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Chapter 1: Utopia

Utopia. That is what we call the world we live in today. But why? I have done research on the word and it makes no sense. In the past it was known as a fictional world, exactly as the one I live in today…but why? Could the world have been different then than it is now? Was there something other than the "happy" world? ...were there more people who have these strange feelings that I can't name?

Deidara blinked as he heard someone calling out his name. He looked up to see Naruto Uzumaki walking over to him with a smile. Deidara put his trademark smile on his face, making sure that his gaze was one of someone at ease. It was so easy to seem as happy as everyone else. Naruto sat in the chair across from Deidara at the table out in the school yard. "Hey Deidara! What's up?" he asked with a cheesy grin. Deidara closed his laptop, not wanting Naruto to see what he was doing. "Nothing much Naruto. Same old stuff. You?" he said. Naruto nodded, "Yup. OH! Sakura-chan is having a party tonight! She was wondering if you'd come! You know how crazy people get if you go to a party!"

Deidara kept his smile on his face, though he just wanted to tell Naruto that Sakura could jump off a cliff for all he cared. "Sorry Naruto. I have something else I need to do un. Tell Sakura I hope that you all have fun at the party!" he said cheerfully as he grabbed his laptop and got up. "All right. That's too bad. It's no fun when you aren't putting awesome music. See ya Deidara!" With that, the other blonde ran off, goofy smile in place.

Deidara let the smile fade now that he was alone. No use in pretending when no one was around right? He walked off school grounds and headed for his apartment. If the world had been different, would it mean that these feelings that I have actually had a name back then? Could these feelings have once been a part of everyday life like my father had once said? Did more people with these feelings exist? Death…was it more than something that happens when someone grows old or when they fall ill? Was it more like what happened to my parents? When those…creatures…animals? Whatever, when those things came to my house? My mom hid me…as if she KNEW what was happening… Deidara thought back to when his parents had died…


Five year old Deidara peeked from under the couch at the strange men that had entered his house. His mother had already told him to stay hidden. Deidara could only hear muttering for a good few minutes, when one of the men suddenly shouted, "I know that you know the whereabouts of the gates to Hell! Now, tell us where they are and you won't end up dead!" Hell? What was hell? And Dead? Why would his parents end up dead? They weren't old or ill… "Yeah, as if. If we tell you, you won't make sure of our deaths? I'm more fearful of Lucifer than I am of you. Lucifer will drag it out." Stated Deidara's father. Lucifer? Who was that? And drag what out? Deidara felt fear seeping into him. What was going on?

There was suddenly a strange slashing sound and a red liquid fell onto the ground in front on Deidara. He watched in shock as his father fell to the ground, the red liquid seeping from a strange hole in his chest. Deidara blinked at his unmoving father. Dead…his dad was dead…

"Listen Itami, we don't want to be the cause of your death. But if you don't tell us, we won't hesitate." Itami, Deidara's mother, sighed, "You think that I will fear you and tell you what I want? Not on your life. Hell will never be open to mutant humans like you. You think that Lucifer would let creatures like you into his kingdom? You are mistaken. Go on and take my life, I will not betray my king." Deidara watched as the man pulled up a kitchen knife, driving it into his mother's chest. He stared in shock as she fell, the same red liquid coming from her chest.

"Oi, Orochimaru." The man that had caused Deidara's parent's death turned to the other man, "Didn't the description say that these two had a kid?" Deidara's eyes went wide in fear. The man, Orochimaru, laughed, "Even if they did, his powers won't set in until he's dead as a human. It's a law that Lucifer made to keep people from finding out about hell. And besides, if the little brat is here, he's gonna be pretty mentally screwed. The government doesn't let his kind roam free anymore. Just forget it and let's go, I'm getting blood on my shoes."

Deidara watched as the two walked out of his house and the place fell quiet. He heard a strange sound and froze a second before realizing that he himself had made the sound. He saw his vision become blurry and wiped at his eyes, feeling a liquid on his hands. He slowly emerged from under the couch, looking around more clearly. His parents lay on the floor, not moving, dead. The red liquid…what had the man called it? Blood? It was everywhere. Fear. He could feel fear. His father had told him that there was a feeling called fear that only came when you didn't want something to happen. He told him that there were many emotions that one could feel, some that weren't really known in this world anymore. Fear was one of them. And at the moment, Deidara felt it running through his veins. The door opened and Deidara screamed, already picturing the strange men from before. That Orochimaru man, the one that looked like a snake…he was frightful. He didn't want to see him again!

