Hi! so, this is the third instalment of my series, following up 'let the games begin' and 'suffering? You haven't seen anything yet'.

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The Impala rumbled down the side-road, going quite slowly in the early morning light.

Dean, who was driving, looked across at his little brother, and gave a small smile when he saw him, with his head pressed against the cold glass of the window, fast asleep.

He turned down the music, reducing the thumping sound of AC/DC inside the interior of the car. He settled back in his seat, moving his shoulder's in a wide arc as he drove.

Their last hunt had been extremely hard on the both of them, culminating in Sam being thrown through a second floor window, and Dean being held by his throat by a very angry shapeshifter.

Seconds before Sam had his life ended by a large shard of glass; Dean has been able to kill the bastard, sending him back to whatever hell he came from.

Now they were travelling to Bobby's for a little, well deserved R and R, travelling through the night to get the hunter's house by mid-afternoon, Dean hoped.

He looked to his side as Sam stirred, rubbing his eyes, peering out at the road, trying to pinpoint where they were on the road.

'Are we there yet?' he asked thickly, clearing his throat and patting down his mussed hair with a hand.

'Nope, not yet, I had to stop for coffee-I reckon we're about half hour off schedule' Dean groaned, knowing his brother had hoped they were nearly there, but he really needed a coffee pit stop.

'Aw geez...wake me up when we get there...'Sam muttered, moving his body to get more comfy in his seat.

'Nuh uh it's your turn to drive soon! Stay up; I'm lonesome being here all by myself!' Dean whined, pretending to pout and give Sam puppy dog eyes.

'No. They're not gonna work on me dude!' Sam protested, but he relented, sitting up straight and yawning.

'Yeah...' Dean chuckled, turning back to the empty road.

A few more minutes past, with the brother's just talking about mundane, random things, until Sam caught sight of headlights in the distance coming towards them.

'That's weird...'he mused, turning to look at his brother, who frowned at him.

'Oh no, another cars out on the road! Sammy quick-call the police!' he said in a high-pitched voice, before he giggled, turning to the road again.

'You're an idiot, you know that?' Sam grumbled, turning back to look at the headlights.

He wasn't quite sure, because he could only see the lights, but there was definitely up with that car.

Moments later, however, realisation dawned.

'Dean, he's on our side of the road!' he said; panic grabbing him as he pawed at the dashboard, trying to get a better look.

'No way...' Dean argued, squinting to see the headlights. He swore when he saw Sammy was right.

'Dean, slow down!' Sam trilled, looking at his brother with wide eyes.

Dean put his foot on the break, but, even though it was full on the floor, it made no difference to the speed.

'Something's up with the car!' he said, looking down in a panic. 'I can't break! It won't work!'

Sam watched in abject horror as the car came closer, bright yellow headlights nearly blinding them.

'Dean do something!' He said, looking at his brother for help, Dean looked around, there was a brick wall along his side, so he couldn't stop there without going headlong into it, so that was out.

The only other thing that he could do was swerve, but he didn't know where.

'Dean!' Sam warned, his face shining with the other car's headlights. There was nothing he could do.

'Sammy get down!' he yelled, wrenching the steering wheel to the right, before leaning towards Sam and covering both his and his brother's head.

The impact was simultaneous.

Metal hit metal, the scream of rubber bending and snapping, the front of the opposing car indenting into the Impala, its bonnet moulding into Dean's side, the metal flying forwards, surrounding the oldest Winchester.

Sam was thrown to the side, then backwards, his head colliding with the dashboard, before being rammed back into his head rest.

Dean's strong hands dragged him back down, and long arms covered his head, Dean breathing heavily onto his face.

'Sammy! You ok?' Dean shouted above the noise, but before Sam could answer, they both became aware that the Impala was being pushed by the other car, very strongly to the left.

'What's happening now?' Sam gasped, fingers curling round Dean's arms, Dean's own hands around his chest and waist, they were both making sure neither of them got hurt.

The Impala's metal kept screaming as it was pushed to the side.

'Oh my god-there's a river down there!' Dean gasped out as he remembered reading the map; there was a river on Sam's side, after a short but steep drop.

'It's pushing us down there!' Sam shouted, before attempting to scrabble up to get out.

It was too late, and seconds later, the Impala plunged down the short cliff, Sam's stomach felt like it had dropped a mile, and he yelled in panic as they both lurched forwards, before the car twisted and rolled in mid-air, sending the brother's crashing around in the interior.

Moments later, the Impala crashed into the freezing water, the boys coming to a harsh standstill as they hit the water like a brick.

'Sammy we need to get out!' Dean shouted, grabbing Sam's collar and hoisting him up.

Sam used his forearms and shoulders to squeeze out of the mangled wreckage of Dean's beloved car, and he sat on the crushed hardtop of the car as he looked down at Dean, who was struggling to get out, blood streaking his face.

Sam held out a hand, Dean accepting and using his brother's whole arm to hoist himself up.

Seconds later, the Impala became submerged, the force of the gravity of the car pulling the brother's down as well.

Dean grabbed Sam and pushed him up, realising he was getting sucked down even more.

Sam hit the surface, spluttering and yelping. 'Dean!' He yelled, looking around for his brother.

The direction of the water led him to the edge of the river, and he instinctively swam to it, keeping an eye out for Dean.

As soon as he was on the bank, Dean surfaced, coughing into the air.

'Sammy!' he yelled, looking around. His face immediately relaxed as he saw Sam, safe and sound on the bank.

A figure appeared behind his brother on the bank, and he splashed around, yelling, hoping to get Sam's attention, but it didn't seem to work. He started to swim, watching the figure approach his brother.

'SAM!' He yelled, but seconds later, he watched in horror as Sam was viciously clubbed round the back of the head, and he slumped to the floor, unconscious.

'SAMMY!' was the only word Dean could shot out, and it continued to be the only word as he swam towards the shore, keeping his eyes on his brother, and the man stooping over him.

'Get off my brother you son of a bitch!' he yelled, throwing himself on the shore and leaping at the man.

The man stepped deftly, aside, and without a seconds notice, hit Dean round the head with a very heavy object, Dean dropping like a dead weight on the floor, falling next to his brother in the cold, morning light.

Oh no, I destroyed the Impala...sorry everyone!

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