A little one-shot, a moment in time and what might have happened ...

Order 66

Chopper was in the lead gesturing the men to different alleyways. He wasn't a sergeant, damn them, why did he have a squad? He turned his head to the side and it was his kriffing luck – bad as always – to see that bright head of the Captain's, a small foot of the Jedi's and he gestured the men to continue forward.

"I'll check this one." He said as he moved into the alley.

He took off his helmet and turned the faceplate to the alley entrance and placed his thumb over the mouthpiece. He'd clear the visuals later but vocals were monitored. He set the blaster down on a trash crate, his hand touching it lightly in case Rex moved to attack. He could see the power cartridge markings on Rex's blaster – nearly empty.

He only glared at Rex, hating him for what he was doing. Rex had pulled back as small as possible behind some trash with the little Jedi clasped in one arm. Somewhere, she'd lost her light saber and taken a blaster hit. She wasn't dead yet, but Rex was going to lose everything for a corpse in the morning. Rex had been his captain, was now one of the reasons why he was leading a squad, why they were searching for Jedi traitors and 'lost' troopers, why the entire night was such a kriffing mess.

Rex didn't fire the blaster but his face was tight, his muscles were tense and his armor showed where they'd deflected blaster hits. There was a big black hole on the front of one thigh guard, a double tap, and Chopper bet Rex couldn't stand except for the stimulants that his bright eyes showed he had already taken. Some pieces of his armor were beside him. Chopper nodded. Yeah, this was a time to get rid of the armor.

Slowly, with a single hand, Chopper unloaded the power cartridge from his blaster and handed it to Rex. He pulled both fully charged extras from his belt and set them on the crate hiding Rex. Give them over he gestured with his fingers, reaching out. Power clips were accountable and Chopper didn't have friends who'd make excuses for him or back up that he's lost his. Chopper felt a momentary shiver. He didn't even have a captain anymore. Rex slowly pulled the empties from his belt and unclipped the cartridge in the blaster. He handed them to Chopper and took the full cartridges with a nod of thanks to Chopper. He slipped one into the blaster, the other two into his belt.

Chopper looked at Rex again, at the Jedi. Rex had cleaned his record when he'd transferred to the 501st after that mess with the traitor, had actually given him a new chance, a clean slate which he'd kept clean and even earned commendations. With unspoken curses, Chopper pulled out his medkit and handed it over. It wasn't much against their injuries, but it did have some stimulants and Rex was sure to need more before the night was over.

Commander – no, not anymore – Tano opened her eyes. They were bright with pain but she looked at Chopper and he had the sudden thought that she could see him, could identify him, see beyond his helmet and beyond his scars. He remembered she had never stared at his face or given him a look of disgust, she had always looked at him, had always smiled at his approach, had a good word for him. She gave a little nod as the corner of her lip curled up in a soft smile, then closed her eyes again. Some people die good, he thought. He knew she would be one whether it was tonight or a hundred years from now. Not him, he'd die alone scrabbling in some mud hole bleeding out, with no one to care and blaster fire all round. He turned to the alley entrance as though he heard a noise and then muttered some more curses. He reached up, at his neck. He'd been lucky at sabacc lately, one of the few ways a clone could actually get money. He pulled out a small bundle of credits, his winnings, and handed them to Rex. It was well known the Captain didn't play. Rex fingered them softly, his too-bright eyes moistening. His lips twisting into a grimace of pain at Chopper's generosity – at a debt he'd never be able to repay.

Cursing them, cursing his self, cursing the fates and fires that plagued that night, Chopper ran out of the alley to catch up with his crew.