Arms suddenly wrapped around the small boy's waist and a hand ran through his neck length, golden hair. "Shh, it's all right. We're here to help you." Said a woman's voice. Deidara looked up at the woman, his scream falling silent as he realized who she was. He remembered people from the government coming to ask his parents questions before. This woman was one of them. "You ok? I understand that you are feeling weird emotions, but just calm down Deidara. Ok?" she told him. Deidara remembered what Orochimaru had said, The government doesn't let his kind roam free. His kind…people that felt fear…or whatever this painful feeling in his chest was. No…he had never seen people that looked like they felt this….it wasn't allowed…

Lie. He'd have to lie. To hide his feelings, these unnamed emotions.

If not he'd be erased, just like the names of said emotions.

~End of Flashback~

The world had definitely been very different. Deidara sighed as he stepped in front of his apartment building. For thirteen years I've hidden behind a smile that isn't real. I've pretended to be like everyone else…but…hell…what is that place called hell like? Why would my parents protect it so? I don't understand… Deidara sighed and walked into the building..

~In hell~

"Straight aces. Sorry boys." Said Sasori with a grin as he tossed the cards onto the table and grabbed the cash on it. Kakuzu sighed in frustration, "I HAVEN'T WON ONE FUCKING GAME!" he exclaimed. The rest of the group laughed at his expense. Itachi looked up at the clock. "This is getting dull." He said. "Itachi's right," agreed Kisame, "seeing Kakuzu freak over losing money is fun…but it's your birthday Sasori. We should go somewhere." Hidan laughed as a thought hit him. "LET'S CRASH A HUMAN PARTY!" he exclaimed. Sasori mulled it over a bit. "Killing humans…fucking with them…sounds like a party." He said as a malicious smirk formed on his face.

The guys cheered as the redhead got to his feet. "We're headed to the so called Utopia guys. Let's see if we can find any mental humans while we're at it." He said. "True. Who knows, might be fun to find a human that is all depressed. I mean, they don't even know what the fucking word means!" "That's because the human government kills anyone that has no hope to be perfect Hidan." Explained Kisame. "Yeah. Gotta be all, happy, happy, joy, joy." stated Sasori. The group of five grabbed some weapons from around the room. Their favorite past time. Make the human government squirm…


Deidara sighed as he looked at the clock. It blinked 9:30 in red. He could hear the music from Sakura's house down the street. He decided that he should go to the party. If he didn't, he'd most likely get a visit from an agent asking how he was feeling and he never liked that. It was a feeling beyond dislike actually, but he didn't know what to call it. He grabbed his keys and headed out into the night. He headed down the street and could see the flashing lights from in front of the pink haired girl's house. Sakura's playing that happy techno music…well, it's the only thing they know… Thought Deidara as he reached the house.

"HEY!" The blonde teen turned as Naruto and his best friend Sasuke Uchiha came to him. "Hey Naruto. What's up? How's the party going so far un?" said Deidara with his trademark smile. Naruto grinned, "It's going great! Right Sasuke?" The Uchiha laughed, "Same as any really. Which is great, eh Deidara? Come on inside, grab a soda." The raven haired teen kicked the white door open, letting the music pour out. Deidara could feel the pulsing beat through his body. He didn't like it. Techno was not his favorite type of music. He'd rather listen to classical…or anything that seemed a little…not happy.

Naruto grabbed his arm, not about to let Deidara slip away from the party, and led him over to the main room of the party.

