Emotions Are Just a Curse


I slowly opened my eyes, blinking a few times to let my eyes adjust to the bright light that shone above me. I groaned at the headache I felt throbbing in my head. I blinked as I wondered why Sam and Tucker were standing above me, each on an other side. I decided to quickly scan the room and immediately realized why they were standing there. I was in the nurse office.

"He's awake!"

"Dude, how are you feeling?" Tucker worriedly asked.

I grimaced at the obvious question. "I'm fine. What happened?" I asked, my voice was rough because I hadn't talked in a while. I sat up straight and looked at Sam. She merely shrugged.

The nurse answered for them, "you lost consciousness in the middle of class, young man. I don't know why, actually. Your temperature is just fine and the room had enough air." She studied me for a second. "Do you, uh, think it could be, you know," she paused. "Ghost related?"

I stared at her blankly before shrugging.

She studied me again, her eyes quickly going up and down.

She knew I was lying. But I didn't want to tell her because I first wanted to talk to my parents about the pain I felt in my stomach. It probably was something ghost related. But my parents have more information about ghosts and I was afraid she would tell others.

Luckily, she nodded. "I called your parents and they will be picking you up. You shouldn't go back to class if you don't know what made you faint. It's better if you just go home. You two," she spoke to Sam and Tucker but still looked at me. "You can wait until his parents come, but after that you need to get back to class." Sam and Tucker both muttered a quick 'yes ma'am' and turned around to me.

"Also, seeing that I'm no doctor, your parents will have make an appointment with one. If this is serious, you'd better know about it." I mumbled a quick 'hmm-hmm' as she stared at me for a few more seconds. Finally, she sighed and sat down on her chair.

I looked at Tucker and immediately realized something."Uh, Tucker, can I ask why you are in a nurse office. I mean, you hate doctors and hospitals and needles an-"

"Aw, man! Don't do that! It's already bad enough to be standing here! You're making it worse!" He dramatically put his hand on his forehead when Sam punched him.

"Ow! Saaaam!" he whined.

I smiled. He deserved that. "Danny! What are you smiling? You're supposed to be on my side! You know, best friends, as in, you're always on my side?"

Sam smiled and I laughed at that. Tucker scowled before laughing too.

Then the door slammed open, "Danny!" I looked at the door and saw Dad quickly walking to me and he immediately began talking. "I heard you fainted! What happened, son?"

I just shrugged with a blank look on my face. I could tell him later.

I stared at Jazz who was poking her food with her fork. Mom had decided to cook because Jazz needed to study at the library.

I then stared at my plate, the food wasn't glowing or moving. Huh. Could it really be Mom has cooked something that isn't alive or inedible?

"I still don't get it, Danny. What made you faint?" Mom asked and took a bite of her food.

"I, eh, didn't tell the nurse about this but-"

"What?" Mom exclaimed. "Danny, you should tell the nurse if you know what caused you to faint. It will be a lot easier for her or the doctor to do something about it."

"I know, but-"

"No buts! You of all people should know when to tell something or not-"

"Mom! I think I felt the emotions of everyone in that room!"

There. I said it.

Mom and Dad stared at me with their mouths open. Dad spoke first, "what do you mean, you felt the emotions?"

"Just like I said, I knew what everyone was feeling."

"That's why you fainted?"

I nodded, poking at my food with my knife. "It really hurt and then I guess I fainted."

"It hurt? That's strange... Maybe we should test to see why it hurt you," Mom said. I flinched. Test. Of course.

Mom saw me flinch and quickly said, "Danny, you know not to worry. We'll never hurt you. Maybe we could use the Fenton Vital Reader to see if somethings up?"

I groaned. I hated the Fenton Vital Reader. It was just a stupid machine that showed the same readings every month. Nothing ever changed. I nodded nonetheless.

"Alright, we can do this after dinner," Mom said while Dad nodded.

"You know what I find weird, Mads?"

