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Paul's POV

It only took a minute for Bella and I to locate my car, but I spent the next five watching Bella struggle to pull herself into my wolf sized truck. How does she get in and out of her rusted metal death trap? I continued to laugh as I made my way towards her and gently grabbed her around her waist lifting her onto the front seat easily. I also noticed that her face had taken on the slightest blush when I wrapped my hands around her waist. Very interesting, I thought to myself.

We had been driving for a few minutes when the silence began to get annoying. I drummed my fingers against the steering wheel, tapping out the beat to one of my favorite songs, when I caught Bella trying to keep from laughing.

"Something funny over there Swan?" I asked her cocking up one eyebrow.

"I really wish I could do that you know," She said before she lost her battle with her laughter.

"Yea I think you mentioned that before," I said rolling my eyes. "I repeat my previous question, just what is so funny little swan."

"Nothing," she said with a smile, "You just always seem to be moving. Even that day on the rocks you kept tapping your fingers. It's like you don't know how to stay still."

I shrugged my shoulders not knowing how you respond to something like that. Bella just shook her head laughing again.

"So what's with the new look?" I asked her bluntly. "I don't know any girl who gets that dolled up to go to dinner with her dad."

A slight blush crept up Bella's cheeks. "I don't know if I'd call this dolled up." She replied fidgeting slightly.

"If you say so," I responded the doubt clear in my voice but hey if she didn't want to answer the question then I wasn't the type to push.

She sighed heavily and appeared to be weighing her words. "I don't know really. I've been feeling pretty moody lately, probably missing Jake and I needed something to treat myself; a mini self-esteem boost, you know."

"Not really," I replied with a smile. "When you look like this, a self-esteem boost is built in."

"So is your ego naturally that big, or did you have to work at it," she asked laughing just as we reached her house.

"Everything about me is naturally big, princess." I told her. As usual she laughed and rolled her eyes.

I jumped out and headed over to Bella's side of the truck, helping her out of the truck carefully. The last thing I needed was her falling out of my truck and breaking something. After all Charlie had entrusted me with Bella's care.

We slowly made our way inside, and I say slowly because I had to pause every few seconds to keep Bella from winding up on the ground. I shook my head at her, I had never seen anyone half a clumsy as Bella. Between her forays into the supernatural and her inability to walk across a flat surface without falling how she had survived this long was a mystery.

Once inside I headed directly into the kitchen, after all I had been promised a home cooked meal and I wasn't about to let Bella forget. She laughed at my eagerness.

"Down boy," she said mockingly. I scowled in indignation; I was a wolf not a dog after all. "Just give me two minutes to change and I promise I'll feed you, wolf boy," she said as she ruffled my hair and exited the room. I scowled again and ran my hand through my hair as though I needed to fix it. In actuality it was too short to do anything too, but still she didn't need to ruffle it like that.

Bella walked back in a few minutes later, and I felt my mouth go dry as I raked my eyes over her body, she had no idea how sexy she looked. Her hair was thrown up in a messy bun with stray pieces falling around her face. She had removed her makeup leaving her face looking clean and slightly pink from where she had scrubbed at it. She had ditched her jeans and sexy blouse for black Victoria secret shorts with the word PINK across her ass and a simple blue men's tee shirt that she had clearly had for a long time. There was something about the innocence and ease of her outfit that was a huge turn on and I cleared my throat and tried to focus my thoughts.

Bella began pulling out ingredients for whatever meal she was making me which gave me time to check her out uninterrupted.

Damn she looked good in men's clothing, I thought to myself. I wonder whose clothing that is though? For some reason seeing Bella wearing another man's clothes had my wolf snarling, and it took me a minute to force him to settle down. I continued to let my mind drift as I waited for Bella to finish cooking.

