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Chapter 3: Unsure

"Do you know why?" Deidara turned to the red head in front of him. "Why what Sasori?" he asked. Sasori sat on the bed in his room, the moonlight pouring in from a window in the back. The red head was sitting leaning back on his arms, his eyes shut in thought. He opened his chocolate colored eyes and looked deep into Deidara's sapphire ones. "Why they chose you?" he asked. Deidara sat in Sasori's lap, "No." he stated while running a hand through Sasori's crimson locks, "I don't. I don't understand why they chose to keep me…"

Sasori ran his fingers across Deidara's cheeks, the blonde smiling at the action. "Because…" he started, moving his face mere inches from Deidara's, "you see…"

"YO SASORI! LUCIFER SAID TO GET THE FUCK UP!" Deidara shot up, wide awake. He glared at the door, his heart racing due to the rude awakening. (A/n: Seriously! When someone wakes you up like that and you're not used to it, your heart goes like 100 mph!) Sasori groaned in annoyance as he sat up. "YOU HEAR ME?" yelled the white haired man once more. "YEAH YEAH I HEARD YA!" yelled Sasori as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Deidara heard footsteps moving away from the door and sighed. "What was that?" he asked Sasori. The red head blinked a few times and looked at Deidara oddly. "What's that look for?" asked the blonde. Sasori, realization flashing in his brown eyes, stretched, "Never mind. Anyway, that was how Lucifer likes to wake us up. Since Hidan likes to get up early for his ritual shit, Lucifer decided to make him useful and have him wake the rest of us up when he's done." Deidara pouted, "Does he have to do it so loudly un?" "I asked the same fucking question the first time." Growled Sasori as he got to his feet.

As the red head walked to the door, Deidara sighed. He thought of everything that had happened the night before and frowned. What was going to become of him? What…what was going to happen to Naruto? Would they really kill him? Deidara felt a stab of guilt as he thought of his friend. Naruto was the only one that didn't think he was better than everyone…

Music floated to the blonde's ears; a strange type of music, unheard of by him.

The good life is what I need. Too many people stepping over me. The only thing that's been on my mind, is the one thing I need before I die.

Deidara blinked as he listened. It sounded…cool. It had a….a… he looked around and found the dictionary Sasori had given him. The word was on the tip of his tongue. The government used it to describe people like him…

All I want, Is a little of the good life. All I need, Is to have a good time. Ooooh, The good life. All I want, Is a little of the good life. All I need, Is to have a good time. Ooooh, The good life.

Deidara found the word. It was rebellious. He liked that word. Rebellious: opposing or defying authority, accepted moral codes, or social conventions. Yea…That was definitely Deidara.

I don't really know who I am. It's time for me to take a stand. I need a change and I need it fast. I know that any day could be the last.

The words caught Deidara's attention. It really was talking about him…

Hold on, hold on. I always wanted it this way./We never wanted it this way. Hold on, hold on. I always wanted it this way./We didn't ask for it this way. I always wanted it this way.

At the sound of the door opening, Deidara turned, seeing Sasori heading out. "H-hey wait up un!" called out Deidara as he went after the red head. He passed by the door with the blood and symbols on it, he heard the music louder.

All I want, Is a little of the good life. All I need, Is to have a good time. Ooooh. The good life. All I want, Is a little of the good life. All I need, Is to have a good time. Ooooh. The good life.

Deidara stopped in front of the door as the song came to an end. This was…Hidan and Kakuzu's room if memory served correctly. The song started again. Deidara knocked on the door, his curiosity getting the best of him. The door opened, revealing the albino, Hidan. "Whoa….what's blondie doing here?" he asked, shock apparent on his face. "I was wondering what the music you're listening to is called." Asked the blonde. Hidan blinked, "Uh…oh! That's The Good Life by an old band called Three Days Grace. It's rock dude." Deidara nodded, "You have any more songs like that one?" he asked with a grin.

