This is a Deathly Hallows AU in which the Trio accept some help in their mission to destroy the Horcruxes (Who the help is should be obvious by the title :P ). The fic starts shortly after the Trio settle in at Grimmauld Place and discover that the locket Horcrux is in the possession of Dolores Umbridge.

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Quick Note 1: Many here probably have heard of Ozymandias from Watchmen, but the character in the comic and film gained his name from a poem by Percy Shelley (husband of Frankenstein writer Mary Shelley) called Ozymandias which is based on the Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses II

Quick Note 2: Emma is Kingsley's wife. I chose the name given the fact that there are two actresses named Emma in the Harry Potter film series (Watson and Thompson) so why not add a name as a homage? Silas Carter's name was based on Howard Carter, the man who discovered King Tut's tomb, although the name Silas I chose at random.

Quick Note 3: This is not one of those fics where characters feel the need to tell each other that they love them 2 or 3 times a chapter.

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"Fleur dear, do you want any tea?"

Molly Weasley bustled around her cramped kitchen, pausing now and then to glance sadly at her beautiful daughter-in-law propped up on a chair in the sitting room. The younger witch only had eyes for Molly's clock, particularly her husband Bill's which was pointed at "mortal peril".

Bill was supposed to have returned to Shell Cottage almost two hours earlier. Not wanting to wait for him alone, Fleur had left a note for Bill and Apparated to the Burrow, to have some company and to share her anxiety. All Molly and Fleur knew was that her eldest son had a secret meeting with Kingsley Shacklebolt, who had assumed the position of head of the Order of the Phoenix upon Alastor Moody's death, but certainly Bill was safe wherever Kingsley was? Molly preferred not to dwell that the previous two heads of the Order, the only two more powerful wizards than Kingsley that she had known, had met an early end.

A sharp intake of breath came from the sitting room. "'E's on 'is way!"

Molly rushed into the room to see Bill's hand move to "traveling" and then "family home". Since the new couple had moved into Shell Cottage, Molly had added a new status to the clock so that she knew when her eldest was at his house. The clock hand paused for a moment, Molly knew that her son must be reading Fleur's note, and then switched to "traveling" once more. A crack outside the door announced Bill's arrival, and seconds later he was across the threshold into his childhood home.

"What happened son?"

Bill looked grim, "Death Eaters, five of them attacked Kingsley. He's fine," he added at the look on his mother's face, "but he's going on the run."

Mrs. Weasley nodded, "I have to tell Arthur, and inform Professor McGonagall to hide Ginny if they saw you."

"There's no need Mom," Bill soothed as he kissed Fleur. "Kingsley made sure of that. When we heard the Apparition cracks, Kingsley stunned me then cast a Disillusionment Charm to hide me from view. It cost him some time not to mention give me a nice bruise." He touched his already scarred face to reveal a purple welt on his cheek.

"Dolohov was able to get in a Sectumsempra curse on him, but Kingsley was still able to stun the rest and may have killed Jugson. Before he left, he revived me and said he was speeding up his plans to flee. Most importantly you all, he thinks You-Know-Who's name is Tabooed. The Death Eaters only arrived after Kingsley mentioned the name and remember how Aberforth's pub was raided after he said it. I spent the last couple of hours apparating from place to place in case I had any followers.

"Well," huffed Mrs. Weasley after she had digested this information, "I'm certainly not as foolish as to say his real name."

"And I think my accent ees still too noticeable zat if I do slip up zay will not notice," said Fleur with a tinkling laugh.

"So Kingsley was planning to leave soon anyway?" asked Molly Weasley

Bill explained, "In the future he was. During our brief meeting he told me that he and Tonks have left the Auror Department. They're too recognizable as part of the Order now that the Death Eaters have installed Pius Thicknesse as Head Minister and both of them are half-bloods unlike us. Remus and Tonks have already disappeared as of last week and Kingsley was making arrangements with his wife when the Death Eaters busted up our meeting. Don't worry, he's already got Emma to safety," he added forestalling another interjection by his mother.

"Did 'e zay anything else during your conversation?" asked his wife.

"He told me that he believes Dad should be the new head of the Order now that he'll be out of contact for a while and that McGonagall is checked by Snape at Hogwarts. Also he believes that right now, the Order should only confine itself to helping out Ron, Harry and Hermione since the Ministry is under You-Know-Who's control. The only other thing is that Tonks is using her Metamorphagus abilities to disguise herself so she can keep an eye on the Muggle Prime Minister Blair without revealing herself if a Muggle TV camera picks her up. "

"It's a real shame the Death Eaters came when they did, although the Taboo does not discriminate. I was going to tell Kingsley of my theories regarding Harry's mission," he added. "But before you ask, I want to wait for Dad to be here too."

" I 'ave news of my own," announced Fleur. "Ragnok the head goblin talked to me today just before I left for 'ome. Apparently 'e is under pressure by the Ministry to give Shell Cottage's location to them so zey can watch us. 'E's refused zo far but who knows how long 'e can hold out?"

Bill sighed, "Not good, Dad was talking about doing the Fidelius Charm on the place in case the family needed to flee the Burrow and go there. We'll have to do it sooner than later."

The three fell into silence, Bill and Fleur intertwined on the far couch while Molly busied herself in the kitchen. A crack soon announced Arthur's arrival from work.

"Same old crap", Arthur announced as he walked through the door. "Thicknesse called me into his office to threaten me over the whereabouts of Harry. Honestly if I wasn't a pureblood I'd be in Azkaban right now, and I wouldn't put it past the Ministry to do so in a few months."

