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This is my first Breath of Fire/Naruto crossover, to basically understand what is going on read my other story The Beginning.

Author's Note: if I go into some of the history of the characters I will have most probably got it from Estrelita Farr's Breath of Fire III: Of Gods and Dragons. It's a really good story and recommended even if you know nothing about Breath of Fire.

Chapter Start

It was dark, that was the first thought on Ryu's mind.

He had just entered the Infinity Gate for the first time so he was still unsure of what would actually happen. The Gate would choose a world at random and then give him a compressed history of said world as well as an overview of how the world worked (this feature was placed in the gate after it was discovered some worlds did not use magic as his did but other forms of energy and non magical technology, Momo was thrilled to hear the last part). After doing this the Gate would then drop him into a point in the world where he could do the most good.

Or that's what it was supposed to do.

So far his body was just floating in the blackness. "Note to self, in future bring company this is soooo dull" Ryu mentally whined. "Stupid gate, making me wait here. Stupid me, jumping into it without testing it. Stupid stupid stup-"It was then that images began to fill his head.

Images of a man with ringed purple eyes fighting a large monster with ten tails that looked like it was made of pure energy.

"The Sage of the Six Paths and The Juubi".

He saw the man draw the beast into himself before splitting its energy, "Chakra", into nine parts. The pieces of The Juubi were reformed into nine new beasts and scattered around the world. The man seemed to pass something to the two people behind him, "His apprentices?" Ryu pondered. "The power of his eyes to one and his energy, his chakra was it, to the second". The Sage then used the last of his energy to draw in to rocks and rubble around him sealing him in and then lifting the ball of stone into the sky. "He created the moon to seal the beast inside himself away, doesn't do anything by halves does he".

The scene changed. There were various battles happening around the world. The combatants were throwing fire, rocks, whole waves of water, lightning bolts and waves of air at each other. "Those techniques, Jutsu, seem to work similar to magic. The chakra is molded like magical energy to form the techniques by using those hands signs and speaking the name instead of an incantation, though it doesn't seem completely necessary." Ryu pondered after witnessing some of the older more experienced fighter, Shinobi, were using the techniques instantly." That does make sense; Nina can use some of her spells without a chant. That means that the hand signs are merely to help the mind focus on the technique".

Two groups seemed to stand out above the rest. One that using nature itself and the other had strange red eyes. "The Senju and The Uchiha. They seem to be descended from the two apprentices of the Sage".

The scene skipped forward again. The two clans had come together to form a village but to heads of each clan were fighting over the position as leader. The leader of the Uchiha had summoned a large chakra beast with nine tails, The Kyuubi, but the Senju was still holding his own. "This is actually quite an impressive fight".

The scene moved to the village many years in the future. The Kyuubi was attacking the village, but what was interesting was that the beast was being controlled by a man in an orange mask that was fighting another man with blond hair. "That's the same man I was just watching before, Madara Uchiha, how is he still alive?" When Madara had retreated and the blond man appeared with a red headed woman and a small blond child "his wife and child?" and summoned what looked like a grey ghost. "This worlds God of Death. He plans to use it to seal away the beast in exchange for his soul". Ryu's eyes widened when half of the beast's chakra was pulled towards the child and he the reason he choose his son as the container.

Turning your back on the country, on the village is just as bad as abandoning a child.

"And yet by doing this at the cost of your life you turning your back on all 3".

Besides even if I lived I could never substitute you.

"So your son is so unimportant to you that you would leave him alone because you lost your wife".

There are things Naruto needs to be told, things I could never say myself. That's the mother's job and I need you to carry it out. Even if you only have the briefest of moments to do so.

"That has to be the most idiotic reasoning I have ever heard. If this guy is considered a genius then this worlds human race doesn't even deserve to live. You killed yourself to give you wife an extra minute to tell your 1 HOUR OLD son how to live his life; when she would have survived long enough to say it anyway" Ryu exclaimed. The rage he was currently experiencing was a side effect of bringing his friends and former companions back to life. He had to first take their spirits into himself before forming them. This caused some of his latent emotions to come to the surface (as well as some strange quirks that seem to appear from nowhere) and while he had a lot of control he did occasionally go into fits of anger (or lust to Nina's delight).

This rage just increased when he began receiving images and feelings from Naruto's life. The soul crushing loneliness, the pain inflicted on him by the villagers, the heartbreak he regularly experienced from that pink haired bitch and the betrayal he received from the boy he named his best friend. Yet through it all he never stopped attempting to gain acceptance from the very people who tortured him. This was the cause of his death as he still refused to fight properly against his 'best friend' Uchiha Sasuke, causeing the two to simultaneously kill eachother at the climax of the war Sasuke's demented ancestor led across the lands.

"This worlds God screwed you over horribly kid, and since you a core part of this world I can't just snap my fingers and alter your life. Even if I further limited my powers and entered in a corporal form there's still only so much I can do. The only way I would be able to help you further is if you were a-".

He couldn't do it, could he?

No, the boy was only human; he would not have the life force to sustain himself through the change.

Life-force. Kyuubi was a living thing, a large collection of energy sure but still alive. Plus it was technically immortal so its life-force would be exceptionally large.

He could.

Should he? Was it right to bestow that kind of power to a mortal?

Ryu looked through the boy's life again. If he was taught how to properly use it there shouldn't be a problem. Deep down the he was a good person, if he had the right person teaching him, Ryu was planning to enter the land anyway.

He could do it.

Ryu smiled "Uzumaki Naruto, I'm about to change your life".

Chapter end

I'm undecided on what Ryu should do to Naruto should he

1) Make him into a dragon. If this is chosen I will properly explain all of the abilities

2) Make him new kyuubi

3) make him a hanyou (correct if spelt wrong)

4) Give him new powerful bloodline. Again if this is chosen I will explain abilities

If no one answers I will choose option 1

Any other ideas would be helpful.