If she looks like that in men's clothing, I wonder how she would look in my clothing, I wondered. Suddenly an image of Bella in nothing but one of the few tee shirts that had survived my phasing flashed through my mind. Her long creamy legs exposed as she made breakfast for us after a night of rough sex. I would slip in behind her and wrap my hands around her waist just like I did earlier tonight and sit her on the counter. She would wrap those long legs around me opening herself up. I would ravage her mouth before sliding my lips down her neck leaving little marks everywhere my lips touched. I'd slide my hands under the flimsy shirt running them up and down her sides before reaching up and cupping her full tits. Once I had her moaning for more, I'd pull the shirt from her body exposing her fully. God she would look sexy, eyes half lidded with lust her head thrown back exposing her silky throat; her chest would be heaving as she tried to catch her breath and that blush would be spreading from her face down her body. Her legs would be spread wide, her pussy dripping and on display just begging for me to plunge into her. She'd slide two of her own fingers down into her pussy, getting them nice and drenched before letting me lick her off of them. I can see her holding her fingers out to me…

Wait she really is holding her hand out to me… what the fuck?

"Earth to Paul," Bella said laughing while waving her hand in front of my face.

"Huh?" I respond. Bella just laughed louder as I try to tune into whatever the fuck just happened.

"I'm sure it smells good, considering werewolf senses and all, but you're drooling," she informed me. "When was the last time you ate a decent meal?" she asks laughing.

My head is so busy trying to simultaneously replay the last 10 minutes and banish those thoughts entirely that I found myself answering her question honestly before I stop could catch myself.

"It's been a while." I told her, "Normally I only get a real meal when I can snake one from Emily after a meeting."

It took a minute for what I just admitted to sink into my fucked up mind but as soon as it did, I panicked. Bella had a strange look on her face and I braced myself for either humiliation or pity; a biting reply on the tip of my tongue.

"Well, we really need to change that." Bella said before turning back to the food. That was it… no forced discussion on feelings, no interrogation? I was so confused. This entire night was throwing me for one hell of a loop and I was left wondering which way was up. "Actually this works out perfectly" Bella continued after a minute.

"How do you figure that?" I asked my guard going into overdrive.

"Ever since Jake stopped coming around, I have no one to eat half of what I cook. We end up throwing out way more than we should. I worked so hard to train myself to cook for a werewolf's appetite that now I can't seem to make anything for normal proportions. Guess you're just going to have to come over for dinner more often." She said laughing.

"How is Jake, by the way?" Bella asked cautiously. "I tried calling him, but all I ever hear is that he's busy and he'll call when he can. It's starting to remind me of when he first phased."

"Missing Jakey boy already," I asked sarcastically.

"As a matter of fact, yea I am. He's family." She responded with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Do you sleep with all of your family members?" I asked her in an innocent voice. I knew I was being an ass but I couldn't help it… It's my nature and she had left herself open with that one.

Bella spun around and pointed a serving spoon at me as though it were a weapon. "First of all, I never slept with Jake, and second of all, you're in no position to criticize. Considering your reputation, I'm sure there's a second cousin or something on your list somewhere." She smirked at me and tapped my nose with the spoon matter of factly.

I sat there in silence for a few minutes before I burst out laughing for a solid ten minutes. No one had ever put me in my place quite that thoroughly that quickly. Gotta respect that kind of comeback.

"I'm slightly more selective than you give me credit for," I told her with my signature smirk.

"So am I," she fired back with a wink. Bella began pulling out plates and utensils. She was on her tippy toes trying to reach a glass on a top shelf. I shook my head at her before getting up to help.

"I got it, short stuff." I told her as I grabbed the plates out of her arms and reached the glasses with ease.

"I'll have you know I'm of average height. You're just a giant." She told me sticking out her tongue.

"What have I told you about that tongue?" I reminded her. She blushed in response and I laughed once again as I placed everything on the table. Bella joined me at the table with a huge platter that smelled like heaven.

"So what exactly are we having?" I asked her inhaling deeply.

