"Please," I whispered, resting my forehead on the steering wheel. I turned the key for the third time. The engine roared to life, and this time, it stayed on.

"Thank you," I whispered again, sitting up. I checked the mirror to see that hoard were indeed getting closer. I put the van in gear and pulled out of the parking space. I picked up the speed quickly, which made the rickety van bounce the others in the back a lot.

"We're losing them," Gwen said, relief in her voice.

I drove out of the car park, past the leisure centre and the rowing club.

"Where are we going now?" Connie asked, worried.

I kept looking at the road ahead. The quietness was spine tingling. As we came upon the roundabout we saw endless cars scattered along the sides of the road. There was blood trails along the pavements and across the walls.

"I'm sorry," Leigh said, her voice low. Her arm dropped in front of her lifelessly.

"What's wrong with her?" Cass asked, backing away from Leigh. Rainey pulled back the sleeve of Leigh's cardigan which revealed a deep bite wound. Blood seeped from it, and it started to look sceptic.

"Is she dead?" Gwen asked, her voice began to choke. I had now passed the local library, and thought of all the times Leigh dragged us there.

"I can't believe-" Rainey's words were cut short when Leigh bit a massive chunk of flesh from her neck.

"Christ!" Cass and Jo leapt over to Leigh and restrained her, pushing her shoulders to the floor.

"What the hell is going on guys?" I screeched, accelerating without realising. No-one from the back replied since there was too much going on. Charlie took off her cardigan and pressed it against Rainey's wound. She began choking on her blood.

"She bit her!" Gwen yelled, terrified. Then she went to the back to help the others. Leigh kicked her legs out and tried to break from Cass and Jo's grasp, her eyes were soulless and rabid. Then, Leigh turned viciously and bit a chunk from Jo's hand. Blood splattered over Cass and Connie, their shirts were now stained with Jo's blood. Gwen sat next to Charlie, pressing against her hand which was on Rainey's wound.

"Throw her out!" Gwen screamed to them. I heard Leigh snarling and thrashing as Cass opened the van doors and her and Connie thrust Leigh out. Then they immediately went over to Jo.

"You were bit?" Connie asked, but we all knew the answer.

I was still driving recklessly, my concentration obviously wasn't all there. As I passed an old block of flats round the corner my eyes came upon a sight of pure, hellish terror.

"Gwen," I said, stopping the van.

"Why have we stopped?" Cass asked, worried.

Gwen came up and got in the passenger seat. I nodded towards the sight. Gwen looked ahead, her eyes widened. My breathing began to shake and get heavy. I grasped the steering wheel even tighter, I could see where the prints of my fingers had been from the sweat. I breathed in and looked to the back. Charlie looked back at me helplessly, tears streaming down her face. Cass came to the front, placing her hand on my seat.

A further way down from us was a gigantic crowd of infected. They stood there, like they were waiting for us to make our move. Their crippled stances and disfigured limbs lined up awkwardly. The morning sun cast shadows through the gaps of the crowd, heightening their terror. Instinctively, I put the van into reverse and began reversing as fast as I could.

"Shit!" I yelled, as I saw in the side mirror another crowd of infected gathering a few yards behind us. Then, Rainey began to turn. I put the van into first.

"Do it." Cass said bravely.

I looked at Gwen, she nodded. As she blinked a tear fell down her face. I looked at Cass, tears rimmed her eyes. I looked back at the others, they nodded hopelessly.

"Fasten your seat belts," I said, pulling myself together. I launched the van into gear, picking up speed quickly. In to second. The van roared even more as I accelerated. In to third. Gwen was staring into the crowd with determined eyes 'Bring it'. In to fourth. It felt like we were skimming the road now. Flashes of the past day hurdled through my mind. Mrs Robinson. Carrie. Lisa. Rina. Sian. Esmé. Leigh…

In to fifth. The crowd were almost upon us, their faces inches away from ours. Tears were drowning my face, I heard Rainey let out a growl. I looked down at the digital clock:

7:05 AM.

I pressed my foot to the floor. The van was at 80MPH now. Their faces, so many faces were getting closer and closer. I shut my eyes.


There was screaming, crashing. And then there was nothing.

The End.