The very feel of the area around them was like an icy chill down her spine, a hushed whisper that frosted her ear as it passed by. Giving an involuntary shudder, she looked over to Fail, though he seemed like any other kid that had just fallen out of the sky some random day. Confused, unsure what was going on, but there. Not like Shaera, the girl's eyes wider than they had been when she opened the door to darkness from her room, wider than when she had reached up when she was younger to trace smiley-faces onto the mirror after a shower and slid and split her chin open, the color slowly draining from her features with the sudden realization that something like this could not be easily created or simulated. The chill, the twisting of her gut like something dreadful had just been revealed to her, that frosty whisper of Death as it swirled around this area.

The only way she could really describe it was like an aura... a cold, heartless aura that caressed her skin with the whispers that she was next. That is, if she wasn't careful. Another shudder danced along her spine, again looking over at Fail, but the boy lacked any sign of expression that he too was feeling what she was. "...For lack of better way to put it, that's just damn creepy..." she grumbled, rolling her eyes for a moment before shuddering again. "Ugh." Ekoi looked back at her, his tiny eyes furrowed as his light dimmed, scowling.

Why was she so disrespectful?

All attentions to anything else stopped as the Deku Tree began to speak slowly, his voice cracking at first before settling.

"Thou hast readily demonstrated thy courage...I knew that thou wouldst be able to carry out my wishes…" If the tree could have moved, Shaera was sure he would've turned to face her now, "Young Shadow, Link." Oh, so that was his name. "Now, I have yet more to tell ye… wouldst thou listen?"

Link, the formerly named Fail, nodded immediately; Shaera on the other hand, though intrigued and very interested in this magical tale of we're-idiots, had to think about it for a moment— though it was hard to focus with the chilling aura settling on her heavier and heavier. Finally, she nodded, looking up to the tree expectantly.

"Yes, Great Deku Tree…" Now if that stupid tree could've smiled, and been dying at the same time of course, she was sure he would've then as well.

"Now… listen carefully… a wicked man of the desert cast this dreadful curse upon me…" the Deku began, Shaera's brows furrowing at the emphasis on which he spoke about the man from the desert. Yes, well, let's not try and point out the obvious any more than it's obvious. Even if he hadn't emphasized on the part about the wicked man, surely the curse didn't cast itself upon him, now did it? Sighing, she crossed her arms, struggling to focus. "This evil man ceaselessly uses his vile, sorcerous powers in his search for the Sacred Realm that is connected to Hyrule…." Well at least this time, he didn't waste his dying breaths in emphasizing the obvious…though now she had to wonder if the manner in which he spoke, which basically stated 'here's the problem, go fix it' was due to the fact Link was handicapped.

Surely not…

Well…at least she hoped not.

"For it is in the Sacred Realm that one will find the divine relic, the Triforce, which contains the essence of the gods…."

Shaera frowned, feeling like there was information the Deku wanted to say, yet wouldn't, or it was escaping him with a sudden onset of Alzheimer's along with his dying body. Ekoi flew close, setting on her clothes. "Here comes the good part," he whispered, quietly tapping around on his little feet, Shaera just staring now at the fairy as he danced, though the purple fairy glanced over at her before reaching over as she started to open her mouth to comment about his dancing. "Now shh, listen, and sit down. And don't say my dancing was bad!" Waving him off, she glanced over at Link, seeing him sit down as well. Was this going to be a long 'good part' cause she really would like to move along here and maybe find her way back to whatever tree was the entrance to her bedroom.

"Before time began…before spirits and life existed…three golden goddesses descended upon the chaos that was Hyrule…. Din, the goddess of power…Nayru, the goddess of wisdom…Farore, the goddess of courage…

"Din…with her strong, flaming arms, she cultivated the land and created red earth. Nayru…poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave it the spirit of law to the world. Farore…with her rich soul, produced all life forms who could uphold the Law." Now this was rather intriguing, piquing her interest more than before, though as images erupted and worked their way into her mind's eye, confusion gripped her, wondering how this worked. She wasn't imagining this. She actually imagined differently, the goddess Nayru's colors being a soft glow of white for a wisdom of purity and bestowing of the Spirit of Law to the world, Farore seemed like she was more of a multi-colored goddess, or more of a red one, Din being more of a fiery color…but this imagery painted into her mind…

Din…the goddess represented by the color red…

Nayru…represented by a soft blue color like baby blue…

And Farore, a striking color of green...