Deidara looked around, hiding the dislike that he had for most of these people. They were all My life is perfect! He wished he could find the word for the feeling. Most of the girls were dressed in mini-skirts and high-cut tops. High heels were strapped to their feet. It made Deidara sick to his stomach. He didn't know why, but just watching these people made him feel like shit. They didn't know how this world truly was…

"Sakura-chan! Hey, Sakura-chan! Look who came!" yelled Naruto as they made it to the back of the room. There stood Sakura and her friends, Ino and Tenten. And the rainbow of hairstyles begins. Sakura and her pink, Ino and her bleached blonde, and Tenten the brunette. Sakura turned to them and her face brightened as she saw Deidara. "All right! Deidara! Welcome!" she said. Ino came up to him, "Wanna dance?" "No way Ino! It's MY party! I wanna dance with him!" Ugh, and so it begins. Why am I so damn popular with these girls? I'm always trying to avoid them. And yet it seems that the "lone wolf" act is making them like me even MORE. I mean come on, I don't need people around me. Not THESE people anyway. I wish I could find at least ONE person like me…

Suddenly, there was a loud, thundering noise. An intense light and heat went through the room and the whole house shook. Deidara's eyes widened. He knew what this was. It was on the tip of his tongue. As the light faded, the word fell from his lips, "Explosion." "Explosion? What's that? It's weird!" he heard Sakura yell. Deidara watched in awe as fire started to spread into the house. It looks so…amazing. I've never seen flames so close before…Everyone's screaming, running. Their all scared. Not that they know the word, but that's what it is...they're afraid of what is happening…afraid to die…even if they don't realize it… He heard a strange laughter, "AHAHAHAHAHAH! RUN MORTALS RUN! THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS!" A three sickle scythe flew into the room, slicing three guys in the chest in the process. Deidara watched as, for the second time in his life, blood was spilled before his eyes. Sasuke turned to the door, his onyx eyes filled with fear as he sprinted away. "And look who thinks he's getting away." Another raven appeared before Sasuke. There was a striking resemblance if you asked Deidara. (No, Sasuke and Itachi aren't brothers. That would ruin this part. XD)

"Leave me alone!" Yelled Sasuke as he backed away from the other man. A silver haired guy, around Deidara's age, walked over, "These humans are so much fucking fun to mess with, eh Itachi?" "Idiot! Don't say our names here! Lucifer will punish us if he finds out what we're doing!" exclaimed the raven, Itachi, as he grabbed Sasuke by the face and brought a knife to his throat. "And now you ruined this boy's fun. Didn't he?" Itachi asked with a smirk. Sasuke shook his head, "Please! LET ME GO!" he shrieked. Itachi and the albino laughed as Itachi dragged the knife across Sasuke's throat. Deidara stood still as he watched blood seep from the opening in his friend's neck. He heard another scream and saw a man with stitches and a mask on his face. His arm was literally held by strange strings and detached from his body, gripping Ino's jaw . "Hidan, look, a blonde bitch to use as a sacrifice. She's dressed like a slut." Itachi sighed, "Does no one think about if the human government hears our names and tells Lucifer? I would have thought that Kakuzu of all people…whatever, I don't care anymore." Hidan scoffed, "Just kill as many humans as you can, they can't fight back, they don't know how!"

Deidara just stared, not able to move, déjà vu freezing him to the spot. There was only one difference between what had happened before and now. This time, he didn't care about anyone that was dying. Kakuzu laughed, "Yeah, just kill them Itachi."

"Kill?" whispered Deidara as he watched. He felt a splash of cold as water sprayed over him. A shark like man appeared next to the trio he was watching, "What a party, eh Itachi-san?" he said. Itachi smirked, "Indeed it is Kisame. All these humans just screaming and trying to escape, it's wonderful. Let's see how else we can make them scream." Itachi reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out some knives. He started throwing them with precision into the skulls of those reaching the door.

Deidara saw one land by his foot.

He stared at it for a minute, when someone grabbed his sleeve. "Deidara! We gotta go!" he turned to look at Naruto and Sakura. Naruto had determination in his eyes and Sakura was crying hysterically. "T-they're all d-dead!" she shrieked. Naruto yanked at Deidara's sleeve once more, "These guys are really weird! We gotta go Deidara!" he said. Dead. All dead. Kill. "What does kill mean." Deidara asked to no one in particular. A smooth voice sounded right into his ear, "It's exactly what we're doing to you and your friends." Deidara moved on instinct, dropping to the ground as a sword sliced where his head was and grabbing the knife that had been driven into the ground besides him. He pulled it up over him, blocking the sword coming at him.

