Paul's POV

20 minutes later

I sat in Bella's living room waiting for her to finish getting ready. God women take forever, I thought.

"Jesus woman, are you ready yet?" I yelled.

"Oh stop your whining," Bella yelled back. I shook my head wondering how I thought this would be a good idea. 10 minutes later and I had reached the end of my patience. I marched down the hall fully prepared to go in and pull Bella out myself. After all she was cutting into valuable drinking time.

I knocked loudly on her door, "Bella, I swear if you're not out in here in…" I yelled but was cut off by the door swinging open. My eyes travelled the length of Bella's body twice and I felt my mouth drop open.

"Is this okay?" she asked sounding nervous as she ran her hands over her dress. Her hair was down, falling in waves over her shoulders. She had stuff on her eyelids in a golden bronze that highlighted her milk chocolate eyes and made them shine. Her pouty pink lips were wet with some kind of gloss and looked entirely too kissable.

She was wearing a powder blue mini dress that hugged her body like a second skin. Flaring out at her hips and stopping just below the curve of her ass. I knew for a fact that if she bent over I would get a hell of a show and couldn't help but want to find an excuse to make her do just that. Her feet were in cased in what can only be described as come fuck me heels that made her legs look insanely long.

I cleared my throat, and tried to force some blood back into the rest of my body, because I'm pretty sure it had all flooded to my cock the second I laid eyes on her.

"Damn girl," I told her a growl in my voice. "Turn," I instructed. Bella gave me a confused look before she did as requested and fuck if her ass didn't look as amazing as I imagined it would.

"I take it you approve?" Bella asked her voice still carrying a hint of nerves.

"Not bad at all vampire girl," I said smirk in place.

"That's former vampire girl to you wolf boy," she replied with a smile. "Just give me two minutes to call my dad and we're set." I nodded and enjoyed the view as she walked to the kitchen and waited for her to make her call. Sure enough two minutes later Bella walked back out smirk firmly in place. "We're good to go," she said and I could tell she was proud of herself.

"I'm not going to get shot or something for getting you drunk am I?" I questions.

"Not if you don't let us get caught." She replied. "My dad is working late at the station so I told him I was going to go out with some friends. He actually made me promise I would stay near you the whole time."

I looked at her in surprise, "Why the hell would he tell you that?" I wondered. I was pretty sure no girl's father had ever actually instructed his daughter to be around me; in fact it was normally the exact opposite.

"I'm guessing you won some brownie points with your rescue at the diner?" she replied smirk still firmly affixed to her lips.

"Well then let's go little swan, I have so much to teach you," I told her as I walked her out. Somehow my hand found its way to the small of her back as I guided her to my truck.

Paul's POV

2 hours later

"Okay, never have I ever…" Bella paused trying to think. She was definitely buzzed, but she was holding her alcohol surprisingly well considering she had never drunk before. "been in the back of a police car." She finally said, and like all of the other rounds I drank.

"If we're going to play this game at least make it interesting," I told her. "Never have I ever, Fuck I can't think of anything," I admitted with a laugh.

"Wait I got one," she yelled, "never have I ever gone down on a girl." I choked on my drink in surprise before I burst out laughing.

"Did you seriously just say that," I asked, "and without even a blush, you must be drunk."

"Yea yea," Bella said rolling her eyes. She had done that approximately 14 times tonight if my count was accurate. "Shut up and drink up Mr."

I took the obligatory drink, "Okay then, never have I ever given a guy a blow job." I paused expecting her to drink but she just sat there smiling at me.

"What" she demanded after a minute. "I haven't" she insisted.

"Seriously?" I asked.

"Nope," she said popping the p. "I'm as innocent as fresh driven snow."

"How is that possible?" I asked confused. "I've seen those clowns you use to go to school with fall all over themselves around you."

"Yea, but you know who I used to date. Let's just say a physical relationship wasn't exactly in the cards, and as for the others I have standards," Bella insisted before downing the rest of her drink.

"Word to the wise," I told her, "you might want to include a pulse as one of those standards." Bella glared at me before downing the rest of her drink and slamming it on the bar.

"I'll keep that in mind," she said and I could hear the anger in her voice as she turned and headed towards the dance floor.

"And where do you think you're going?" I asked holding onto her wrist.

She pulled her wrist away angrily and I let it go without any kind of fight. "To find someone with a pulse." she said before marching away. I shrugged and turned back to the bar signaling for another drink.

I sat at the bar for another 20 minutes alone, although I had several offers of company. I was trying my best to pay attention to the woman chatting me up, but every few seconds my eyes would wander to the dance floor wondering where Bella disappeared too.

"You're not even listening to me," the woman whined and her voice made me cringe slightly.

