi and Chachamaru floating and Setsuna flying with pure white wings on her back.

All of them just stood there gaping. All three of them were flying, with no ships, or anything. They were flying by themselves.

'Even square class mages usually use an object like a staff to fly and that too is pretty low altitude. That's why they prefer riding their familiars; it allows them to save power for actual combat.-' Thought a dumbfounded Louise. 'Just how powerful are these people?'

"Get back to running maggots!"- Barked an irate Setsuna. She also brandished the stick, which suddenly appeared more curved and sharp.

The students could only watch in horror and run like head less chickens to escape the blows that rained down on them form the heavens, in five minutes the whole field looked like a battle zone, most of the students were on the ground moaning as they tried to get back up.

Still Tabitha managed to finish her ten rounds and went back to reading her book, some of them still pushed onward by a drive and the will to not end up looking like raw liver kept them going.

For another mage in training it was something else entirely that drove her, it was the need to succeed. A single intervention from her familiar had allowed her to cast magic that didn't blow her sky high.

'Who knows how much sticking to their regime will help Me.'- Said petite pinkette thought as she tugged along her final lap.

Kirche, Guiche were behind her by about 20-30 meters and Montmorency had collapsed somewhere along the way during her 3rd lap.

They collapsed just after finishing the final lap.

Their instructors landed next to them with all the grace of cats.

Chachamaru was grateful for her new core and anti gravity system that Hakase developed using the plans the Chao left her. It allowed her roughly 10 weeks of flight. That and her body was now mostly organic, though at the instance of most of Ala Alba and Eva she had retained her head aerials.

Negi, Setsuna and Chachamaru went around gathering all the collapsed Noble students. Even the girls had no problem hoisting two or three of them on their shoulders. Though a breeze suddenly picked up and the short miniskirts did nothing to maintain the modesty of the female students.

Soon all the tomato faced students were gathered in the same place where they had to give pushups.

Setsuna then yelled "That was pathetic; I've seen better endurance on a ten year old!"

"Which ten year old was that?"- Mumbled a disgruntled Malicorne. He fared the worst in the class, he barely did 2 laps before collapsing in a heap of sweat.

"That would be me."

All the students turned to see who had said that, and saw that it was Negi who was making his way to the table.

'How can he hear that? He's over 50 feet away!' another thought synch happened in the minds of the students.

Negi then returned from the table with Konoka, who then promptly pranced up to Setsuna and then began an extended make out session in front of everyone.

Ala Alba just sighed while the students turned every shade of red and began eeping in the back ground.

Kirche began staring at Tabitha in a way that made the blue haired introvert back away visibly.

Setsuna then shouted indignantly "Ojou-sama, did you have to do that in front of the students?"

"Se-chan how many times do I have to tell you call me Kono-chan, plus seeing you go drill sergeant on them made me soo excited, since I don't have classes after this how about we head back?" said Konoka with the faintest hint of what she planned to do to her winged guardian.

"B-B-Bu-Bu-But-But Kono-chan you do have classes. In fact they have basic magic skills right now and plus I'm pretty sure if you don't heal them, they won't be able to learn any-"

Setsuna was cut off as Konoka started kissing her French style. This continues for 5 minutes until Setsuna collapsed and turned into jelly in Konoka's arms. Both of them sighed quite loudly.

"Don't worry, Eva-chan and Negi-kun said they'd cover for us, plus I'm only healing 40 people who are just tired, I'll be done soon. Why don't you get back and get a bath running, I'll join you once I'm done…" Konoka said, with the sultriest voice ever heard.

Setsuna gulped and then unfurled her wings and flew off towards their room as fast as she possibly could, leaving behind a very amused Ala Alba.

'The angel of death Setsuna' would be feared in the hallowed halls of Tristain academy for a long time to come. Yet at this moment most of her future torture victims, well those who could stand anyway, saw a love struck girls jumping through hoops.

"Kono chan if you could hurry, they have to get something to eat soon if they want to learn something"

"Hai Negi Kun!" chirped Konoka as she skipped toward the heaps that the students were in and began chanting.

"Tui Gratia Jovis Gratia Sit" the aria was finished and Konoka seemed to glow because of the amount of magical energy that had collected around her.


The students felt a very warm feeling pass through them and, then they realized that their injuries didn't hurt anymore. They got up to see a still glowing Konoka walk toward Negi excuse herself then head off toward the dorms all the while humming something.

Many of them thought if the founder Brimir would have been a woman then she would have looked like Konoka did and act like her, then they stowed such blasphemous thoughts away to revisit them at a later time..

Eva and Negi now faced the mystified students and then Negi cleared his throat to knock some people out of their daydreams.

Negi then gave them the best news they had heard sine they learned they got into the second year.