He looked into chocolate brown eyes. A red head was staring intently at him. "You're different from the others." He said in that smooth, dark voice. Deidara quickly got to his feet. "What you're doing to us un?" he asked, clutching the knife tightly in his hand. The redhead smirked in amusement. "To cause a person's death. To kill them. We Killed all of your friends, and I tried to kill you. Lucky for you, you fought back." Deidara saw Naruto staring at him in shock. He ignored it and asked, "Fought?" The redhead chuckled, "You defended yourself by blocking my sword with the knife." He explained. The redhead stared into Deidara's eyes intently for a moment. His smirk widened, "You're not afraid of me. I like that. What's your name?" he asked.

Deidara didn't falter, "It's common courtesy to introduce yourself before asking the name of another un." he told the redhead. After chuckling again he replied, "You're correct. How rude of me." He bowed slightly, as if mocking Deidara, "I am Akasuna no Sasori." He said. He looked up, looking into Deidara's sapphire eyes, "Will you give me the honor of telling me your own name?" Deidara raised a brow at him, "Katsu Deidara." "Katsu?" "Yeah…why?" Sasori laughed, "No reason. I've heard that name before, just not for a while. So, you wanna know what it means to kill?"

With a speed unlike any Deidara had ever seen, Sasori appeared before Sakura, grabbing her by the throat and appearing in front of Deidara once more. A scream tore from Sakura's throat as Naruto sprinted over, "SAKURA-CHAN!" he cried as he tried to pull Sasori's hand away from her. Sasori laughed and pushed Naruto away with little effort. He raised his blood stained sword and aimed it for Sakura's chest. "Pay attention Deidara, for I don't like repeating what I say." He said, "This is what it means to kill." He pressed the blade to Sakura's chest, and with a single motion, drove it into her heart. Sakura gasped, her eyes widening as she coughed up blood. Deidara watched in interest as the light left her eyes and her frantic breathing ceased. Sasori observed Deidara intently. He liked how the blonde wasn't afraid. "You've seen death before." He stated. Deidara cocked his head to the side, "What if I have? You change your mind about killing me un?"

Sasori smirked, "As a matter of fact…" his head whipped to the side as he heard shouts. Deidara noticed that these were different than the ones that he had been hearing until now. "They don't sound scared…" "They're angry, mad, infuriated. It's when you really don't like something and it frustrates you. When you hate it." He turned to see his friends leaving, "Well Deidara, I bid you farewell." He leaned to whisper in the blonde's ear, "I'll be sure to come and save you from the idiots. You're too interesting to let die." Deidara blinked, about to ask what Sasori meant…

But he had already vanished.

Naruto gripped Deidara's sleeve, "Are you ok Deidara?" he asked, his face wet. Deidara blinked, remembering when his parents had died and he had wiped water from his own eyes. "I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me. They didn't hurt me un." Naruto nodded, glancing around at the room. A few survivors were on the ground, strange noises tearing from their throats as the water streamed down their faces.

People dressed in black suits started to enter the chaotic scene. Deidara recognized a few of them from when his parents had been…killed. He smirked. I have a word for it now. Kill. Those mutant creatures killed my parents. I hate them. I hate them and every single person in this room…maybe not Naruto. He's not that bad. But the rest of them…I hate them. Anger. The Agents are angry. It's no longer an unnamed emotion. I know what I can call it now.

The same woman that had found him on that night 13 years ago came over to Naruto and Deidara. "Deidara…seems you're the victim once again." She said. "Victim?" asked Naruto. Deidara shrugged, "Guess so." "Then maybe you can explain what happened here? After all, you're not as shocked as the rest." "Well Jane, Sorry to say this, but I have no interest in telling you anything un." I'm not stupid. I say what happened, I'll disappear. Just like anyone that had been in a so called "accident". That's the only thing that you look for. What we saw.

Naruto stepped forward, "What? Deidara, you HAVE to!" he turned to Jane, "There were five guys! They were so weird! They just started throwing things and, and, and grabbing people, and now they're all dead!" Deidara nudged Naruto slightly and whispered, "Shut up." Without Jane noticing. Unfortunately, Naruto ignored him, "One of them looked like a shark! He was doing some weird hand gestures and water was just shooting at people!" "Shut up Naruto." "And then there was this guy, he brought a knife across Sasuke's throat and this red liquid came out and-" "Naruto shut up. You're talking too much."

