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I tilted the cup to get the last of the juice, and after finishing it, I sighed quietly as I watched the sunrise. Liz was resting up against me, and we were just, in the moment. After a few minutes, I rubbed her arm and she moved a little.

"So, next up is…" She said softly. "Solaceon, and then Veilstone."

"We might keep going through Solaceon." I said. "It's nice town, but no gym, and if there's not much we can find, then I'd prefer to keep going, maybe camp out." She nodded after a moment. "We'll have to come back now and then to visit Nene, make sure she's not having trouble with anyone." She laughed quietly after a moment.

"You were pretty strong to stand up for her the way you did." She said. "I doubt that terrible man will ever bother anyone again." I sighed quietly as a flock of bird Pokémon began flying into the morning sky. "So, how did the talk with Johnny go?"

"I gave him the talk, told him to be careful with Angel, and to be more aware of his abilities." I said. "It's hard to say why he teleported into Angel's bed without his clothes, but, it wasn't likely a true accident." She nodded. "But after that, I told him if he and Angel did start something, they'd better be careful, or I'd have to give him the other talk."

"What talk is that?" She asked, looking up at me.

"You see, when a man becomes the father to a daughter, he becomes, protective of her." I said. She laughed quietly at my tone. "And when she discovers boys, it becomes his mission to make sure she finds a boy she loves, whom the father at least likes. I like Johnny. He's like a son. But if he does anything that would break her heart, I'd remind him whenever he got close to the line. If he crosses it, I'll grab his shoulder with my fist ready for an Ice Punch." She laughed a little more. "But let's hope it doesn't come to that for at least a few more years." I sighed. "If it does, my hair will turn gray. And I'm just not ready for that." She put her hand on my chest as she moved a little closer.

"I don't know, I think you'd look distinguished." She said. I smiled and just held her when I heard a sound. We looked to see Melody walking out slowly, and after a moment, she bumped into my side, and I helped her from falling over. "Long night, Melody?" She looked up at me, stretching.

"A little…" She said, yawning. "Are we going?"

"As soon as we're all ready." I said. "I'm glad you all had fun." She giggled sleepily so I rubbed her head, making her go from sleepy giggles to a full laugh. When I stopped, she sat down on the chair and she looked up. "Did Max have fun?" She nodded.

"Yeah, he's really funny." She said. "H-he's really fast t-t-too." She pointed at the window. "U-uses Quick At-Attack to keep up, and he almost got me, b-but he made sure he didn't h-hurt us. J-j-just touched my shoulder." I crossed my arms with a quiet laugh as I shook my head.

"Friendly to anyone but me." I said quietly. "Some day, I will find a way to befriend that little pup." There was a sudden knock at the door, so I got up while Liz teleported my coat on, and Melody giggled as I walked toward it, looking out. I turned slightly, my sunglasses flying over for me to catch as I lowered my voice to a whisper. "Code yellow."

"Code, what?" Liz asked quietly.

"Marie." I said quietly. She laughed quietly as Marie knocked again.

"I'll get the others." She said. She picked Melody up and started walking as I turned and put my sunglasses on before opening the door.

"Oh, you really are here." Marie said cheerfully. "I was hoping the rumors were right." She pointed a finger at me. She was wearing a light pink sundress and a wide sunhat with flowers around it, and I saw Lancelot behind her, looking at the backyard, and from his emotions, either Liz or Frankie. "I'm sorry I missed your performance the other night."

"Oh, it was nothing special." I said, leaning on the door frame. "My cousin Nene was having trouble with a guy throwing accusations around, you know? I entered mostly to take care of that guy, but, it was surprisingly fun."

"Yeah, I, heard you were, dancing?" She asked. "With, your Gardevoir?"

"Yes, and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it." I said. "Good score from the judges, and to be honest, it was pretty good for having not practiced in a few months."

"You, dance with her, often?" She asked. I nodded.

"Gardevoir do enjoy dancing." I said, looking toward the side yard as Liz chased Max. She had a smile on her face as Melody ran along behind her with Drake, who floated along behind them enveloped in a psychic energy field. "I learned from a few good teachers, and you never really forget. You just get a little rusty at it."