"Hmm?" Mom absently replied as she put some stickers on my head and chest.

"I don't get why Danny felt the emotions of other people in class, but not here." Mom looked up from the stickers and met Dad's eyes. "Hon, you're right."

They both turned their heads to look at me with a curious look. I raised my eyebrows questionably. "Maybe we should first figure out why it hurt and why Danny can't sense emotions now..." she mused to herself.

Dad's face brightened up. "I know the perfect way to trigger his sensing powers!" He walked over to Mom and looked at me. "We could blindfold you, and then you need to sense where we are and what we are feeling. Maybe your spooky-ooky girlfriend and that Tucker boy will help!"

Blindfold me? What? That sounds so childi-

Wait a minute.

"Dad, Sam's not a spooky-ooky girl." I sighed. Why does Dad not know her name even after Sam and I became boy- and girlfriend?

"Oh. Well. I find she is." Mom sighed at his reply before turning back to me. "Sweetie, you go and call them, your father and I will set up everything here." I nodded and quickly removed the stickers.

"Wait, wait, wait. You're saying that Danny felt the emotions of everyone in the class?" Tucker asked with an unbelievable look on his face. Mom and Dad nodded simultaneously. "How awesome is that!" Sam scowled at his outburst. "It would be if he didn't fainted from it!" Tucker seemed to reconsider what he said. "Nah, I still think it's cool. I mean, if we can find out what caused the fainting maybe we can try to prevent it." He smiled, happy with his theory.

Mom walked over to me with a dish towel. I sighed. Here goes nothing then. I grabbed the dish towel and sat down on the chair that was set up for me. I wrapped the dish towel around my head. A second later and I couldn't see a thing anymore. Then I heard Tucker snicker.


"I'm sorry Danny, but you just look so stupid with that thing around your head."

"Thanks for the information," I muttered. "Alright, what now?"

"Each of us will go stand in a different place, then you'll try to sense our emotions," I heard Mom say to me.

Okay. That was logical. I nodded and heard some footsteps. After more faint noises Sam told me they where ready.

Alright. This will be easy. Just... concentrate and feel their emotions. Simple. I sat still for the longest time on my chair, desperate to feel at least something.

But nothing happened.

Mom must have seen my look on my face that told her this wasn't working. "If it doesn't work now, we could also try another time, sweetie."

I shook my head firmly. No. I was almost there, I knew it. I gritted my teeth in concentration and tried to feel their emotions.

Then I felt it. Multiple waves rushing towards me, each little part telling me everything. They flowed through me, finding their way through my veins and expanding further to my inner deep core. I let out the breath I was holding in a short gasp as I tried to recognize the little – yet powerful and painful – waves of emotions. I clenched my eyes shut and gritted my teeth harder. My hands took a firm grasp on each sides of the chair, underneath my legs. The ripples that rushed through me hurt. A lot.

My head was spinning like crazy and I fought the urge to pass out. Just a little longer...

Another gasp escaped my lips as I recognized one of the many emotions flooding through me.

Worry, my mind whispered to me. I felt it deep inside me, it was scratching at the walls of my stomach. It was painfully familiar.

Then I pushed the emotions away, not wanting to feel the painful worry anymore.

I felt how the waves left me, going back to wherever they came from. Slowly they departed and I loosened my grip on the chair. I straightened and removed the dish towel from my head. I saw everyone looking at me with a clear looks of worry – but Dad looked rather curious – on their faces. I breathed out, wanting to wait a few more seconds to tell what I had felt.

I closed my eyes, and concentrated on my own emotions. Relieve. Curious. Desire. All mine. Somehow, it felt good, to be able to feel my own emotions again, they were long not as painful.

Wait, desire for what?

But Dad's question made me forget the thought. "And? Did it work?"

I nodded slowly. It kinda did. Although I didn't sense more emotions other than worry, which I now officially hated.

"That's great!" Dad cheered in his usual tone.

Dun dun duuuun.

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