"It's time for lunch."

Somebody's stomach growled at the mere mention of food.

"And it's something very special. You all will find it so incredibly delicious that it will be beyond compare" Said Eva with an unusually evil smile that none outside Ala Alba seemed to notice.

They made their way to the dining hall, all the while imaging what feast awaited them after the hell they had been put through.

They were about to enter the dining hall when all of a sudden Eva walked in front of the door and said "Who said you're eating here now?"

The students were shocked at this and Malicorne asked "But where else will we eat Evangeline sensei, I doubt the kitchen staff could serve us anywhere else."

"Hmmm… Didn't I tell you? You all will be cooking your own meals from now on." Evangeline said in her usual tone of disinterest as Negi came up next to her. The rest of Ala Alba was also slowly making it's way toward the door with Asuna and Chisame arguing about something and Chachamaru baring the noise with her eyes closed.

All the students were now pissed off. They had been beaten, overworked abused verbally and now they were being denied the food they so rightfully thought they deserved.

Even Louise who was until that point blindly following the orders of her familiars was considering disciplining them irrespective of how she may suffer later.

'So what if he beat Guiche. He's a moron. If all of us team up against them, then they would lose.'

"Well time to get cooking you brats. Negi will take you to the kitchen where the chef will tell you what to do, oh and you have to work in there for half an hour till you will be given your meal." Said Evangeline as she opened the door and began heading inside, no doubt to eat her own meal.

That was the last straw.

All of the bratty nobles who until that time were granted everything they wanted by virtue of birth could not take any more indignation.

Negi then told them to follow him as he began heading towards a smaller less majestic door at the side of the main entrance to the dining hall.

They began cursing their luck and a certain pinkette for their present circumstances. While walking towards the kitchens the students silently began planning how to topple over their instructors.

Negi saw them to the kitchen talked politely to the chef and a black haired maid there and then walked off to the dining hall himself.

The students started planning their assault on their teachers whose abilities they thought were maxed out at defeating Guiche.

A cryptic message carved on a potato, using facial expressions, saying things that made no sense.

To anyone else it would seem like a bunch of retards in capes trying and failing at cooking, in fact it looked like that to many of the students themselves until one of the smarter could explain it to them.

Somehow miraculously an assault was planned.

They planned to take on their professors using a full on assault from all of them after lunch, they even planned on using their familiars as well.

The plan was for all of them to surround Ala Alba and then cast the most powerful spells on them from all directions to incapacitate them. Worst case even if their professors do end up injured since they had a large number of water mages at hand they could heal them.

Then after their half hour was up they were escorted back to the dining room where they were served what they had cooked moments ago. None of them could taste anything as they were far too busy finalizing every single aspect of their plans while occasionally glaring at Ala Alba who were still at their rather secluded table in the corner.

Unbeknownst to all the would-be conspirators Ala Alba could hear them perfectly and Negi and Eva began smirking as they heard their plans.

Negi then whispered to all of them "I'll take all of them if you don't mind, since I'll be the one least likely to kill of them horrifically."

Asuna, Chachamaru and Asuna conceded easily but Eva had a clause, that she would deal with them for the insubordination. Hearing this Negi actually consented to letting Eva deal with their amateur assault now, than having to bury a lot of mangled, disfigured bodies.

The students were once again asked to go the field. They all looked defeated to the plain eye, all a part of their plan. Negi and Eva tried to make things easier for them by taking them to the outer rim of the grounds where there was plenty of open space. Well Negi at least wanted to make it easier for them, plus if they damaged any buildings too severely they would lose part of their pay checks.

Negi then told everyone to form a circle around them so that they all could see the demonstration that was about to happen.

This in truth was the hardest part of the student's plans. How on earth were they going to surround their professors?

This setup was a godsend for them. They began chanting their arias under breathe as they formed a rough circle around the two instructors.

Then with next to no warning all the students began shouting out their spells and began casting them on the two figures at the centre who didn't seem very surprised. They didn't move either. Then explosion, whirlwinds, flying rocks and the occasional icicle were fired at them.

A large dust cloud formed over where they were.

The rebellious students held their breath as they waited for the smoke to clear.

When the dust settled, it looked like there were two slumped figures of their professors there.

The students began cheering and singing. Then they suddenly noticed that two very loud cackles had also made their way into their merry making.

They searched for the source only to realize that it was coming from where the two were laying knocked out.

They rose up and there was not a scratch on them. In fact Evangeline looked quite happy for some reason, in a very Scream kind of way.

"Well what did I tell you boya? I could take more hits form their spells than you could before needing to start the recovery."- Said Eva triumphantly.

"We both started it at the same time after that ice shard pierced you right lung and that fire ball burnt my arm off."

"But I still win."


