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Oneshot, Read and Review, please.

Liar, Liar.

Why do people make you believe that you're the best thing that's ever happened to them?

Percy Jackson made me believe that I was his best friend, which pleased me, since I'd never had a best friend before. I've always been a sidekick. Always.

It's Annabeth, Luke, Thalia or someone else who's on his mind.

Juniper told me that I shouldn't care, because I shouldn't prioritize someone who considers me an option.

I remember him telling me: "Grover? Ever since I've met you, you've been my best friend"

How am I supposed to counterbalance that? He sounded like he meant it, but he doesn't act like he cares.

By the eye, he's better off with Will Solace as his best friend. Or the Stoll brothers. Anyone but me.

But why'd he make me believe that what he said was true?

The truth is, I'm far too fond of him to replace anyone else as my best friend.

Annabeth Chase, Katie Gardner, Thalia Grace – they're all my best friends.

But it's different – they're girls.

I trust them with my full heart, and to not hang out with them is unnatural.

But he's the very first person who has considered me his best friend. Which I appreciate. And which is the very same reason for me to not 'move on'

I was always there for him – through fights with Annabeth, bad grades in Latin, not being chosen for a quest, embarrassing moments – everything.

Yet, it's not me who he cares about.

It's not like I haven't tried talking to him. In fact, I've wept – wept for acceptance in a sort of way. I talk to him any more, he'll think I'm a crazy stalker. A loser.

Oh hell, he probably already thinks so.

Or maybe it's because I'm a satyr. Or not.

It's not like I don't have other friends. I have many. I've got three best friends. But the fact that my very first best friend was just bluffing about me being important to him, will kill me forever.

So can you still answer it? Why do people make you believe that you're the best thing that's ever happened to them?