"Um, may I come in?" She asked.

"Actually, we're getting ready to head out." I said. "I've got more gyms to visit, but we're slowing down a little to take in the scenic route, enjoy everything Sinnoh has to enjoy." She seemed surprised as my backpack floated over and I put it on.

"Then I guess I should challenge you now." She said.

"Gene, who is it?" Nene asked. I held a finger up and turned.

"It's Miss Marie, the young woman I told you about." I said. "She's challenging me again." She walked out while buttoning up her security uniform.

"Well, I've got some time before my shift." She said. "Mind if I watch with Frankie?"

"Frankie…" Marie asked.

"Oh, I'm Nene, Gene's cousin." She said, offering a hand. Marie slowly took it. "Frankie is my Gardevoir. She, looks a little different, but it's just because she prefers a cocktail dress or her security uniform." She pointed toward the yard. "We, work security up at the, Contest and Concert Hall. I asked Gene to help with someone, and he entered the Contest so he could… He, did a great service, if you ask me. IA would have taken months and that man would have spread terrible rumors about me, just to get back at me for it." Marie looked over and then back. "You would have enjoyed watching Gene and Liz dancing, it was beautiful, the way she used Psychic to raise them both into the air while they waltzed." She laughed quietly. "I kind of wonder if Frankie could do that to help me learn."

"W-well, um, darn, I wish I'd have been faster." Marie said. "If, you want to watch, I guess that'd be okay." We stepped out and Liz walked over with Max, tickling his belly and rubbing her nose against his while he squirmed and laughed. "Oh, there's that cute little…" Max suddenly barked, surprising all of us as he squirmed and suddenly jumped, landing on my shoulder and making me stagger while I reached up. "Oh, goodness, what's gotten into him?" I moved a little and he growled, so I moved my hands.

"Max, calm down." I said. "You can watch. Just let us show you how this goes."

"Actually…" Nene said. "C-can I, handle this one?" We looked at her. "Frankie and I don't do a lot of battling, mostly because, you know how strong Psychic types are. No one messes with a Psychic security guard because, hard to hit, hard to keep down, and you can't really block something you can't touch."

"Very true." Liz said.

"What, did, um, Liz say?" Marie asked. I laughed and pulled out a pair of translators.

"Put these on." I said. "You can talk to Lancelot, Liz, and Frankie, and Max." He moved and dropped down, but I caught him. "Hey, this is Frankie's dance." He squirmed.

"Dad, jerk." He said. "Fight."

"We've got plenty of those ahead of us." I said. "Don't you want to see your Aunt Frankie in action?" He slowed down so I moved to hold him and he growled quietly before shifting and jumping into Liz's arms, making us all laugh. "I just don't know why he doesn't like me."

"Frankie…" Nene called. "Oh, there you are. Goodness, you sure know how to surprise me."

"W-wow, a, Gardevoir, in a security jacket, and denim skirt." Marie said. "Um, Lancelot?"

"Ready." He said. She put the translators on and we walked out to the back as a group, where I sat down on a stump with Liz on my leg, carefully, holding Max so he could see while Melody climbed onto my free leg and my shoulder, and before I could say anything, Liz put Max on my shoulders. "Um, sir, why, do you have your team, covering you?" Marie looked over with Nene and Frankie and they all laughed.

"Isn't it obvious?" I asked. "I'm a chair." Liz laughed quietly and adjusted my hat. "Whenever you're ready."

"We won't let you down, Gene." Frankie said. "I plan on cutting loose for once, since I rarely get the chance."

"Good luck, Miss Marie." Nene said. "If Frankie's going all out, Lancelot will need you to be at your best."

"We aren't going to lose this time." Marie said. "If I win, I become Gene's wife."

"I don't recall making that agreement." I said. "Nene said she'd battle you, but she didn't say she's fighting in my name." Marie looked at me with a confused expression.

"W-wh…" She started.

"You assumed, and that's something that leads to, moments like this." I said. She huffed quietly.