"Because I activated mine half a millisecond after you did, so I win"

"Fine Eva chan you win" said an exasperated Negi" But remember we only want to discourage insubordination not kill everyone here, so go at about a tenth of a percent of you max." -Hearing and seeing this exchange the students around them all blanched to the palest color humanly possible.

"Fine boya, but since I'm bored now I'm only going to watch you deal with them." Said Evangeline as she went off to the table where the rest of Ala Alba was.

Negi sighed and began powering up.

He closed his eyes as the air around him started going darker and heavier, many of the students found it hard to breathe then he told them that since they were still students he'd give them 3 seconds to run away if they didn't want to get roughed up a bit.

Some of the students broke into an all out sprint away from him as Eva yelled at Negi to not let them escape.

After those 3 seconds only Louise, Tabitha and Kirche stayed behind along with some others like Malicorne, and some other hardly noticed people who wanted to prove their worth by trying to take down their professor.

Tabitha and Kirche's familiars were with them but both of them seemed afraid of Negi, which was shocking what did a dragon and a salamander have to fear from a human.

Sylphied began whimpering and nudging Tabitha in the direction away from Negi and Flame tried to pull Kirche away.

Negi then stopped releasing whatever miasma he was releasing up to that point and then he took a single step forward. All the students and their familiars made a mad charge towards him in the hope of trying to stop this monster.

Sylphied seemed so afraid that she almost stomped him, which he calmly side stepped.

After 5 minute of dodging icicles, fireballs and the occasional explosion, Negi stood there surrounded by his exhausted charges and their panting familiars.

Negi then walked to a trembling Sylphied and whispered something in the beast's ear to which her only response was looking absolutely shocked, well as shocked as a dragon could look. She then ran away leaving a surprised Tabitha and many confused students in her wake.

"Now then…" Negi said cracking his knuckles "Time for a little disciplining."

Negi then disappeared and reappeared in front of Malicorne and knocked him out. He repeated this with all the students present until only Tabitha and Louise were left.

Tabitha then tried to attacked Negi with a spear made of ice which broke into a million piece after impacting his skin.

He then knocked out the blue haired girl.

Louise looked up at her familiar with awe and horror in her eyes. 'He managed to defeat at least 25 mages in a matter of seconds and he didn't hurt a single one of them a bit.'

As far as she could see none of her class mates were injured in the least, and for some reason Negi looked especially majestic as he was dodging there attacks by hairs breadth on occasion. She realized that she had a major crush on her familiar and that wasn't the shocking part what truly shocked her was the he walked up to her and instead of knocking her out he simply flicked a finger at her forehead.

"Oww.." said Louise " That hurt!" she was practically crying now.

Negi smiled and to Louise and her slowly awakening classmates and those who had run away it had looked like the sun was breaking out of storm clouds.

Ala Alba began chattering at their table again and then made their way towards the now awake and ashamed students.

Asuna then asked "Are you all complete idiots?"

All of them found the ground very interesting to look at.

"We are a military group and we have years of combat training and you thought you can actually try and beat us? What the hell gave you that idea? We've been outnumber 5000 to 1. Taking on 40 bratty kids is no problem for the weakest of us when we have colds."

"Well what do you expect; they think be able to use magic makes them better than everyone else." Chisame was not one to pass up a chance to berate mages.

"But- " began Louise

"No buts! You're lucky that none of us were in a bad mood or you would've been in a hospital for a month at least if not worse. Whatever strategy you planned was amateurish and highly predictable. You underestimated us by far too much and you doubt our teaching methods because they are unorthodox and they make you do manual labor. You all are acting like spoilt children, what harm came out of exercising a little and actually making your own food hmm? If you think being a mage means you can get away with anything you are sadly mistaken. The world could put you up on a royal pedestal for all I care but when we teach you, we expect you to respect our methods and do as your told. If-"

"Now, now enough Chisame chan, maybe if we explain something to them it would seem like we didn't do this for the heck of it. " -Interrupted Negi.

An affirmative grumble was the only response he got.

"The reason we made you work out quite a bit before your actual magic lessons" began Negi " is because your body needs to be fit to handle to flow of magic to it. The more physically strong you are the easier it is to tap into the mana around you and the easier you can mold and shape it to do what you want. "

That made sense.

"Cooking?" asked Tabitha her head now in a book as she still lay down on the ground.

"Well that was to teach you guys that there is some pride in an honest day's work. The food you eat after working for it always taste better than the same food just given to you. Plus it also teaches you how to properly manage the exact proportions of magic you need for all your spells."

The students were seriously shocked at that, they thought they had been wasting time instead of learning new spells but they had actually been working on the basics.

