Emotions Are Just a Curse

Chapter One:

W o r r y

I phased through the ceiling of the lab – why haven't Mom and Dad made that ghost proof yet? It would stop a lot of ghosts coming into the lab and trashing the place all over...

I shrugged and didn't think too much about it. It was one am in the morning and I had homework to hand in the next day.

...Which I still needed to make. Damn. I bit my lip and decided to do it in the morning. If I only could wake up early enough...

I pulled the lid of the thermos and stuck it in the hole next to the ghost portal. I ignored the screams of Skulker while thinking of a good solution to my homework. I could of course do it now, but I was just so tired. And as if my body wanted to make me sure of that, I yawned.

The feint screams died down and I put the lid back on the thermos. I placed the thermos on the table with an annoying beeping machine on it that I recognized faintly as the stupid machine that Mom and Dad would use every month. 'To see if everything is alright.' I made a 'pssh' sound, I'd know it if something was not right. I mean, who knows my body better than myself?

I changed back to human and walked up the stairs of the lab. Yawning again, I passed the humming fridge and kicked my shoes off just beneath the stairs that would lead upstairs. I'd put them in the right place the next morning.

Unconsciously rubbing my eyes, I walked to my room and let myself fall on the bed. And now that I lied down, I could feel the tiredness in my whole body. I sighed. That's what you get for saving the planet. Everyone wants an autograph, an interview, they all want something of you.

I don't even have time for me anymore through all the ghost attacks, studying, and fans. It's just not fair anymore.


A sharp ache in my stomach.

What was that?

"Yeah?" I half answered to Mom, not really paying attention due to the stinging in my stomach. What's going on? I could hear Mom's footsteps as she walked to my door. She didn't open it though.

"Why are you up late again? Was there another ghost?"

More stinging. What the...

"Yeah," I spoke while the stinging increased. "But I'm fine!" I quickly spoke, knowing that Mom was always worried when it came down to me fighting ghosts. Ever since I revealed my secret identity as Danny Phantom at Antarctica, she sometimes worries about me going outside at night to fight ghosts. Not always though, but, well, I can't blame her.

Then the stinging died.

"Ok, sweetie. Goodnight!"

I mumbled a good night to her, a little embarrassed that I was still doing that. I heard her footsteps walking to her's and Dad's bedroom as I sat up straight.

What just happened?

Another yawn. I closed my eyes. I could ask Mom and Dad in the morning. They'd know what to do.

Wha- It's morning already? I wearily looked at the alarm clock, which was showing me that it was, indeed, morning.

And that it was too late for me to do my homework.

I quickly got up and noticed I was still in my casual clothing. Huh. Was I really that tired last night? I shook my head and changed into different clothes. I sprinted to the bathroom, quickly brushing my teeth, refusing to take a shower. I had one yesterday and I was in a hurry.

I practically flew down the stairs and said a quick 'good morning' to Mom and Dad, who were currently sitting on the couch, watching TV. I walked quickly by, but still could see my fight with Skulker last night. The curtains were closed due to the reporters and paparazzi out there. They always stood ready for me to leave at the weirdest places, in the tree, behind the tree, in the trashcan, and more. Man, am I really that special to be waiting for an entire night? Cause really, they did.

I chuckled, this time the reporters and paparazzi will be waiting a long time. I was going to fly to school.

Quickly grabbing a cereal box and a bowl, I sat down on my usual spot at the table and poured milk onto my cereal. I sighed. I wondered if this time, my classmates would leave me alone. I mean, it's been a month! I thought that after all this time, I'd at least have some privacy. So far as privacy on a public school goes.

Ignoring the strange looks my classmates were still giving me, I tried to pay attention to what Lancer was saying. I didn't got further than some poet with some poems.

I sat next to Sam, Tucker was in front of us. He turned around and whispered, "dude, are you OK? You look like you came out of a giant blender."

