The sun was starting to set in the evening sky as Haruhi Seiko, formally Haruhi Fujioka, made her way down the street from her office building to the day care center her daughter stayed during the day. She was surrounded by people who were walking, talking and smiling with one another. It almost made her feel like she was the only one not smiling. She rarely felt like smiling any more, especially on her way home. Going home only meant that soon she'd have to face her husband, Rai Seiko, whom she has been with for five years. Haruhi thought like she did every time she headed home 'I wish I wasn't married to him.'She soon found herself outside the daycare center. It was a nice place that doubled as a pre-school and offered a real good environment for her daughter Kotoko.

"Mommy!" the little girl giggled running to her mother. Haruhi caught her in her arms and held her tight. Kotoko was so special to Haruhi. She was the one thing that could make her somewhat smile no matter what.

"Hello sweet heart," said Haruhi as she put the little girl down. Her daughter was almost a mirror image of her; she had long brown hair like Haruhi did as a kid, except for some slight differences. "Are you ready to go home?"Kotoko nodded smiling, but Haruhi knew she was just as upset about going home as she was.

"Okay, let's go. We still have to go to the grocery store after all," said Haruhi as she led her daughter outside and to the bus stop. Soon the bus arrived taking the mother and daughter to their usual stop near their usual grocery store.

"What are you getting today Mommy?" asked Kotoko as the two wondered the aisles.

"Hmm let's see we had Bonito last night, let's get some Mushimono today," said Haruhi picking some up. "Okay that should do it, let's hurry up and go. We still have to catch the train."

"Back again huh? You're here almost every day aren't you?" said one of the clerks as Haruhi checked out.

"Well my husband can go through quite a lot every day," said Haruhi forcing a smile. She quickly paid and led Kotoko out the door with the groceries.

"Come on honey we need to hurry or we will miss the train," said Haruhi ushering the little girl on. "Here's a spot," she said as the two sat down on an empty seat. Kotoko sat up on her knees and looked out the window.

"Can we play 'I Spy' Mommy?" asked Kotoko.

"Sure honey," said Haruhi. The two of them often played 'I Spy' on the way home.

"Can I go first?" said Kotoko. "I spy something green."

"Um," said Haruhi looking out the window. "Is it the trees?"Kotoko smiled and nodded.

"Okay my turn? I spy something cute!" said Haruhi."Mommy is it me?" said Kotoko.

"Oh course sweetie," said Haruhi.

"You always spy me Mommy," said Kotoko.

"Well I can't help it, my eyes always wander to cutest thing around me which is you!" said Haruhi. She tickles her daughter making her giggle. The two kept playing the game until the train arrived to their station. They quickly got off and made their way they reached the door, Haruhi noticed the grass was not cut.

'So much for Rai mowing the lawn today,' thought Haruhi. Not that she had expected him too. Rai always talked a big game, but usually all he would do was sit in front on the TV all day and eat snacks, often falling asleep on the couch, which is exactly where the two found him yet again. The both stared at him for a moment, his brown hair all messed up.

"Shh," Haruhi whispered, "Why don't you go to your room and play for a while?" directing her question to her daughter nodded, quickly and quietly ran across the living room to her bedroom. Haruhi walked to the kitchen and started putting the groceries away. She examined all the food she had brought home for dinner, trying to decide if she should start it now or wait a little bit longer, just to make sure it was still hot by the time Rai woke up. Suddenly she heard stirring coming from the living room.

"Oh-no!' thought Haruhi as she turned around to see Rai sit up rubbing his eyes. He looked over at her.

"About time bitch," he said. "I'm starving."

"Sorry, I had to stop off at the grocery store to get something for dinner," said Haruhi as she hastily started getting dinner ready.

"Well at least you're good for something," said Rai as he walked into the kitchen. "What did you get?"

"Uh Mushimono," said Haruhi.

"Mushimono, I don't want that crap," said Rai. Haruhi sighed.

"Well what would you like?" she asked.

"I want some Bonito," he said.

"But we had that yesterday," said Haruhi.

"So, I want it again today," said Rai.

"Okay, but I'll have to go to the store," said Haruhi.

"What we don't have any here?" asked Rai.

"No we ate it all yesterday," said Haruhi.

"Oh nice, you're so pathetic, can't even keep a kitchen properly stocked," said Rai heading back to the couch.

"Look I can go down to the corner supermarket and get some okay? It'll only take a minute," said Haruhi.

"We then shut-up and get going then, I'm hungry," said Rai. Haruhi nodded.

"Kotoko," she called out. Kotoko sheepishly poked her head out her bedroom door.

"Yes Mommy?" she said.

"Come on, we have to go down to the grocery store," said Haruhi. Kotoko nodded and ran past her dad as fast as she could to her mom. The two of them ran down the neighborhood grocery store and picked up some Bonito and quickly ran back home. Once there, Kotoko ran back to her room while Haruhi started on the meal.

"Dinner better be ready soon!" Rai called out from the couch. "I'm starting to get really hungry."

"It will," said Haruhi cooking as fast as she could. Soon dinner was ready and family all sat down together. Rai ate is all up and made a funny face.

"This taste familiar," he said.

"Well we did have this yesterday," said Haruhi.

