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Itaclics are the dream and notes in the diary.


Year 2017 a.t.b.

The Black Knights Rebellion. It started with the intervention at the Lake Kawaguchi Convention Center Hotel and continued from there.

Zero, the Black Knight's great leader introduced himself with this great speech, - "I will not repudiate battle on a fair and level field, but neither will I tolerate a one-sided massacre of the weak by the strong. The only ones, who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed! Wherever oppressors have abuse their power by attacking those who are powerless, we shall appear again. No matter how mighty, or formidable our foe may be! Those of you with power, fear us! Those of you without it, rally behind us! We, the Black Knights, shall be the ones who stand in judgment of this world."

With these words Zero declared war on the world.

The rebellion continued burning like a wildfire through Japan or Area 11, as it was known during that time. Though battling Refrain, fighting in Narita, killing the Massacre Princess Euphemia Li Britannia, and culminating in the battle of Tokyo Bay, Zero's forces fought Britannia. They however lost to Cornelia's masterful strategies at Tokyo Bay, and many of the leaders of the Black Knights were captured or killed. Many of the Knights claimed that Zero had abandoned them in the middle of the battle. No one knows for sure, because the masked man was never captured. The Black Knights were crushed almost to nothing.

Japan stabilized and Britannia brought more and more hardship to the lives of "Elevens."

Until a year later.

Year 2018

Zero's Revolution

Zero returned again to the Black Knights in 2018 atb. He returned as part of the Babel Tower Incident and then rescued his followers from execution by Interim Governor Guilford's hand.

A few days later Her Highness Nunnally vi Britannia, May her name be blessed, becomes the Viceroy of Japan. She then attempts to reestablish the Special Administrated Zone of Japan. Zero gives his support on the condition that he is exiled from Japan. Zero, with over a million of his supporters dressed like him, is exiled from Area 11 and seek asylum on Penglai Island located within the political borders of the Chinese Federation.

Zero before leaving asks the Knight of Seven Suzaku Kururugi in his heart of a nation speech, "What are the Japanese? What is a race? It is a language? Is it land? Or is it the bond on blood? Or is the heart? Self-awareness, standards, and pride. As long as one has the heart which is the root of their culture than no matter where they are they are still Japanese!"

Zero then takes the war to the Chinese Federation. He and Li Xingke disrupt the alliance between Britannia and the Chinese Federation. The High Eunuchs are summarily executed for lèse majesté against the Empress. An alliance between the Black Knights and the Chinese Federation is forged.

Zero creates and helps ratify the United Federation of Nations, with the Order of the Black Knights to serve as its chief military branch. Its first resolution is to take action against the occupying Britannian forces in Japan, which leads to a declaration of war between the U.F.N. and the Holy Britannian Empire.

The U.F.N. initiates the Second Battle of Tokyo to reclaim Area 11. The use of the WMD codenamed FLEIJA by the Britannians results in massive damages to the concession area of the Tokyo Settlement.

Zero is reported to be killed during the Second Battle of Tokyo. However, there are rumors that this is falsified information for reasons unknown.

Two months later, the formerly dead prince, Lelouch vi Britannia, returns from the dead and says that he is the 99th Britannian Emperor, by dint of the fact that he killed 98th Emperor, Charles zi Britannia. He is supported by his Knight of Zero, former Knight of Seven, Suzaku Kururugi.

So began one of the most changing times in Britannian history. Lelouch destroys the Imperial Mausoleum and abolishes privileges of the nobles. This leads to many attempts of rebellion, one of which is led by the Former Knight of One, Bismarck Waldstein, each of them futile against the "Emperor of Justice."

Britannia attempts to join the U.F.N., and negotiation takes place in Japan, now a neutral zone. However, the leaders of the U.F.N. and the Black Knights attempt to convince Emperor Lelouch to lower Britannia's voting rights as a balance for the U.F.N.. The attempt fails, and in response Britannia launches an invasion against Japan, capturing the leadership of the U.F.N..

Multiple FLEIJA's are dropped on the Britannian capital of Pendragon from the Aerial Fortress Damocles, by Former 2nd Prince Schneizel resulting in the complete and utter destruction of the capital.

The battle of Mount Fuji begins shortly after. Both sides suffer heavy losses, but eventually Emperor Lelouch is able to take control of Damocles and ends the battle, as well as the war between Britannia and the U.F.N., with a display of power from the Damocles.

Two months after the battle, using U.F.N. as a political tool to force the E.U. to agree, Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia declares himself world leader. During a supervision of executions of the Black Knights and U.F.N. leaders, nearly two months later, Zero reappears and assassinates Lelouch.

Nunnally vi Britannia succeeds her elder brother as the 100th Empress of Britannia and begins to work in cooperation with the U.F.N. to achieve peace.

15 years later, Zero disappears on the day that the Demon Emperor was killed. He leaves behind a letter, that said,

It's time to take off the mask.

Good luck,


The letter was signed with three entwined letters.

A white K, a green W, and a black D.


My Room

I blinked and groaned, and then opened up my eyes. I picked up my head off of the desk and looked at what I had been sleeping on. I growled and thought to myself, 'I stayed up till 2 am to finish this damn essay and then I fall asleep and dream about it. Just fun. Today is not my day.'

I get up and start getting ready for school.

"Rafaela," a voice yells from downstairs, "you're going to be late."

'Bloody hell,' I mutter and rush down the stairs, grabbing a piece of French toast and my bag on the way out. "Mom, I'm going."

"Have a good first day of school," she yelled back.

Yep, that's me. I'm 18 years old girl named Rafaela Einstein. I have long bluish colored hair, and sea green eyes.

I start running towards school.

"Yo Raffa, what's up," yelled Liam.

Liam's going to be one of my classmates in collage. He's starting school with us this year. He's in almost all the honors classes. He has short blond hair and startling purple eyes.

"Yo Liam," I yelled back, "where's Circe? I rarely ever see the two of you apart."

Circe is his girlfriend. She's also starting with us. She has long blond hair and yellowish eyes.

"She's going to have pizza at the place near school." I roll my eyes, "I said I'd pick her up from there." He said as we ran, "You do your essay for school?"

Circe has a highly entertaining addiction to pizza. Any meal she can eat it, she will.

I stopped, and he spun around, "No? Why not?"

I face-palmed.

"I did the damn thing, but I forgot it on my desk in my house."

The two of us ran into the entrance of the Ashford Academy. I headed to my homeroom and Liam to the pizzeria to pick up his girlfriend.


It's been 400 year since the Demon Emperor was killed, and much has changed in the world. It's been just about 400 solid years of peace since the end of Zero's Revolution. There have been a few slight flare-ups but it's been quiet.

These are the records of the days before the war that changed my life and my whole outlook on the world and its history.


"Raffa," came a yell from the other room. "You writing in the journal of yours again?"

"Yeah…" I drawled, "Why?"

"Cuz dinner's ready," he yelled back. "And we didn't want to start without you."

"OK, fine." I get up and close the journal, "I'm coming, Whitehead."

"Stop calling me that!"

Laughter was the man's only answer.


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