Road: wake up wake up WAKE UP *stamping feet*

Me: five more minutes Road. WAIT ROAD *jumps out of bed* what the hell are you doing in my bed room?

Road: Me, Tyki and the Earl want you to write more of your story

Me: wait what about Allen?

Road: She is hoping that you don't, she is kind of scared about what will happen to her

Me: Good point. Guess I should get writing then

Road: you forgot something

Me: o yeah the thing. I don't own -Man or anything for that matter.

Sorry about that thing there I was board very board. Anyway there is chapter four. Enjoy

"So you are the one that has caught my uncles heart" Road said creeping closer to the bed were Allen was sitting still blushing from what happened with Tyki before Road hat burst in and probably saved her from the worst choice of her life. To think she was acting like one of the woman that her father had bedded before he met Anita who was going to be her step mother, her real mother she never met slept with cross who was her dad and nine months later there was a baby left on his doorstep who was Allen.

"Hey don't day dream when I am talking to you" Road said pouting.

"Sorry ... Road right?" Allen asked unsure of the girl's name.

"Yes. Now I am going to show you some outfits and you better like them" Road said lifting a black fluffy suitcase on the bed.

Road unlocked her suit case the as she was about to open it she stopped and looked up at Allen and saw the curiosity in her eyes and smiled then opened it and saw Allen's face lit up with colour as all the different coloured cloths.

Road giggled which made Allen look up.

"What is so funny?" Allen asked stepping off the bed and making her way next to the blue haired girl.

"You the way your face lit up at the sight of the cloths, have you not even seen casual Gothic punk Lolita" Road said throwing Some of Tyki's cloths out of a draw and putting Allen's new cloths in it's place.

Allen shook her head and Road froze and stared at her in horror.

"You never ever" Road asked still frozen

"Never" Allen comforted

"You sure" Road asked putting a short black dress on the bed and black tights plus knee length boots with laces and black frilly panties with bra to mach.

"well now you know what it is now, go take a shower which is through that door and change into this and Tyki will be drooling" Road said pointing to the door to the right to the main door and then the bed and left for the door as Allen started to walk to the bathroom door.

"Hey Allen I know you like Tyki so stop pretending because he like you a lot too so give him a chance" Road took a deep breath "I know he kidnapped you but he probably through that it was for your own good. So just give it a try" Road said as she closed the door behind her as she left.

Allen stood in the shower thinking about what Road said and she was starting to realise that she had a little crush on him.

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