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I walk by the fence, the fence trapping us in like animals. The cold air stings my eyes and they start to water. Snow begins to fall and I know that I need to start heading to the center of my District, I cannot be late. Looking at the fence one last time I begin to retrace my steps back towards home. Without really noticing I stare up at the trees, savoring their memory just in case I don't come back.

You see the Capital allows one member from each family between the ages of 14-18 to compete in the Hunger Games. If you decide to compete you could win supplies for your family, a safe place for you and your family…in the Capital. At least two people, one boy and one girl, seven of the thirteen Districts must compete. If two people don't volunteer then the Capital chooses who goes in. We've heard stories about the old version of the Hunger Games and seen the footage, they think this is the new and better version. Yeah, better for them.

The Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen-Mellark and Peeta Mellark fought against it, they are the two star-crossed lovers from District Twelve-from the old Hunger Games. After outrage broke out over the "new" Hunger Games the two of them disappeared with their two children. We have heard no more on them. This happened fifteen years ago, now I am old enough to go in.

My name is Acacia Lily Yarrow and I just turned fourteen yesterday. I have my mother's looks, a light brown hair and green eyes, but I act like my father. Every day I remind my mom of my father, which worries her. You see he disappeared when I was only ten, we know it was the Capital's doing because he rebelled against them. None of us have any hope that he is still alive or he is worse off, if he's still alive he is an avox or worse.

"Aca!" I turn to the voice from behind me, a young girly voice. For me its not hard to tell that its my little sister Calendula, she is seven. She looks more like our father, blonde wavy hair and beautiful gray eyes. Her personality is more like our mother's though. "You can't be late!"

"I was coming home right now Dula." She catches up to me and I take her hand. We walk back toward home. My family always goes to the Mors Neutro together and watch as some of our friends-our family sign up or are forced to go to their deaths. My mother doesn't want me to ever volunteer to go into the Hunger Games, it would mean my death. But what if we need it? She doesn't care, she said that she would rather be tortured to death then watch me go into the Hunger Games and be killed, be tortured. "Are mom, Gloxinia and Abudemio ready?"

"Everyone's ready. We were all waiting for you." Dula is quiet for a moment, just by looking into her eyes I can tell that she is debating on weather or not to ask me something. "Nia, Mio and mom think that you are going to volunteer to go into the games….are you? Aca?"

"Dula, I-" my mouth snaps shut and I know that I can't be doing this right now, not here. They'll be able to see soon enough. "Of course not…where did they get that idea from?"

"Mom, well she-knows that you are worried about everything. Nothing's going right and you want to help protect everyone."

I stare straight ahead and try to gather up the strength not to tell Dula what I am planning on doing, none of them will ever agree with it. But if I don't do this all of us will be dead soon. "Don't worry Dula. I promise that I won't go in unless I don't have a choice…"

We have reached our house, a small red brick house. There are three bedrooms, one for our mother, one for our brother and one for my two sisters and me to share. I hug my mom when I see her sitting at the table, there's a worried expression on her face. Rumors are going around that no one is going to volunteer this year, which means that they will choose who goes in. My mother knows that we are at the top of the list, because of our father. She's brushing little Gloxinia's hair, but she's watching me as I walk over to Mio.

I'm the oldest, Mio is only nine and Nia is twelve. Nia and I are the two who remember our father the most. Mio looks and acts like our father down to the way that he talks. Nia is like our mother in every way, from the hair to her personality. But there is one thing that neither of them have that our father had, his fire. That is why my mother worries about me so much, I have that fire. One time someone was teasing Nia and let's just say that I intervened, that day I got sent home from school after "attacking" the person. Of course that wasn't the first or last time I did that. If someone messes with my family they have to answer to me.

"Aca." My mother stands up and nods to the door. I shut my eyes knowing that my two best friends are here. "Door."

Quickly I open the door, Ethan and Alyssa are standing there. I smile a little as they walk into my house, Alyssa and Ethan are like twins, their birthday was a few months ago, they are both fifteen. Both of them are nervous, everyone is.

"Okay." My mother walks into the room, she's composed herself. "Alyssa, Ethan. Are you two going with your family or are you joining us?"

"We'll catch up with them on the walk there." Ethan says with a small smile. "Don't worry everything will be fine."

"Yes, what is there to worry about?" I turn to Ethan. "Just that no one wants to volunteer, so my chances are higher."

"You'll be fine." Alyssa says hugging me. "We all will be and we will come back here after. All of this will be over soon."

We walk outside, its October 31st, the day of the dead. Tonight fourteen of us will be taken away from our homes and have to fight to live. Did I mention that to advance and to live you have to navigate your way to the Capital? From where ever you are. You are alone, the person from your District is in a totally different place. Most of the time by the time you can catch up with one another one or both of them are dead.

The center of our District is full and no one is talking, this is the day that everyone is dreading. I stand with my family, the nervousness is setting in. Everyone's looking at one another in anticipation for this to end, for the misery to end.

"Welcome!" I hate that cheery voice, Abigail Levington is up on stage. "Everyone looks so happy! Well, let's get started so that everyone can begin the celebration. Ladies first. Do we have any volunteers?"

No one volunteers, no one even breaths. This is what I was dreading. Abigail begins to tut-tut and looks down at a piece of paper in her hands, one that I'm sure has my name on it.

"No volunteers?" She shakes her head as if saddened by this. "Okay, then our tribute from District Thirteen is….Calendula May Yarrow!"

I stand here in shock, in horror, in outrage. Dula isn't even fourteen yet! This is unfair! Not right. Before I know what I'm doing I walk up to the stage and don't look back. Abigail stares at me as I stand next to her on the stage.

"Are you Calendula?" She asks in her happiest voice.

"No." Is all that I say.

"Well…" Abigail looks around confused. "Who are you?"

"I'm your worst nightmare…"