This was not her imagination, so where were these images coming from?

"The three great goddesses, their labors completed, departed for the heavens. And golden sacred triangles remained at the point where the goddesses left the world…. Since then, the sacred triangles became the basis of our world's providence…and the resting place of the triangles has become the Sacred Realm."

At this point, the Deku Tree seemed to pause for breath, not that Shaera was even sure he needed to breathe, glancing over at Link for a moment before turning her attention back to the tree and Ekoi went on clapping softly and laughing a little, apparently thoroughly enjoying the tale of the goddesses.

"Thou must never allow the desert man in black armor to lay his hands on the sacred Triforce…. Thou must never suffer that man…with his evil heart…o ender the Sacred Realm of legend…. That evil man who cast this death curse upon me and sapped my power…." Now Shaera had this eerie, crawly feeling, like vines were twisting up about her body and insisting for control. Standing against her own will, her head and neck craned over to look up higher on the Deku Tree. "Shadow…thou must find ye fellow Dyviri…and assist Link in this task…. Thou must never allow thouself to be swayed and stray to the grasps of the evil man, for he will destroy you…. My end is nigh…." He breathed, a tremor shaking the tree's very core, leaves cascading around them again. "Link, though your valiant efforts to break the curse were successful, I was doomed before you started…yes… I will pass away soon…but do not grieve for me…. I have been able to tell you of these important matters…. This is Hyrule's final hope. Link… Shadow… go now to Hyrule Castle…there, thou shall surely meet the Princess of Destiny…" Shaera croaked, a grin plastering her features as the Deku Tree placed emphasis on the princess, though Shaera knew already that this princess had a role known to no one but her and the goddesses. Stupid princess, tell us what you're destined to do. "…and a fellow Dyviri…. Take this stone with you, the stone that man wanted so much that he cast this curse upon me…"

His breaths were getting weaker, if he even did breathe, though the weight of the aura fell upon Shaera harder and harder as time passed by. Looking up, leaves rattled before finally giving way to something that sparkled starkly against the dull leaves, coming down to Link's outstretched hands, Navi quickly rattling off exactly what it was.

"The future depends upon thee, Link…thou art courageous…Navi, the fairy…Ekoi the fairy, help Link and Shadow to carry out my will…I entreat ye...Navi... Good…bye…" With that said, a chilling wind swept up through the area, rustling the leaves around Link and Shaera's feet, the color slowly draining from the Deku Tree before the entirety of what used to be a rather drabby-colorful guardian of the Forest stood a hunk of dead wood.

A quick sarcastic comment hung on Shaera's lips, though it never left, the cold aura of Death wrapping its icy arms around her as it finished with the Deku Tree, the girl's face falling slowly from a smiling facial expression to one that was solemn, and for once, she didn't have anything really sarcastic to say in years, just standing there staring at the remains of the Tree, eyes dazzled with wonderment and silent mourning for something she never knew, but in the moments that he spoke, not only was he annoying, but yet the most real thing she'd encountered this entire time. And his words scratched away at her, clawed and dug, insisting that she believe and know that this is her life now, there is no way back. "Great Deku…" she whispered, feeling at a complete lost at the moment, falling to her knees as the horrible reality slowly sank in.

Ekoi had been telling the truth this entire time.

And there was no way back home.

One thing she didn't want to do was to just stare at the grey corpse of the Deku Tree, but another was to sit there, staring at the Deku Tree, with tears running down her cheeks. It didn't even seem rational at all for the tears, for this overwhelming grip of...well, she didn't know how to describe it. Here, there was some entity that for the first time, really felt real, like words of complete and honest truth, and then it just faded away to the calling of Death. That is, after he told her she couldn't go home. He told her the same things Ekoi had, yet the very words didn't even seem the same, the meaning seemed different, and not like he was just trying to cover up something for the sake of a joke but pure honesty to the supposed legend about Dyviri...or whatever he called her.

