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"Do you really have to go tonight?"

"Yes, Blaine. I promised my dad I'd be there tonight." Kurt turned to the neatly folded jacket sitting on his bed and placed it inside his bag with his other uniforms. He wouldn't be wearing them over the break, of course. No, he was in desperate need of something other than black, red and grey, thank you very much. His uniforms could do with a good dry cleaning, though, so better safe than sorry.

"But it's really starting to come down out there." Blaine gestured out the window of Kurt's room where fat, white flakes were lazily drifting past, adding to the dusting of snow already on the ground.

Kurt sighed and stared for a moment at the wispy patterns of frost creeping up the window pane before looking back at his boyfriend seated on the bed across from him. Kurt's roommate had already left for the break, his mother having come and picked him up the day before. Kurt liked Elliot, but with him gone, he had more time to spend alone with Blaine, a definite plus. He just didn't see why Blaine was pushing this now.

"That's exactly why I need to get my fabulous self gone before it gets too dark to see anything."

"And before it gets too cold."

"And before it gets too cold," Kurt agreed. He'd never been fond of the cold, and snow was a particular nuisance that was hard to escape in Ohio. Snow was pretty, sure, when left completely untouched, but other than that it was useless. It was cold; it was wet, and it had a nasty habit of ruining both cars and clothes, two things Kurt held very dear to his heart. He zipped his bag tight and sauntered over to his desk, looking for his keys and phone. No messages or missed calls, but the battery was a little low. His dad wouldn't be happy about it, but as long as he was home in a timely manner everything should be okay.

He only registered Blaine's presence as he came up behind him and wrapped his arms neatly about Kurt's waist, his chin resting heavily on Kurt's shoulder. "I wish you weren't in such a hurry." He planted a soft kiss on the side of Kurt's neck and sighed. "Are you sure you can't put it off for one night?"

"Yes, I'm sure. My dad will wear a groove in the floor if I'm not home in a decent amount of time. I've already called to let him know I'm on my way and if I'm late, he'll probably think the worst." He turned his gaze back to the snowy scene in the window, his eyes growing distant. "Besides, Finn and Carole are waiting for me too. We're supposed to have dinner all together as a family tonight. Carole sounded really excited about it on the phone. She even roped my dad into healthy food this time." He smile and leaned back into Blaine's embrace before pulling away and pocketing his phone. "I really need to go, love. It's not like I'll be gone forever. And aren't you going home as well? I'm sure your parents are eager to see you."

Blaine edged away and plopped down onto the bed behind him with a dramatic sigh. "I suppose you're right." He grinned. "Christmas, Hanukkah, the holidays, whatever, being a time for family and all that, but I was hoping you could leave tomorrow with me so I won't have to spend this achingly cold night alone." He fell back in a swoon, the back of his hand smashed over his eyes. Silence settled over the room. Blaine lifted his hand ever so slightly to peek at Kurt with one eye. "Is it working? Have my powers of persuasion won you over yet?"

Kurt rolled his eyes with a soft sigh of amusement, the corners of his mouth turning up in a grin. "Nice try, prince charming, but it takes more than that to win over Kurt Hummel." He grabbed his bag from his bed and made his way over to Blaine before planting a soft kiss in the other boy's dark curls.

"I'll see you soon. It's not like we can't get together on one of the quieter days of the break. We both have vehicles, you know."

He started to pull away but Blaine grabbed his wrist and held him in place. "Can you at least stay for a drink? Like maybe some cider or something else festive-I know how you are about alcohol since the incident with your old guidance counselor, and you've got to drive anyway, so that's off-limits, but I've got a little sparkling cider in my room that Wes gave me before he booked it out of here. Can I treat you before you go? Please?"

Kurt looked at the window, at the snow picking up outside, and then back at his boyfriend who still had his wrist trapped in a gentle hold, pleading. He'd always liked Blaine's hands and the gentle contact was making him feel pleasantly warm.

"I suppose one drink couldn't hurt. Just so long as it's quick. Let me text Finn first-let him know that I'm running a little late." He whipped his phone out of his pocket and shot off a message to his stepbrother. He placed it gently on his bed. His dad could wait a few minutes. He'd understand. "I'll leave it here. Less chance of interruption," he said with a wink. "Lead the way, dear sir. Don't leave your lovely guest just standing here, not after you've so successfully persuaded him into staying a while longer." His eyes sparkled with mirth.

A wide smile spread over Blaine's face and stood to face Kurt, his hand still clasped about the other boy's wrist, before leaning down and placing a chaste kiss on Kurt's lips. He pressed their foreheads together. "You just can't say no to me, can you?" he chuckled.

"Not when you're like that, I can't," Kurt replied with a grin. "Sometimes you are too charming for your own good , Blaine Mitchell."

"I know," he said with one last fleeting peck. "But you love me anyway. C'mon. I promise I won't keep you too long." And with that, he pulled Kurt out the door and down the hall to the senior dorms.