Tonks was in a long dark corridor with closed doors on either side. She was walking as quietly as she could towards the end which she still could not yet see. She was in pursuit of Fenrir Greyback.

The corridor was lighted by the full moon. With the moon out, Greyback would be in his wolf form, therefore at his most dangerous. She knew that other Aurors were also closing in on Greyback's position but she could not see nor hear them.

Keeping her eyes on the end of the corridor, she tripped over the troll's let umbrella stand. "Ouch!" she said, stopping to rub her foot.

She straightened her long black duster, shook her now green waist length hair into her favourite shoulder length purple, and began to walk again. She took a few other steps forward, her ears concentrated on any sounds, her eyes fixed on the dark corridor. The silence was deafening and the darkness frightening.

She was still walking forwards when she tripped again on the troll's let umbrella stand. "What the...?" she said, rubbing her foot again.

She straightened her short brown leather jacket, shook her platinum blond short hair into her favourite shoulder length purple, and began to walk again. She took a few other steps forward and began to ear pin drops: one... two... three... It sounded like it was marking the time. Then she heard a fly, then another one, then a few hundreds of them, then a few thousands... the sound was deafening. Her eyes were fixed on the unseen end, but pinpoints of lights began to flash at the periphery of her vision, than within her field vision, at first one or two, then a few hundreds, and now over a few thousands... the lights were of all colours and, after a few seconds, they were so many that they became blinding.

She was still walking forwards when tripped again on the troll's leg umbrella stand. "Now, wait a second! I tripped over this already!" she said, turning around.

She was on the Hogwarts ground, her hair short and black, dressed in her Hogwarts' uniform with her Ravenclaw scarf. Moonlight was flooding the ground, giving it a silvery hue. A wolf was lying on the ground, its head on its paws, looking at her sadly. She realized the wolf was in fact a werewolf and was whining softly.

"Remus?" she asked, surprised and puzzled.

The werewolf opened its mouth, its tongue lolling, and Tonk smiled. To her surprised, her entire body morphed into a wolf and walked to the Remus werewolf. She started to lick him as if washing him, and, he nibbled her ear gently. Playfully, they chased one another for a few minutes around the grounds and went running into the Forbidden Forest.

They were deep into the Forbidden Forest when the wolf suddenly turn towards her, became bigger and turned a darker shade of grey. It began to growl menacingly, showing its crows and drooling. Despite her best efforts to remain in a wolf form, Tonk resumed her human form.

"Remus?" she asked, worried.

The wolf pounced and ran towards her. She took a step back and tripped on the troll's leg umbrella stand. The wolf landed on her chest and bit her shoulder hard, drawing blood.

With a startle, Tonks woke up. The bedroom was still plunged in darkness. She could feel fur on the side of her body, a wolf head resting on her shoulder.