"...The black armor..." The image of the man that was forced into her mind earlier burned vividly. Flames...eyes that seemed to glow in the fires, holding a steely greed and lust for power, a burning desire... hair red, a bright color that reminded her of a fire truck, yet more orange than that; dark skin that obviously told tales of many weeks in the sun, large jewel set in a matching black metal…she didn't know what to be honest. From the way he rode the horse, she could tell he wasn't a small man, easily double her height if not triple, powerful physique, broad shoulders. The manner he held himself on the horse was almost like that of a king rushing back to his country or in search of something powerful. Wait.

"Something…powerful…" Ekoi looked at Shaera for a moment as the words left her lips, wondering what she was going on about.

"Yeah Shaera, the Triforce…" he muttered, flying closer to her before Navi heard his comment and looked over, then back at the Great Deku Tree. It was a fleeting moment of thought, thinking of that strange man in black armor, and though she still wanted to refuse that this entire thing was real, the forcing of images into her mind and the words of the Deku Tree told her otherwise. And then this man in black armor, with flaming red hair, had taken what seemed real to her away, cursed to die but still determined to set the saving of the world in motion from the evil man, to keep that evil man from getting the Triforce. Clenching her fists, she looked over at the Tree again before pushing herself up to her feet.

"This…. This is real." She whispered. Ekoi slapped his forehead.

"YOU JUST FIGURED THAT OUT?" he barked, flying around her quickly though when her eyes didn't follow with a typical sarcastic quip, he stopped, fluttering close to her as he looked into her eyes, a sharp blue with a glint of hatred, shining with a determination that he hadn't really seen in her before, but under that, understanding of the situation. She had finally accepted it. Relief trickled over Ekoi as this fact settled into his mind. Now he didn't have to rag on her about things, or deal with her thinking that this was a prank and nothing bad would happen to her. She knew…and that was the best thing he could ask for right now.

Navi looked from the Shadow to Link, then back to the Deku Tree. "Come on, let's go to Hyrule Castle." Her voice traveled easily for a little fairy, reaching all three, who in return nodded, starting off towards the walled pathway back to the main area of the Kokiri as she looked back to the Deku Tree. "Goodbye Great Deku Tree…" the soft words were barely even audible to herself, but she had no need to say them any louder. Turning back around, she flew off after the others, Link almost speechless by the events.

He had lived his entire life until today, fairy-less, made fun of by Mido constantly for not having a fairy, and then today he got a fairy, was summoned to the Great Deku Tree, freed the Great Deku Tree from a curse, watched the Great Deku Tree die, and was told to leave the forest. All in one day. Not to mention someone that wasn't a Kokiri was inside the forest, and had been brought to the Deku Tree as well. That man the Deku Tree had shown them…he was the same one in his nightmares. That meant he was sensitive to the evils that the Deku Tree spoke about…and the test of his courage—he wasn't sure what that was about—but he would do anything for the Deku Tree! The words about the future depending on him sounded over and over in his mind. The future? The Princess of Destiny? He was leaving the forest…and the Deku Tree died…

'Do not grieve for me…' is what the Deku Tree had said. Yes, if the Deku Tree had managed to live long enough to tell him and-Shadow, he guessed-this information, and he said it was important, then it was! And he would carry it out like the Deku Tree wanted.

Looking to the new comer girl, Shadow, as the Deku Tree called her, he gave her a once over. She was of medium height—maybe more on the short side of medium—blonde hair of unknown length having obviously been shoved up into her purple cap, azure blue eyes that glittered with a burning resolve, but a resolve for what, he didn't know. Walking over to her, he waved a little. "Hi, my name's Link." Maybe her name wasn't Shadow, maybe she had an actual name. She stopped, looking at him for a moment as if confused, before she slowly started loosen up a bit, whatever that had been gripping her letting up slowly. Reaching out her hand, she forced a smile.