"And what you couldn't cook it differently? Are you that lazy or stupid? Oh no, it's probably both!" Rai sneered.

"I'm sorry Rai, but no matter how you cook Bonito, it'll still taste the same," said Haruhi.

"Are you calling me stupid or something?" yelled Rai while at the same time throwing down his chopsticks.

"What, no," said Haruhi in a panic. Kotoko started to whimper.

"What's your problem?" Rai snapped at the girl. Kotoko started to tremble.

"Kotoko, if you're done why don't you go to your room?" said Haruhi quickly.

"Okay," said Kotoko as she got down off her seat and ran to her room. Haruhi swiftly took her and Kotoko's plates and walked to the sink to wash them. Rai kept his eyes on her.

"You were calling me stupid, weren't you?" he snapped getting up and storming over to her.

"No, I wasn't, I swear," said Haruhi trembling trying to focus on the dishes. Rai glared and started looking through the cupboards.

"What do you have for dessert for me?" he asked.

"Well there's some pie still in the fridge," said Haruhi.

"That thing, are you serious? That's all I've had since yesterday bitch! I want something else" snapped Rai.

"I'm sorry but it was so big I figure you could enjoy it for while," said Haruhi.

"Yeah, well now I'm sick of it! GOD DAMN IT HARUHI! Is it too much to ask for some decent food around here!" snapped Rai. Haruhi shuddered.

"I'm sorry, I'll get something new tomorrow," said Haruhi as calmly as she could while focusing on her dishes.

"Well how is that going to help me today?" snapped Rai.

"I'm sorry," said Haruhi.

"Oh sorry, is that all you can say sorry," sneered Rai "and that's suppose to make it all better huh? You are so worthless you know that, ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS!" His hand flew up and smacked Haruhi hard across the face. Haruhi trembled and looked up at him."After all I've done for you and that little brat; I can't even get something decent for desert around here!" He yelled smacking her again.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry," said Haruhi shying away from her husband.

"Well sorry doesn't cut it!" said Rai hitting her again. "All it does is reminding me how worthless you are to me. Seriously after everything I've done, I can't get you to do anything right! You're worthless Haruhi, Absolutely Worthless! Now get the dishes washed, they're filthy! Or can you not do that right either?" He gave her another smack to the face, and with that he stormed out of the room and sat on the couch. Haruhi slowly made her way back to the sink and finished loading the dishwasher and started it, fighting her tears of pain the whole time. Once she got it going, she tiptoed behind her husband to her daughter's room. She found her daughter hiding in the space in between her closet and dresser hugging her stuffed puppy dog.

"Daddy got mad again didn't he?" she whispered.

"It's okay honey, he's calmed down. It is time for you to take your bath now, let's go get ready," said Haruhi. Soon after the little girl was done with her bath and Haruhi had her wrapped up in a towel, Rai stormed into the bathroom.

"How long is that fucking thing going to go on for?" he shouted. "I can't hear the TV."

'Not this argument again,' thought Haruhi as she covered her daughter's ears. She knew he was talking about the dishwasher.

"Please don't use that language around her," said Haruhi.

"It's my house, I can talk however I fucking want to!" said Rai.

"Okay, but can you be careful around Kotoko?" said Haruhi as she picked up her daughter and walked past her husband to Kotoko's room.

"Are you trying to boss me around?" asked Rai.

"Go get dressed sweetie," said Haruhi as pushed Kotoko into her room and shut the door.

"I'm not trying to boss you around or anything like that. I just don't like bad language used around Kotoko," said Haruhi.

"Whatever, but what are you going to do about that noisy dish washer? I can't hear my shows!" said Rai.

"I'm sorry but it has to go if it's going to wash the dishes. I could hand wash them if that's better," said Haruhi. Just then the buzzer went off indicating that the dishwasher was done.

"Never mind, just next time, try to be considerate about other people around you before you go and start something so loud!" Rai shouted as he walked back to the living room shoving Haruhi into the wall as he walked past her. Haruhi just sighed and went into Kotoko's room. Kotoko was all ready in bed with her stuffed puppy and turtle.

"Ready for your story?" asked Haruhi. Kotoko nodded and smiled as Haruhi sat down next to her on the bed and picked up the book she had been reading to her little girl, Alice in Wonderland. After finishing the recent chapter Haruhi kissed her daughter good night and retreated to her own room to do some of the work she had brought home. Around 10:00 pm she finally put her stuff away, took a quick shower and got into bed. Rai soon joined her.

"Move over will you? Some of us had a long day!" he snapped. Haruhi sighed and slid over to make more room for him. Rai looked over at her.

"You could always make up for not having desert with your body,' he said as he placed himself on top of her. Haruhi groaned. Like she'd have a choice when it came to Rai wanting sex, one way or another he'd get it, sometimes not even with her. Haruhi had a real strong sense that Rai had been with other women in during their marriage, especially at the beginning. Haruhi just laid there and let him do what he wanted; it wasn't like he was doing anything to make her feel special or loved. Shortly after, when Rai was fully asleep Haruhi stayed awake looking at him. This was normal for her; nearly every day was like this ever since she had gotten her job at the current law firm she was at. And it has only gotten worse as the years went by.

'How,' she thought. 'How did my life end up like this?