Chuckling, Hidan motioned for Deidara to come into the room, "Come on. Kakuzu went to get breakfast so he won't kill ya. And as for me? I'm starting to like you blondie." He said as he walked across the room. Like Sasori's, there was a large, queen-sized bed, though, this one had blood red sheets. Deidara glanced around the room. It was a huge mess. There were two dressers, one on each side of the room. One side was covered with receipts, folders, and what looked like a very complicated financial plan. Deidara saw a very complicated safe in the corner that he knew would be impossible to open without the pass code. Finally there was a desk with a cheap, old looking computer on it.

Turning his gaze across the room was like walking onto a different set of a movie. Those strange symbols that he had seen on the door were on the ground and some were even on the wall! The thing that stood out the most though, was the fact that the walls and floor were blood stained. Was it possible for someone to have that much blood? The desk was covered in all kinds of knives..well…Deidara didn't know if they were all called knives so he just called them that. There was a computer on the bed. A really expensive looking laptop. Hidan sat at the bed and flipped open the laptop. "This is mine if you're wondering. Kakuzu is too cheap to buy something like this. He'd rather use that slow ass piece of shit." Explained Hidan pointing at the old computer, "Anyway, you got an iWatch right?"

Deidara nodded, holding his arm out to the albino. Hidan removed his blue watch and clicked the button on the side, revealing the USB. As he worked , Deidara continued to glance around the room. "What's with all the blood stains?" he asked. Hidan answered while continuing to stare at the screen, "Some are from my daily rituals. Mostly the ones on the floor. Now, the ones from the walls are from all the times Kakuzu gets pissed and tries to kill me. Fucking asshole….Wow Deidara, your music sucks. I'm erasing it all." Deidara shrugged, not really caring about it much. He really wanted music like what Hidan was listening to right now.

Well, I think Itachi and Hidan went to your apartment last night. To get your laptop and whatnot. If you're gonna fit in, you'll need better fucking clothes." Deidara blinked at the albino in confusion. One minute Hidan was asking what Deidara was doing here, now he was explaining things to him? "How do you know Itachi and Kisame went to my apartment un?" asked the blonde.

Hidan chuckled, "They disappeared to some place last night. And it wasn't a prison cell. There. That music should keep you occupied for a while. Your real self will like it." Said Hidan, handing Deidara back his watch. "My…real self?" The hell does that mean? Thought Deidara as he took the watch. "Sasori seems to have an interest in you…" mused Hidan as he looked up at the ceiling, completely ignoring Deidara's question. What an asshole. I mean, I asked him a question and he doesn't pay it any mind un! thought Deidara.

"Hey blondie…last night…did you have any weird dreams?" asked Hidan. Deidara looked up at him in confusion. "I don't really remember what I dreamt, if I even dreamt at all. Why?" Hidan shrugged, "No reason." Deidara frowned. He didn't want that, he wanted the truth. Just as he was about to ask though, there was a knock on the door.

"Deidara, are you in there?" came Sasori's voice. "Go on blondie. You're still human so you need three square meals. See ya." Said Hidan plainly as he turned back to his computer. Deidara rolled his eyes and walked to the door.

He opened it to a very irritated Sasori. "Don't wander off. I'm supposed to be keeping an eye on you." He growled. Deidara smiled, "Sorry. I heard the music and couldn't help myself." He replied. Sasori's irritation faded as he saw the blonde smile. "You're really good at that." He whispered as he turned and went down the hall, "Come on. You need food." Deidara glanced back at Hidan, seeing the albino smirking at him, and walked after Sasori.

"You're lucky Kakuzu didn't walk in. He would've rung your throat." Said Sasori as he continued down the hall. Deidara sighed, not really wanting to start an argument. "Yeah, well, I was just asking for him to pass me some music. I've never heard music like that before. It was…interesting." "You mean rock? It's a great genre. Has real meaning behind the lyrics…not like that damn happy music that the humans listen to. So ignorantly oblivious to the truth of the world." Sasori seemed to think a minute before slipping through a door. Deidara, not catching on fast enough, nearly kept on. Luckily he had been staring at Sasori's back and thought fast enough to turn and follow.

Whoa…this kitchen…wasn't expecting something so warm and homey. Thought the blonde as he walked into a fairly normal looking kitchen. It was like stepping into a kitchen of a small house…except black with blue. There was a small stove, and old-fashioned stone oven on one wall. The wall opposite to that had a sink and the refrigerator. In the middle of the room was a table that seemed big enough for six.