"Ok since we wasted most of our time plus you all seem too tired to continue, me Eva-sensei and Chisame-sensei will give you a demonstration of some of the most powerful spells in existence. The students sat bolt upright at that.

"Ok Asuna chan, Chachamaru-chan and I will set up the barrier; you guys sit way over there."He pointed to the far end of the field they were at.

Fearing for their lives a bit all of the students made their way to a thicket of trees that Negi had pointed at.

Negi took out a card and shouted "Adeat"

The card turned into a small booklet from which he drew out another card that had Setsuna picture on it and he once again shouted "Adeat-Sisca Sicisiro"

Sixteen daggers embedded themselves in the ground forming a large circle around the three.

Asuna then shouted "Adeat- Enis Exocircans"

She spun a large blade which appeared form out of nowhere and then after it took on a golden aura she stabbed it into the ground at a pint on the circle. Chachamaru also walked towards one of the daggers and then the barrier took on a green overtone as well.

"The barrier is ready you guys-" shouted Asuna.

Then the three of them began chanting

"Ras tel Ma Skir Magister- To sumbolaion diakoneto moi, basileu Ouranionion. Epigenetheto, aithalous keravne hos Titenas phetheirein. Ekatontakis kai khilias astrapsato."

"Lic Lac La Lilac-To sumbolaion diakoneto moi, he krustalline basileia. Epigenetheto, taionion Erebos, aionie krustalle, pasais zoais ton ison thanaton, hos ataraxia."

" Idolum virtuale contenmo magus*- To sumbolaion diakoneto moi, ho turanne phlogos. Epigenetheto, phlox catharseos, phlogine romphaia. Rheusanton, pur kai theion, ha epephlegon Sodoma, hamartolous eis choun thanatou."

All three of them had enormous amounts of magic circling around them. Even as far as the students were form their professors they could fell enough magic to level anything for a few miles around. The earth began shaking with the force of the three of them holding all that magic at bay waiting…

The three of them stood at three opposite ends of the circle and then they shouted.

"Ουρανια Φλγωσις"

"Κοσμικη Καταστροφη"

"Κιλιπλ Αστραπη"

The Tristainian nobles stared in awe and fear at the destruction he unfolded in the barrier, lightening struck a glacier formed and the smell of brimstone reached them as well as a huge flame explosion rocked the barrier itself. Asuna started sweating a bit as well. Chachamaru seemed a bit flushed.

The earth began trembling. Many of the people inside the buildings also came out and saw the maelstrom of raw magic and destruction that was unfurling in the enclosed field. Everyone stood there gaping at it as the spells seems to be fighting each other as well, the ice trying to freeze the fire and lightening while the fires tried to burn away both and the lightening trying to obliterate both.

None of them could move or even speak. The Academy staff was shocked beyond words, if that barrier failed then the Academy, no most of Tristain would be a field of utter devastation. Cracks were forming outside the field and Asuna was visibly exhausted. Chachamaru's legs gave out on her and she was now lying as a crumpled heap on the ground.

Then finally, it stopped. The barrier faded as the daggers and the great sword disappeared.

Asuna looked like she had run across the entirety of Tristain.

She was panting quite loudly as the three figures could be seen walking out of the dust cloud that still hadn't settled. Chachamaru was slowly pulling herself off the ground as she also made her way towards Asuna.

Negi, Chisame and Eva walked out with not a scratch on them. Though they did look a bit tired and were breathing a bit heavily. They went to Asuna and spoke a few words Chachamaru nodded and then all of them walked towards the crowd that had formed around their students.

The dust finally settled and they saw that the ground around which the barrier had been erected once lush green was now a desolate wasteland, there wasn't even so much as a patch of green there.

The ground was also cracked and had bits of glass on it as well, it also seemed like there were various liquids formed over the now desolate ground that were fuming violently. Ala Alba walked towards their stunned audience.

Negi then told everyone that classes were over for the day and that they would pick off from where they left off today. The entire school still stared at the patch of ground. It looked unearthly… It was completely devastated.

Everyone there had a new found sense of fear and respect for the mysterious professors from another country.

The students killed off any ideas of rebellion for the near future, or possibly forever.

The people gathered around slowly left until only Louise was left behind.

She stared blankly at the scorched land, somebody had tried to see what the liquid on the ground was and threw a tick in it, and the stick froze over and melted into the liquid.

Everyone stayed away from that patch of land for a long time, though Negi had already told the Headmaster that ground there is still normal and just that it would be unsafe for them to approach it for the next few days.

Louise began to wonder about the nature of the monsters that she had managed to summon. She then went about the rest of her day normally and collapsed into bed.

The day had been very exhausting and now she only wanted to rest up, because she had a feeling that tomorrow would be even more challenging, though hopefully not as shocking.

End of chapter 3

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