"That just means I'll have to use a Full Restore after this, one way or another." She said.

"Unless you lose, in which case, I'd prefer just to go and let you two enjoy the city for a while." I said. "If you win, we can make some time." She huffed again and raised her hand.

"Lancelot." She said. He readied himself as Frankie stretched her arms.

I watched the tent frame assemble while the tent material adhered to it using new adhesives that could only be removed by a sonic frequency, and those were the main cost behind the tent. It wasn't cheap to make, so it wasn't a cheap product, but it was beyond the point of being worth the cost. Nene had won far more easily than expected, using the training they took to become security officers, and Frankie's use of a sleeper hold knocked out Lancelot within thirty seconds, much to all of our surprise, especially Marie's. She decided to take time to get a larger team, and train them to beat me, but I told her to get some rest for a few days first to calm down and enjoy her life. I doubt the point would stick, but I didn't really have a way to make her do what I suggested.

"Gene, do you think Marie will really try to keep challenging us?" Liz asked. I sat on the ground as she walked over, sitting by me.

"Probably." I said. "She didn't strike me as the type to give up, from the first time I saw her." She settled against me, her head on my shoulder, so I set my hand on hers.

"I don't know why, but I feel so, jealous…" She said. "I know you wouldn't every marry her, but, part of me still wonders, if you'd prefer someone more, normal." I looked at her.

"Normal isn't exactly my style." I said. She smiled a little. "After all, normal would have meant no control over my psychic powers, I wouldn't have met you and the others, and I wouldn't be able to travel like this as freely…" She looked at me. "And without you, I wouldn't have a family." She smiled and set her head on my shoulder again as we looked at the tent.

"I'm glad I walked into your tent that night." She said. "It led to, a great life…" She sighed. "If I could have the last four years of my life back, I'd do everything exactly the same." I smiled, but as I went to speak, I heard a loud yelp.

"Help!" Melody called. Liz and I shot up from the ground and turned, and we saw Max on a branch just as it broke, over a fast river. We ran over, but he kept going under when I tried to reach out and grab him.

"I can't, I can't use my psychic abilities to hold him!" Liz said. I stood still, but began moving before I tossed my sunglasses and jacket aside, along with my gloves and boots. "Gene!"

"When you see me floating enough, get us out, but only with both of us." I said. I took off and jumped, using my own psychic power to loft myself over Max. As he was being swept under, I hit the surface, sinking fast. The water had a strong current and I did a few vertical rotations before steadying and swimming toward Max when I saw him. I broke the surface and swam as fast as I could, but he was somehow staying ahead. "Max! Stay above the water! I'm coming!" I went under again and found a current that pulled me toward him faster, and when I saw him go under, I went over to him, grabbing him as he struggled. I swam up and looked around. "Liz! Wh-where…" I held Max up and hit my back against a large rock, but managed to form a field that held me. I saw Liz running, but as I went to speak, water hit me and disrupted my concentration, putting me under again. 'No, no, I need to focus, focus…' Max opened his mouth under the water, as if screaming, and I focused on the bank by Liz, and suddenly I hit the ground on my back and heard Max coughing. I rolled onto my side and spat out a lot of water, coughing up more away from him. Liz ran over and knelt by us.

"Gene, Max, a-are you okay?" She asked quickly. I looked at Max as he coughed, but looked up at me.

"You alright, Max?" I asked. He was silent before coughing up more water on the ground. Liz picked him up carefully and I sat up, resting my arms on my legs as I coughed to clear my lungs a little. "Good thing I…" I coughed again. "Good thing I enjoy swimming." She patted Max's back as Melody ran over with, a Grovyle. I stared before pointing, coughing with my mouth closed. "Drake?" He looked over. "You alright buddy? You look a little, tall." He looked at his body as Liz turned and stared.

"I, I was so worried, I just…" He started. "I don't know." I nodded as I slowly got up, using my powers to manage it. "Are you both alright?" I looked at Max as he groaned quietly in Liz's arms. She looked worried, and the feeling rolled off of her so much I knew the others could feel it.