"Shaera. Dyviri Shadow."

Ekoi bounced quickly up to her, landing on her shoulder and waving at Link, grin easily visible on his face. "Yes! No more rejection!" He made it sound like his own little victory cheer, the two staring at him as though he had suddenly grown a deku baba out of his ears. "What?"

"…You're just strange…and we're not used to that." Shaera answered, a smirk dancing onto her features before she reached up and flicked him off her shoulder. Now that she had actually a chance to really look around, the scenery was actuall very calming, and very lively at the same time. Though the game didn't portray it very well at all. Curiosity of how well the game portrayed Link, she looked him over. Well, the game hadn't been too off. He wasn't as midget-like as the game showed, and the tunic did not go as far down on him as it did in the game. Being completely honest, it looked like he had just had a growth spurt, but hadn't gotten a replacement tunic, or his legs were just long in comparison to what she remembered of the game. Tunic ended about mid-thigh, leaving what she almost considered a little too much leg visible between his tunic and boots. Maybe about five feet tall, much taller than the four foot thing that was in the game. His face didn't look as chubby as it did in the game, eyes not as much of a single color blue, his hair didn't just peek out from under his cap in the front, but all the way around, and had more shape than the triangle appearance it had in the game, as well as a darker color, leaving it more of a champagne blonde instead of yellow blonde. Back to the task at hand, Shaera. "Let's get going. That man in black armor's got another thing coming."

"Hurry up!"

"Right!" It was three cheers to go on and make their way to Hyrule Castle, before Navi nagged them again with a 'HEY, LISTEN' sort of beginning lecture or what not. Apparently Shaera wasn't the only one that found it annoying. Link also found it annoying, to a degree; like how she shouted at him to listen when he ran passed a collection of vines within the Deku Tree, telling them that he could probably climb them since the surface was covered in vines. There was also the stopping at the door. Sure, there weren't any doors in the Kokiri forest, and it was surprising, but it didn't call for Navi to tell him how to open a door.

"Hey! Link! What did you do?" The cerulean blue eyes of Link snapped forward to the waiting figure of Mido, who stood there pointing at him accusingly before pointing over to Shaera. "Who's she? Link! The Great Deku Tree…did he…die?" The two exchanged glances before looking back at the pudgy Kokiri and nodded. "How could you do a thing like that?" Shaera shrugged a little, starting to open her mouth but closed it as Link held up a hand. "It's all your fault!" Mido finished squawking before stalking off, apparently still struggling to regain his tough composure after Shaera had punched him before.

"It would've been fun to hit him again…" she mumbled under her breath, Ekoi shaking his head as Navi looked at him in question as to his charge's actions against an innocent boy.

"Don't ask…" he said quietly, flying over to the blue fairy, drawing Shaera's attention to the brightly glowing partner of Link. Remembering how she thought Ekoi was before, just a ball of light, she wondered if Link thought the same thing, then once she got a better look around this forest inside her house, she frowned. He had to know that the fairies weren't just a ball of light. Though her curiosity to how Navi looked under her luminescence was just about killing her composure to not grab the fairy.

"So how do we get out of here?" She questioned, looking over to Link then following him as he smiled and started off running with an exclamation of 'This way!' Shaera was less than amused with the enthusiasm to run, and she was already feeling pooped out enough from before and the near drowning incident. Well okay she didn't almost drown but it was close enough for her. Too much extra weight.

"Hey Link slow down!" Ekoi called out, Navi again looking at him in question, though Shaera had no idea how at the moment, the purple fairy smiling. "Shaera's not used to the weight of her gear." She shot a glare back at him, seeing the smile turn into a nervous one. How dare he point out that she was weighed down.

Though it did work, Shaera was less than pleased, attempting to walk as though she were as light as a feather, which only brought her down farther as with each step crashed down her weight plus at least twenty pounds; she had no idea how much it weighed. But she certainly didn't like it. Even if she had been active back home, which she was, this was an unexpected surprise and unwelcome at that, though she had to admit she was glad she was active as a child, otherwise, she would've up and collapsed from the weight of her gear ages ago.