I shrugged his question away. "Nah, I'm fine. It's just that last night Skulker decided to pay me a little visit and I kicked his butt. Although it was around one am before I fell asleep."

"Mr. Fenton, Mr. Foley, please pay attention. Tucker muttered a quick 'yes, sir' and Sam chuckled next to me. I gave her a playful kick under the tables before smiling to Mr. Lancer. "OK, Mr. Lancer." He sighed and turned around to the school board. I could just feel the looks of my classmates, again, boring into my back. Why did we choose to sit in the front again?, I wondered.

"Alright, class. Hand in your homework that was assigned for today."

Crap. I thought he had forget about it. Oh well, here comes the 'there was a ghost excuse' for the billionth time this month. I hope he'll buy it, I mean I used it so many times already... But on the other hand... There was a ghost, Skulker. I even made it to the news. Come to think of that, I've been on the new a lot lately. I mean, once is cool, twice is great, but so many times...?

Suddenly I was being poked at in my left side. It was Sam. I gave her a 'what is it' look – raising my eyebrows - and she gave me a 'where is your homework' look – frowning a bit and staring at my desk - I knew a little bit too well. I raised my shoulders and gave her an innocent smile.

Suddenly Mr. Lancer was in front of our desks and held his empty hand up.

I slowly looked up and could, once again, feel my classmates looks. Is it that interesing when I don't have my homework? I mean, before I revealed my identity, this wasn't such a big deal. I scowled at my desk. Mr. Lancer's hand remained empty as he sighed. "What is it this time, Mr. Fenton?"

"Uhh. There was another ghost and I-" I got cut off by the many gasps behind me.

"That's probably why he looks so tired."

"I saw him on the news this morning!"

"Who was it Danny?"

"Some ghost we know?"

"Did you win?"

"Of course he won! Otherwise he wouldn't be sitting there!"

I tried to ignore the questions that immediately were thrown at me, but there were just too many. Mr. Lancer raised one eyebrow questionably and waited for an answer.

"I'm sorry sir," I started, still trying to ignore my classmates. "This ghost, named Skulker, decided to come by and, um, well I-"

"kicked his butt?" Dash guessed.

I flinched. "Uhm, well, yeah."

Many cheers and claps behind me. Mr. Lancer, however, wasn't amused. "That's good for you, Mr. Fenton, but try to have your homework done next time." And then he just walked away, first grabbing Sam's homework.

Lancer hadn't changed his attitude towards me much. He was still the teacher who was trying 'to be one of the in-crowd'. He did, however respected my duties to protect the city. I only had to raise my hand and he'd let me go to fight some ghost who broke loose. I also had a few conversations with him about my powers about why I was doing what I do, and why I never revealed myself in front of Dash. He knew about my bullying problems, but couldn't do much about it, due to Dash' football status. But that's another story.

After a while, the cheers still went on.

Then I got remembered of last night by another sharp pain in my stomach. What? No, not again... I totally forgot to ask Mom and Dad about it...

The stinging increased and I put my hand on my stomach, trying to soften the pain.

But wait, this was different... It felt... better than yesterday. Almost... just fine by having it.

A new pain came, at the same time as the pleasant one had come. But this one was weak, I almost couldn't feel it. It felt oddly familiar.

I gasped as I remembered from what I recognized it from. Yesterday, in bed I had felt the same! I removed my hand and tried to recognize what it precisely was.

Then I noticed Sam was looking at me with a worried look in her eyes.

Wait a minute... Worried...

That's what I'm feeling!

Wow, that sounded strange. I mentally slapped myself in my head. But still... I was sure I was feeling Sam's worry...

"Danny, are you OK?"

Another wave of worry. Another wave of pain. "I'm fine," I grunted out while the pleasant side of the feeling disappeared and the worry increased.

More worry from my right, Tucker, my mind immediately told me.

But before I could say 'I'm fine' again, my vision became black as the worry and the pain increased more and more.

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