"And yet you keep talking," I snapped harshly. She looked offended and muttered under her breath about what a jerk I was as she grabbed her bag and moved further down the bar. What is wrong with you Meraz, I berated myself. That girl was hot and it would have taken about 10 minutes for me to convince her to let me take her home.

"Fuck it," I said deciding I had had enough of the bar and was ready to get out of here before my temper got the better of me. I made my way to the edge of the dance floor trying to spot Bella, but I could find her. I was starting to get more than a little annoyed when I heard her calling my name. I turned towards her voice and spotted her just in time to catch her as she practically threw herself at me. Her arms wound around my waist, fisting the back of my shirt in her small hands, and her face was buried in my chest.

"Bella," I asked confused wondering what the hell had gotten into her. I realized that her body was shaking slightly and the scene suddenly reminded me of that afternoon at Jake's house when Bella had shown up terrified beyond belief. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a few minutes to pull herself together.

"Can we get out of here please?" Bella asked her voice small. I wanted to ask what happened, but didn't want to upset her more so I settled for tightening my arm around her and guiding her out of the bar. The drive back to Forks was made in silence, and the tension was becoming unbearable.

"So are you going to tell me what happened back there?" I asked my voice rough. Bella remained silent and I figured she was going to avoid the question when she responded.

"It's embarrassing," she said her voice quiet. "This guy just scared me, that's all."

"Considering you hang around with creatures out of horror films, I feel like you don't scare easily. What did he do?" I asked my tone forcibly calm.

Bella sighed and looked down at her feet. "He grabbed me when I was leaving the bathroom." She said rubbing her right wrist. I noticed a hint of a bruise beginning to form and was immediately filled with rage.

"At first, I was okay," she continued her voice quiet and far away and I doubted she even realized she was still talking, "I told him to get off me and tried to pull away, but he just tightened his grip and pushed me up against the wall, I tried to push him off of me but he just pressed himself harder against me and started to run his hands over me."

I watched as a shutter ran through her body and without think I reached over and put my arm around her. She jumped slightly at the contact and I was about to pull my arm back when she reached up and grabbed my arm keeping it around her. She curled up under my arm and seemed to relax.

"Did anything else happen?" I asked my voice still tightly controlled. Inside I felt like my body was lit with a live wire and I was clenching my jaw so hard I thought I would break a tooth. Bella just shook her head but the reaction was too fast for my liking.

"Bella, I mean it, did this guy do anything else to you?" I demanded.

Bella sighed again but eventually answered. "No, he tried to put his hand under my dress, but I stomped on his foot hard enough for him to back up a bit, and then kneed him as hard as I could and ran to you."

"Fuck," I said causing Bella to jump as I immediately pulled a U turn and started heading back to the bar. "When we get back to the bar, I want you to point this guy out to me and then get your ass back here and wait in the car," I demanded.

"No Paul, look its fine really," Bella insisted trying to convince me to turn back around. "Nothing happened."

"Nothing," I asked her, "You almost get sexually assaulted and call it nothing. What the fuck Bella?" Bella cringed at the anger in my voice and I forced myself to calm down for her sake, not wanting to scare her further. "What happened was not nothing Bella. No man should ever put his hands on a fucking woman like that. I fucking hate that shit," I said my voice low and dangerous. My hands were trembling as the rage coursed through my body and my vision started to bleed red.

"Who was she," Bella asked her voice soft. Something about her tone diffused some of my anger and I felt slightly more in control than I had a second ago.

"Who was who?" I asked confused.

"Lots of people feel strongly about a man putting his hands on a woman," Bella said, "Not everyone reacts the way you are. You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I was just wondering who she was." The car was silent as I continued the drive back to the bar.

"My mom," I said so quietly that I wondered if she heard me. When she pulled my arm tighter around her shoulders and laid her head on my chest I knew that she had.

We reached the bar 10 minutes later and the anger that had been simmering during my silent drive with Bella came back full force at the thought of the son of a bitch that put his hands on her.

"Let's go" I said briskly jumping out of the truck and heading into the bar Bella struggling to catch up. Finally she caught my arm just as I reached the door.

"You really don't have to do this," she said her voice pleading. I turned to her fully and stared her down.

"Yes, I do." I told her keeping our eyes locked. Bella must have seen something she needed to because understanding suddenly filled her eyes and her grip on my arm loosened. I turned back and continued inside. It only took Bella a minute to point out the guy to me and I couldn't help the growl that worked its way from my chest.

"Go back to the car Bella," I told her never taking my eyes off the scumbag. Her hand tightened on my arm for a second before she nodded and walked out.

AN: guess what im still alive! I know many of you had feared i had given up but i promise this story will eventually have an ending. I will say I have no idea how long that is going to take so bear with me.

Thanks to those who have kept reading.