The boy ignored Deidara once more, Jane still not taking notice of how Deidar was trying to keep Naruto silent. "And this red head had this really long knife that he shoved through Sakura's chest and-" "Red head?" asked Jane. "NARUTO! SHUT UP!" exclaimed Deidara, frustration taking over him. Why the hell was Naruto talking? Because he doesn't know that they're just going to kill him. Deidara thought. Jane turned to Deidara, "Do you know the red head's name Deidara?" she asked, "We might just be able to stop him if you do." Deidara shook his head, "No. I didn't hear any of their names un." "And why don't you want Naruto to say what he knows?" "Because I don't want you to kill him."

Jane's eyes went wide, "Where did you learn that word?" she asked, grabbing Deidara's shoulder roughly. Deidara pulled away, "The guys that killed everyone else said it. They kept telling each other to just kill as many as they could. That's all you're getting outta me Jane." "Deidara, I understand that you might be feeling some sort of déjà vu, but please. Any information you know can help us find the men that did this." "You assume I care un?" she stared at him, eyes wide, "Don't you? These men killed your friends." "You're wrong. None of these people were my friends. Only Naruto can really call himself any form of friend. Everyone else was a waste of time." "Maybe you and Naruto should come with us Deidara." "No way. I am NOT going with anyone from the government un." She reached for Deidara's arm and Deidara smacked her hand away, "I'M NOT LETTING YOU KILL ME JUST BECAUSE I HAVE EMOTIONS!" "Deidara, I don't think you understand-" "OH DON'T I? THE GOVERNMENT TALKS OF UTOPIA AND ALL THAT, BUT NONE OF IT IS TRUE! THE ONLY REASON THIS IS A UTOPIA IS BECAUSE YOU KILL ANYONE THAT FEELS DEPRESSED! ANYONE THAT DOESN'T FIT YOUR DESCRIPTION OF PERFECT DISAPPEARS UN! I WILL NOT BECOME ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!"

"You don't have a choice boy." Deidara turned to see another, newer agent walking towards him with what he knew was a tazer. He had researched it thoroughly. Deidara backed away. He clenched his hands and felt something in his right one. He still had the knife clutched in it. "Come quietly and it'll all be over quick Deidara." Said the agent. Deidara narrowed his eyes at him, "Like hell I'd go with you." He said as he lunged at him, driving the knife through his chest. The agent gasped and Deidara heard Jane yell, "NO! DEIDARA!" another agent ordered, "RESTRAIN HIM!"

Deidara looked up and saw that about ten government agents were headed for him. He tensed and took a step back. What now? He thought…


"You weren't kidding Sasori, that blonde is different from the other humans." Said Kisame. "That's because he's doesn't belong here." Replied Sasori. "What do you mean?" asked Hidan. "His last name is Katsu." Itachi turned to the redhead, "Katsu? As in the Gate Keepers?" Sasori nodded, "The only Katsu there is. Shit. He just killed an agent. This is bad." Sasori got to his feet on the roof of the building that he and the guys were watching the situation from. Kakuzu grabbed his arm, "If they see your face we're screwed. They'll tell Lucifer and we'll be punished." "I know that…" Sasori looked at his friends, his eyes falling on Hidan's bloodstained turtleneck. "Let me get your sweater Hidan." He ordered. "What the fuck man?" "Just hand it over before I take it by force, I don't have much time." Hidan hesitated for a second before pulling his sweater over his head as Sasori pulled off his jacket and white tank top. Sasori pulled the black sweater on and pulled the neck up over his nose. "Give me five minutes tops." He said as he jumped off the roof of the building…

~Back inside~

Deidara saw a flash of red hair and suddenly four of the ten agents were lying dead on the floor. He blinked and looked up to see Sasori. "You came back?" he whispered. "Yeah. Told you ,you are to interesting to let die Deidara." Sasori pulled out a revolver and shot one of the guys point blank in the face as he got too close. Deidara blinked at the weapon, not having seen it before. Deidara felt someone yank on his arm and turned to see Jane trying to pull him away, her face an emotionless mask. Sasori grabbed Deidara and threw him over his shoulder.

Deidara flinched, "HEY! PUT ME DOWN!" he exclaimed. Sasori chuckled and said, "When I get you a safe distance away." He turned to Jane, "And to all of you in the human government, I bid you a kind, fuck off." With that, he leapt up through a hole in the ceiling that had been caused by one of his friends, taking Deidara with him into the dark night…

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