Seeing Link stop in front of another log like the one she had entered this area from, she froze, pointing at it as her eyes widened, wondering what this log could possibly mean. Not another maze right? Upon close inspection, she realized that this log was much larger than the others, and once she got within several yards, Link took off running again, Shaera feeling like she was going to die if she tried to catch up to him. How was he so able to carry his things?

Taking her time to walk through this unwelcome log-hole-door thing, Shaera scowled, though as it came to light that it was just a bridge across to another log-hole-door thing, she raised her eyebrows in question, then Link and a green haired girl came into view, the green haired girl resting against the railing of the bridge a bit before telling Link something Shaera couldn't hear, and obviously it was something she wasn't supposed to hear, before handing him what looked to be like a small pinkish brown colored…what?

She stood back puzzled as the blonde young man took the strange thing and looked at it, before looking back to the green haired girl, Shaera again watched for a little while before Link started to take several steps backwards before turning around and bolting, leaving Shaera standing there alone, jaw dropping.

He just left! Without a second thought!

"Well come on!" Ekoi shouted at her, pulling at her tunic to run after Link so he didn't leave her behind. Now where were they going?

"What the hell was going on back there?"

"How would I know?" Ekoi replied, his tiny eyes rolling as they entered into the dark log, light on the other side revealing that they had successfully left the Kokiri Forest and Lost Woods, greeting Link on the other side.

"…What the hell…?" Shaera questioned, looking around. Well, another LOG, yes, though there was also sunlight, and large rock walls surrounding the log on all sides but one, one that followed down a path for at least what she thought was triple her house in length until it opened up to who knows what, the entire way lined with trees and their sparkling, pretty leaves. "Now what?"

"I believe…Hyrule Castle is north from here," Navi spoke up, looking around then just staring at Link as he stared into his pink-brown thing. "Link, what're you doing with the Ocarina?"

"What's an Ocarina?" Shaera questioned, Ekoi sighing and rolling his eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, light bulb!" She snapped at him, the fairy scoffing at this response before taking another deep breath, and sighing again.

"It's an instrument. Hey, Link, play a tune." The male blonde looked up to the purple fairy for a moment before nodding, another smile coming to his lips as the thought of playing a tune on his friend's ocarina crossed his mind.


What he played was nothing less than horrific, in Shaera's eyes. He had no idea how to play it, just randomly blowing air into it and plugging holes as he blew. "Hey, hey, maybe you should try something different…" she mumbled, holding her hand out for the Ocarina. "Let me try."

"You can play instruments? AHAHAHA—" Ekoi's laughter died quickly as Shaera shot him a deathly glare, Link handing the Ocarina over to her slowly.

"Okay careful with it…" he said quietly, cerulean orbs looking deep past blue orbs almost like his, but darker, the depths speaking of secrets beyond his imagination. Something was different about her. Not just that she wasn't a Kokiri. He wasn't sure what though...but it shone in her eyes. Not a mental thing but as she was, who she was...what was she? What was a Dyviri, as the Deku Tree called her?

She was occupied with the ocarina, looking at it like Link had been earlier. It took a couple of moments for her to realize how exactly would she move her fingers to create notes on it before wiping the mouth piece on her tunic, glaring at Ekoi as he started to snicker. "Shut." His smile disappeared quickly, flying back to Link and worming his way under the male's hat.

"She's going to kill me!" A smirk of satisfaction pulled at the corners of her lips, looking over at Link as the fairy made his hat look alive. Putting the ocarina to her lips, she sucked in her breath, carefully reaching her fingers to cover some of the eleven holes. Why were there eleven holes...? Wait. She looked at it again, finding a second hole on the bottom. Make that twelve.

Covering both bottom holes now, she let her fingers drift over the holes before pressing down harder on the holes that felt right, letting no air escape from them as she blew gently into the ocarina. Link struggled to stifle his laughter, covering his mouth with his hand as Ekoi peaked out from under Link's cap, muttering,

"You sound worse than he does."