"Grilled pork chops with tomatoes and asparagus." She replied serving me a huge portion. "Oh and garlic bread." She said adding a large slice to the plate before she placed it in front of me. I swear if I had died at the moment, I would have been happy. I tore into the plate with gusto and had it completely cleared in less than 5 minutes. I served myself another helping this time setting a more normal pace as I devoured the food in front of me.

"So you never answered the question," Bella said, "How has Jake been?"

"Tell you what," I told her, "I'll answer your questions, if you answer mine."

Her brow creased as she thought about my proposal. "Okay," she answered cautiously.

"He's pretty shitty," I told her bluntly, "He spends half his time bitching about how much he misses you, and the other half bitching about you in general." I watched as Bella sunk lower in her chair and felt a twinge of guilt for being so blunt. I tried to think of some way to comfort her, but the truth was I had never really comforted anyone before, and didn't have any idea what I was supposed to say or do.

"Think he'll ever get over this and forgive me?" she asked and I knew that the nice thing to do would be to say yes, but I just couldn't bring myself to lie to her.

"Honestly?" I asked and she nodded, "No probably not." Bella sunk further in her seat and my twinge of guilt turned into a wave. "Look Bella, the truth is Jake is in love with you. Getting rejected by someone you love isn't something you ever really get over."

"Great," she said the slightest hint of bitter anger coloring her tone.

"For what it's worth, I think you did the right thing," I told her honestly.

"Thanks," she said wiping her eyes discreetly, "When you see him just tell him I miss him and that I'm still holding him to his promise, he'll know what it means, okay?"

"Sure," I told her feeling uncomfortable.

"So what was your question?" Bella asked me, and I was thankful for the change of subject.

"How many questions do I get?" I asked her my smirk spreading across my face.

"What do you mean?" she asked confused

"Well you asked two questions, so does that mean you have to answer two for me?" I clarified.

"I guess," she responded with a shrug.

"Okay then first question, whose shirt is that?" I asked her. It was clear that it was a man's shirt, and well-worn if the faded color and scattered holes were any indication. It was too small to be Jacob's, that kid is a beast after all, but was still too large to be her fathers and I was interested in knowing who the shirt belonged to.

Bella's mouth formed that little O shape again and I swear my dick twitched at the sight. Fuck she had a sexy mouth. I shook my head and forced myself to focus in on the conversation once again.

"It belongs to my friend Matt," Bella answered softly her eyes far away a soft smile playing on her lips. "He's the closest thing I've ever had to a big brother, always looking out for me, making sure no one messed with me or anything. I stole it from him the day I knew for sure I was moving back here."

"You stole it?" I asked surprised, "and no; that is not my second question."

She laughed softly, "I suppose stole isn't really the right word. More like borrowed without permission or any intent to return not that he would have cared."

"Anyway, what was your second question, since that one didn't qualify?" She asked with a small smile.

"What ever happened to him?" I asked wondering why none of us had ever heard of this guy before.

Bella sighed heavily, "The only reason he stayed in phoenix as long as he did was to look out for me. Once he knew I was leaving for good, he said he was too." She said and I could smell the salt from her tears, "he used to check in with me every little while, but I haven't heard from him in forever."

"Okay, that's enough moping for both of us," she said grabbing the plates from the table. I grabbed the glasses and followed her to the sink placing everything in the soapy water. "I'd say let's go out and do something fun, but I'm already dressed in my comfy clothes."

"So?" I asked, "Just throw on something," I suggested.

"And where are we going?" she asked smiling now.

"I don't know about you, but I could use a drink?" I told her, remembering when she had said the same. Bella's mouth dropped back into that sexy as hell O, and I bit back a groan.

"I don't have an ID," Bella admitted looking a little shy.

I just laughed and threw an arm around her, "just stick with me and I'll get us in, now go put on something sexy," I told her and just for good measure I smacked her ass to get her moving. Bella jumped slightly when she felt my hand come down on her ass, she turned to glare at me but not before I caught a hint of the spicy scent of her arousal. Hmm, definitely need to remember that, I thought as I watched her hurry down the hall.

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