Seated at the table were Kisame and Itachi. The raven was munching on a stick of dango, his eyes closed as if in concentration. Kisame was sipping on some sweet smelling tea, the smell making Deidara relax. As the blonde entered, both males turned to him. Itachi sent him a glared, his strange red and black eyes seeming slightly eerie. On the contrary, Kisame smiled at him, "If it isn't Deidara. I knew you'd find your way here." He said cheerily. Deidara shrugged, "I guess." He replied. Kisame turned to his raven haired friend, "Hey, where'd you put his computer Itachi-san?"

Itachi glared at Deidara a bit more before reaching under the table. He pulled out a familiar blue bag and tossed it at the blonde. Deidara caught it and quickly looked inside. Laptop…charger…some stupid school books…hey…where's my- "Where'd my chocolate go?" asked the blonde as he glanced up at the other two. Kisame chuckled, "Wow, I didn't expect you to notice." He tossed the bar of Hershey's chocolate at the blonde who caught it and pouted. "Why'd you take it un?" Kisame shrugged, "I wanted to see if you would notice. That and I like chocolate."

A plate of eggs, bacon, and toast was placed in front of Deidara. The blonde blinked and saw Sasori sit down with his own plate, "Eat." He ordered. Blinking, Deidara looked down at the food and shrugged before eating. He almost moaned at the taste. It was like heaven in his mouth. He continued to savor each bite until suddenly realizing there was nothing left on the plate. "Thanks Sasori." He stated as he took the plate to the sink. "Yeah." Was the only reply.

As Deidara started to wash the plate, his thoughts on his current situation began to arise again. So, first off, I was involved in another tragic attack on whatever the hell it is. Second, I've got the fucking government after me for the fact that I know about negative emotions and I also attacked a cop…most likely I killed him…Third, I was taken by Sasori…ok…so maybe that's not that bad…Fourth, I find out that I'm not even human, I'm some sort of demon…What the hell am I gonna do? Deidara turned the water off, his mind a thousand miles away as the other three stared.

The one to break the silence was Kisame as he said, "He looks stressed." Sasori pushed his plate away and spoke, "What do you expect? With the night he had?" "Reminds me of someone…" muttered Itachi earning a glare from Sasori. Kisame laughed at that. Some things wouldn't change, like the fact that Itachi said stupid things, or that Sasori was so touchy about certain subjects. Though…he really did have a feeling Sasori liked the blonde more than he let on. "Calm down Sasori." He started, "We're all friends here-"

There was a crashing sound from the hall. All four males turned to the door, three of them reaching for their weapons. "Hidan!" Shouted Kisame, "If you broke something, Lucifer's gonna kick your ass!" It was for reassurance. They hoped it was Hidan. But, "The fuck you talking about! I'm here in my room!" and, "Hidan, shut up." Were the confirmations of the situation.


Deidara noticed the other three tense and grabbed a knife on the counter. He didn't know what was going on, but better safe than sorry right? He watched as Sasori got to his feet, a blood red sword in his hand. He made his way over to the door quietly as Kisame said, "Is that so? Than who broke something Hidan? It's usually you!" AKA, there's someone in the house. "Fuck you Kisame!" AKA, I understand.

A shadow shot into the kitchen, hitting Itachi in the chest. "FUCK!" he gasped as the force of the hit threw him to the ground. Kisame and Sasori automatically dodged the next shadows, already knowing what was going on. "Kisame, make sure he doesn't get hit!" ordered Sasori, the taller male nodding and grabbing Deidara by the arm. "What's going on?" asked Deidara. He looked down and saw Itachi on the ground, blood spreading from his chest and eyes staring up at the ceiling blankly. It sent a shiver down his spine. Kisame pulled the blonde behind him and his giant sword thing in front of him just as more shadows came at them. "When we find out, we'll tell you. Right now we gotta keep you alive." Explained Kisame as the shadows ricocheted off of his sword.

