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One month later...

'Sammy, are we nearly there yet?' Dean's deep voice moaned from beside him.

Sam chuckled and patted Dean's knee, making his big brother jump.

'Oops, sorry man! Yes, we are very nearly there...keep the blindfold on though!' he said, turning back to the wheel.

Sam had been driving a red rental car for the past week or so, having had his cast off the previous week.

His shoulder was on the mend, so now he was tasked with chauffeuring them both around.

Dean sighed, running his hand down the blue felt blindfold that covered his eyes.

'Don't see why I have to wear this dumb thing anyway...' he grumbled.

'Because I've got a surprise for you, and you can't see it till we get there' Sam told him for the tenth time, smiling as he drove through the Dakota sunshine, the trees casting a welcome shadow on his face.

He opened the window and breathed in deeply, letting the cool air radiate round the car. His hair ruffled on his head, but he didn't move to pat it back down. He just enjoyed it.

It had now been a month since they had escaped that room, a month since they had escaped the nightmare that had fallen upon them not just once-but three times.

He didn't know how two people could have so much bad luck, but he figured that it wouldn't do well to dwell on it.

'Are we nearly there yet?' Dean's voice once again broke into his thoughts, jolting him out of his silent reverie.

His brother was still wrapped in tight bandages, his stomach was still held together with stitches, but at least he was out. The nightmares hadn't completely disappeared, but they had been getting better the past month.

They were slowly getting back to normal...very slowly.

He sighed and rolled his eyes once more, looking around to check where they actually were.

'I think so...' he muttered, before clearing his throat.

He had a piece of good news to give Dean before they actually got to their destination.

'Uh hey-I did some research while you were in hospital, I forgot to say...'

'-Can I take this stupid blindfold off now?' Dean interrupted, sitting up straighter.

'Will you let me finish? Anyway-I did some research about the Johnsons-'he saw Dean visibly stiffen beside him, and his big brother ripped the blindfold off with a gasp.

'Sorry-It suddenly got too dark' he muttered, looking apologetically at Sam, who smiled at him.

'That's ok, just close your eyes when I say so' he shrugged, before turning back to the wheel.

'You want me to finish, or do you want to wait?' he asked.

'Is it good news?' Dean asked nervously, trying to relax back in his seat.


'...ok, tell me' Dean looked at his brother, eyes now alight with interest.

Sam grinned at the windscreen. 'Well- it turns out that the family line of the Johnsons completely ended with Sarah. After the fire, Chris was supposedly the only survivor, he had Dominic, but then he died, leaving no heir. Sarah didn't bear any children, so the line ended with her.'

'That's great news! So no more crazy murderous psychopaths still lurking in the shadows?'

'Nope. Nada!' Sam grinned, giving his brother the biggest smile he had ever seen.

'Now I can sleep a little easier...' Dean smiled, turning back to the front, relief spreading over his face, sinking into his body.

They were free...no more worrying...no more hurting...they were going to be ok...

Sam stopped the rental car, before turning to Dean.

'Ok, just close your eyes and keep them closed, you wont want to spoil this surprise!' he smiled, turning off the engine and limping round to Dean's side.

The drive had left his leg stiff, but he just needed to walk the pain off, there was no lasting damage to his leg.

'Ok Sammy...eyes closed...I'm looking forward to this!' Dean grinned, squeezing his eyes shut tight, before gripping Sam's waiting arm and walking forwards.

'Your gonna love this...' Sam grinned, stomach fluttering in anticipation.

It had taken him so long to do this, but finally the work was done...now he was just waiting to see his big brother's face.

'Ok? Ready...OPEN!' he said, releasing Dean's arm.

Dean slowly opened his eyes, a curious frown on his features.

That frown slowly upturned into a glorious smile, his eyes widening and his heart filling.

'Oh my god...' he muttered, before looking at his brother, a disbelievingly happy look on his face.

Sam smiled and rummaged in his pocket, bringing out a clutch of silver keys.

He threw them to his brother, who caught them deftly and expertly.

'She's all yours man.' He smiled, standing back with pride to admire his handiwork.

'Jesus...' Dean whispered, walking forwards.

Sleek and black, with silver rims, Dean's prized 1967 Chevrolet Impala stood majestically in the sunshine, its shiny surface glistening as it absorbed the heat. Dean ran a finger down her door, grinning with the familiar smells and texture as he felt her bodywork beneath his finger.

It looked as good as new, her interior clean and tidy. Nothing was out of place, it was as if she had never been ploughed into a river and submerged.

He opened the trunk, grinning as he saw all the weapons stacked and put tidily, everything shining as if it had been recently clean.

'You did all this?' he asked Sam, who had just joined him, tears in his eyes.

It was like Dean had come home.

'Most of it. I had help from Bobby, and we managed to get her all out in one piece. We had to buy the weapons again though, they were water-logged and useless, but everything it pure original Impala.' He said proudly, patting the Chevy lightly.

'This is awesome man...I can't believe you did this for me...thanks dude...' Dean was getting majorly choked up, but right now-he didn't care.

'You're welcome Dean. I just figured you needed some good news' Sam shrugged.

Dean turned to him and nodded, a happy tear running down his cheek, but all the while he was willing to himself...I will not cry...I will not cry.

'You like it?' Sam decided to ask the stupid question.

'I love it' Dean replied, before pulling him into a hug, squeezing him tightly, resting his head on his shoulder.

Sam grinned and closed his eyes. He didn't squeeze, because he knew it would hurt Dean-he didn't want him to hurt anymore.

After a while Dean pulled away, hitting Sam lightly on the shoulder as he cleared his throat.

'This is amazing Sammy-I can't thank you enough...you don't want anything?' he asked, walking to the other side of the car and unlocking the driver's side door.

Sam sighed, shaking his head and shrugging. 'This is going to sound cliché...but I just wanted to see you happy, that's enough for me' he said.

He looked up to see Dean staring at him.


'Your right-that did sound cliché!' Dean nodded, winking at Sam before nudging at the passenger door he was standing in front of.

Sam snorted, before chuckling and getting in, folding his legs in the seat, grinning at Dean as he flopped into the driver's seat.

'You ready?' Sam asked, smiling at his brother.

'Oh Sammy-I was BORN ready!' Dean said happily, closing his eyes and sighing in euphoria as he started the engine. He whooped and caressed the steering wheel.

'Oh baby I've missed this!' he purred, getting the Impala into gear and rolling it toward the road.

He fiddled with is cassette collection, before settling on AC/DC.

'Hi ho silver...AWAAAAY!' he yelled, laughing as he pushed the tape in and pressed play.

The immediate sounds of 'Back In Black' burst into the car, Dean grinning as he drove the Impala down the highway.

Sam pretended to wince as Dean began to sing along.

Back in black

I hit the sack

I've been too long

I'm glad to be back

Yes I am...

Sam looked out the window, content with listening to Dean sing really, really badly, the wind blowing through the Impala seemed fresher, nicer than it had in the rental car.

Everything was good. Life was good.

He only hoped that it would never change.

The end.

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