"I'll be fine." I said. "We'll get some medicine down both of us, to be safe, and then we'll keep an eye on Max to make sure he doesn't get sick." I coughed into my hand as we started walking. "What happened? I was putting the tent up, and the next thing I know, Melody's calling for help…" I leaned down and coughed a few times, still walking, and Drake walked beside me. "And Max is going downriver."

"W-w-we were playing t-tag, and Max j-jumped at Drake." Melody said.

"I jumped out of the way, but I saw him land on a loose rock." Drake added.

"The rock f-f-fell off, and into the r-river, and, and, and I screamed!" Melody continued. I put my hand on her head lightly, patting her.

"I'm glad you let us know so fast." I said.

"I'm sorry." Drake said. "Had I known…"

"It wasn't your fault." I said, looking at him. "How were any of you to know the rock was loose?" When we got to the camp, I sat down as Liz went through the pack with her powers, and I used mine to dry myself off instantly, and then my jacket, gloves, boots, and sunglasses floated over. I put them on calmly as Liz gave Max some medicine, and as she did, the others watched. "How's he doing?"

"Looks like he's tired, but we'll know in a little while if he'll be sick." She said. "Let's keep him warm and close." I made a small blanket float over and she wrapped him in it as he let out a quiet groan. I walked over and put my hand on his forehead.

"Hey, you'll be alright, Max." I said quietly. "Tough little guy like you, that was nothing." He was quiet for a moment before moving a little.

"Dad, hero…" He muttered. I smiled a little as he started breathing quietly, and Liz held him close.

"I'll stay up with him." She said. "I want to make sure he'll be alright."

"I'll take over about midnight." I said. "We won't head out until we know he'll be alright." She nodded as Drake sat down, falling over immediately and making us all look. "Drake?"

"Sorry, sorry…" He said. He grunted as he got up, putting a twig between his lips. "Still getting used to, being this size." Melody giggled and I put my hand on her head, rubbing between her ears. He sat down carefully and sighed before Melody walked over to him, sitting and looking at Max. "I can't believe you just, dove in like that. It was, terrifying. First Max fell in, and then, you went right in after him." Liz slowly looked at me.

"I'd do the same for all of you." I said, looking at them all. "When a friend is in danger, that's, just what I'm willing to do to keep you all with us." They smiled as Liz looked at Max as he grunted quietly.

I looked at the sun as it rose, Max resting in my arms in his blanket, and I felt him stir. I looked down as he slowly opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Good morning." I said softly. I felt his forehead, and oddly, he didn't try to stop me, or bite me, or even make it difficult for me. "No fever, and you're not coughing. That's a good sign." He was silent, so I leaned back a little and looked up. "Sun's rising, and you're okay." He moved a little and I looked to see him getting out of the blanket, so I helped him, but instead of jumping down, he sat on my leg, looking at the sunrise, so I put the blanket over his shoulders. "It's still a little cool." He didn't put up a fight, so I just sat there with him, but I made a bottle of Liz's milk float out and into a pot of warm water that was over the fire. There was a temperature gauge on the bottle so it would tell me when it was exactly the right temperature for him.

"Why?" He asked. I looked at him as he looked up. "Saved me. Why?" I put my hand on his head.

"Liz found you and wanted to take care of you." I said. "I knew it would be cruel to abandon you all over again. If there's one thing I'll never be, it's directly cruel." He was silent as I rubbed his head for a moment, and he looked out at the river again. "More than that, though, Liz is happy when she's taking care of you, and it makes me happy to see her smiling so much." He looked at me again. "I saved you, because I didn't want to lose you. It would have hurt all of us. Melody's your friend, Drake's your friend, Liz is pretty much like a mother to you… You call me dad." I smiled, and to my surprise, so did he. I looked at the milk, and it was just right, so I removed it from the water, but still dabbed a bit on my wrist to be absolutely sure. "And after sleeping so much, I can only imagine how hungry you must be." He held his paws out, so I handed it to him and he quickly started drinking, leaning back into my arm.