"Get him. Dead or alive, I don't care." Deidara looked up as he heard that order. He got a paranoid feeling as Kisame gripped his right arm and yanked him to the side. "We gotta get you outta here." He muttered. Deidara nodded. It was better to go with the guys not shooting shadows at him. He saw Sasori clinging to the ceiling in a way he hadn't known was possible. He looked down at them with a bored expression on his face as he said, "I'll hold them back. You get him out the back way." Kisame nodded and stood still, waiting for something.

Two figures came through the entrance to the kitchen, both wearing a strange uniform that Deidara had never seen before. They had on boots, (combat boots but Deidara doesn't know that) gloves, a vest that seemed extremely thick, and a weird helmet with a glass part covering their face. Deidara saw the letters G.F.S.S. sewn onto the vest. They held those weird weapons Deidara had seen Sasori carry before, aimed straight at Kisame and himself.

"Hand the boy over demon." One of them said as they looked Kisame in the eye. The blue man chuckled before replying, "You government minions are all the same. You think that just 'cause you have a gun, you can order us around. If the kid is still here, that means Lucifer don't want you to interfere with his development anymore than you already have. So why don't you get the fuck out?" Deidara heard one of the agents growl, "What'll you do if we don't you monster?" Kisame laughed loudly, "Oh, I'm the monster am I? I'm not the one trying to keep a false sense of peace while killing of innocent people. But I guess we all have our opinions. If you won't leave willingly…"

Sasori dropped down on the two figures, his red sword slicing through one of them with ease. Deidara felt a little sick as he watched the man get cut in half. Before he could see anymore though, Kisame yanked him out the entryway and down the hall. Deidara looked back, seeing Hidan and Kakuzu fighting off some other government agents. Hidan had that scythe of his and Kakuzu…those…weird black threads.

"Come on Deidara." Muttered Kisame as he dragged Deidara into a different room.

And stopped dead in his tracks.

Deidara looked around the larger man and saw about twenty agents in front of them.

Kisame brought his large weapon in front of the two, driving it into the ground. He turned to Deidara, "Get the hell out of here. Now." Deidara hesitated for a moment before sprinting back out the hall. He headed opposite where Hidan and Kakuzu had been fighting, trying to get away from the government agents that wanted him so badly. He turned a corner and skidded to a stop.

It was that new agent he had driven the knife through last night.

He smirked at Deidara as he aimed his weapon at the blonde's head. "It's game over kid." He said with his voice filled with malice. Deidara heard a click as the agent's smirk widened. "Have a nice afterlife." The young blonde heard a scream and a bang before a blinding pain went through him…

Sasori turned as he heard a loud bang. "Damnit. That bullet better have missed." He muttered as he sliced another agent in half. The red head jumped up as another agent lunged at him, only to b consumed by black flames. "Finally up Itachi?" "Oh quiet Sasori. That bullet pierced my heart." "Yeah, I bet." "Where are Kisame and Deidara?" "I told shark boy to get the blonde outta here."

The raven turned to the scorpion. "Hope that gunshot wasn't aimed at the blonde." Sasori nodded as he kicked a guy in the crotch…

Deidara felt as if he were floating in air, suspended in nothing as that horrible pain continued to pulse through him. All he could see was red. Red…blood. He saw blood. "Make it stop." He whispered weakly, the pain draining him of his energy. He tried moving his arms, but they wouldn't respond. "Make it stop…" What was happening? Where was he? Wasn't he in Lucifer's home? The agent…where'd he go? What had he attacked him with?

A fresh wave of pain flowed over him and he whined weakly.

"Calm down." Came a voice. "Huh?" Deidara felt his breathing become ragged. "Calm yourself. The pain will pass. Give me control." Deidara had no idea what this person was talking about. "C-control?" "Just let go. Drift to sleep." Deidara, not having the energy to argue, let the darkness overtake him…

Jane grabbed the other agent by the collar, "I told you not to kill him!" The man scoffed, "Look, end of the problem. I think I know what I'm doing." Jane sighed, "No. You don't know what you're doing. That wasn't a human you just shot. It was-" The two turned as they heard chuckling. The new agent froze as Deidara got to his feet. "Did you really think it would be that easy newbie?" the blonde asked. Jane heard the smirk in the blonde boy's voice and tensed. What was gonna happen now?

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