Bill quickly filled him in on the Death Eater attack and the new threat of the Taboo.

"Oh and we'll need to do the Fidelius Charm as quickly as possible Dad, the Ministry is trying to find out the location of Shell Cottage."

"Okay son, we'll do it soon but first I want to know about your theories about Harry's mission."

Bill smirked, "you should all sit down for this, it might be long."

"It really started back around seven years ago when I was a Curse-Breaker stationed in Thebes. We were tasked with collecting treasure from the numerous troves of the Pharaoh Ozymandias, who the Muggles call Rameses II. During a search of one of the monuments, we came across a large stone box that had a powerful seal upon the lid. It took our combined efforts to break the magic on the cursed seal but when we did, instead of glittering jewels, a greyish fog arose from the box."

"It spoke to us, in Ancient Egyptian. It taunted us with memories from our past and fears for our future. At first I thought it was a particularly malevolent boggart, but I soon realized it was in some form Ozymandias himself. We Curse-Breakers are trained to develop a strong sense of magic in an area, and it became apparent that this form of magic was extremely powerful. I forget who mentioned it first, but we came to the conclusion that it was some fragment of Ozymandias's soul. We felt our will being sapped and it was clear that he was attempting to possess us. We cast every sort of curse into the fog but it finally my mentor Silas Carter was able to destroy the piece of the Pharaoh's soul with Fiendfyre which split the box in half."

"Now, when Harry was here, we tried our best to find out what was going on even eavesdropping on him and Ron with Fred and George's Extendable Ears, but his muffling spell prevented us from gleaning much. However, we were able to learn that they and Hermione planned to hunt down certain things that would help with the war effort. Obviously they are not going around assassinating Death Eaters, as that is a job that Dumbledore could have left for us and it's apparent that it has to do with defeating You-Know-Who permanently. Add this to the fact that You-Know-Who survived a rebounding Killing Curse the first go around and it certainly seems likely that they are trying to locate pieces of his soul and destroy them. I only wish I'd figured it out sooner. I hadn't made the connection until I got an owl from Silas just last week, trying to find out about events here in England and telling me about the Egyptian Ministry's efforts to prevent any pure-blood uprisings in their land which jogged my memory."

"Are the kids still at Grimmauld Place, Arthur?" asked Molly. As if I can refer to them as kids any longer she thought.

"Remus said they seemed as if they were in no hurry to leave, although he admitted he hadn't stayed around long enough to confirm it," answered Mr. Weasley.

"Well, Bill and I will have to go zere so we'll check," Fleur asserted.

"But it's too late outside, and you two have just had rough days!" protested Molly.

"But 'Arry, Ron and 'Ermione do not know about ze Taboo! We must tell them queekly before they bring ze Death Eaters upon zem!" answered Fleur sharply

"B-but…you're right," stammered the middle-aged witch.

"Just a heads up Mom. When we go to warn them, Fleur and I are going to request that we follow them on their mission."


"Mom, please. I'm a trained Curse-Breaker and Fleur is a Triwizard Champion. We know how to handle ourselves, and we can provide experience, guidance and wisdom for the three especially now that we're pretty sure what their mission entails. If we accompany them, all five of us have a greater chance of returning safely." Bill turned to his father, "Walk with me outside Dad, we should perform the Fidelius Charm now."

The Weasley men walked through the kitchen into the garden and Disapparated for Shell Cottage. Mrs Weasley and her new daughter in law were left together in the sitting room.

The elder Weasley smiled at Fleur, "I'm so happy with what you're doing, standing alongside with Bill and now going to take care of three more of my children"

Fleur smiled at this. She had known her mother-in-law thought very highly of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, but to hear her speak as if they were her own flesh and blood just reinforced the realization that once Molly and Arthur accepted someone, they were a Weasley for life.

"Bill is the love of my life. Of course I would stand with heem," replied the part-veela.

"I know that now. I feel so bad about doubting you just a few months ago. I know I've apologized but I really misjudged you Fleur," Molly almost had tears in her eyes while apologizing.

"For my part I could not have been zo arrogant," soothed Fleur. "I wanted to come acrozz as an azzertive woman, since people only judge me by my looks, but I came across as…how you say, snooty."

The two woman hugged and lapsed into a companionable silence as they awaited the return of their husbands.

"Do you want to listen to some Celestina Warbeck to pass the time, Fleur" said Molly with a wicked grin.

Fleur blanched, "Molly I don't theenk that I….hey!" She broke off when seeing her mother-in-law double over in laughter.

"I had Fabian and Gideon as brothers and Fred and George as sons, I can be devious when I want too!" choked Molly between laughs.

Bill and Arthur returned soon after, informing their wives that Shell Cottage was protected and that Arthur was Secret-Keeper. The four walked out into the garden where Bill took his new bride's hand.

"Since you've never been there before Fleur, just grab onto my hand. Once you cross the threshold you'll be able to see Grimmauld Place in all its…..musty glory," explained Bill

Arthur called out, "Remember what Remus said, you have to Apparate exactly on the top step. Even though Moody's jinxes keep Snape out of the house, there will be Death Eaters posted out there to watch the place, especially if they've been alerted that someone is in there by the Taboo and you know Harry's said You-Know-Who's name at least once."

The newlyweds turned toward the older couple. "Don't worry Mom and Dad, We'll keep them safe."

"Thank you zo much Molly and Arthur, for azzepting me into your family."

With tears shining in their eyes Mr. and Mrs. Weasley watched Bill and Fleur turn on the spot and disappear in a crack.

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