Author's Note: Okay a slight omission on my part. The other day I claimed my story was the first YJ fic on here, when obviously it wasn't as I discovered yesterday. So I apologise for that slight embarrassment. Anyway I'm back with another story, this idea sort of came to me today. This story is considered independent as it does not tie into the pilot, just something of my own design. So I guess that makes it the first AU YJ fic. I can still claim that right? Let me know what you think of this one. Enjoy.

Young Justice: The Crisis of Two Worlds

That night while Young Justice slept, the computer in the Justice Cave came on line as a static figure appeared on screen imploring anyone who'd listen to his transmission.

"Please you mus…help. This is…Alex…thor. You must hel…us. Please it is imperative you" the image said fading in and out.

Alarms sounded within the base with red lights blazing along the ceiling, startling all the members of Young Justice from their sleep. M'gann was among the first to leap out of bed while Wally fell out of his. Dick was the next one to rush out of his room, while Superboy simply lay there with eyes open. Aqualad raced down the hallway into ops where he was joined by the rest of the team. The door opened as Wally trudged in ruffling his red hair in annoyance.

"Argh! Cant this wait till morning?" he moaned.

"What's going on?" Robin asked.

The image finally died out as Batman appeared on screen.

"Young Justice report to the Watchtower immediately." He ordered.

Without any warning the team was teleported out in beams of white sparks. And rematerialized a few seconds later on the League's Satellite Watchtower. The team looked around in amazement, but didn't have much time to take in the sights as Batman approached them.

"You got it too huh?" Robin asked.

"You have to ask?" Kid Flash replied sardonically. The Dark Knight narrowed his eyes prompting Wally to be quiet.

"It's bad isn't it?" Robin said to his mentor.

"The Justice League Computer intercepted a similar message earlier in the evening coming from another world." he told them.

"Where is it?" he asked. The Caped Crusader turned away from them and towards the Computer.

"It's a little more complicated than that. Sensors indicate that this world is in actuality another Earth." He told them. The eyes of the team widened upon hearing this.

"Another Earth? Like a parallel universe?" Kid Flash asked.

"Exactly." He said pressing a button and bringing the image up on screen.

"Our sources indicate that this Earth originates in the Antimatter Universe, a mirror reflection of our own." he told the team.

"How is it different?" Wally asked as he turned back to them.

"The roles of heroes and villains are completely different." Batman said.

"Meaning?" Robin said.

"We're the villains and they're the heroes." He clarified, surprising his charges even more.

M'gann covered her mouth in shock while the others stood around speechless. Robin narrowed his eyes and asked one final question.

"So where is the League?" he asked. The Dark Knight looked back at them grimly.

"They've been captured haven't they?" Aqualad said.

"And we've probably lost contact with them." added Miss Martian.

"Correct." He replied.

"So then what are we supposed to do?" Superboy asked.

"I get the feeling we already know." Robin told them.

"As much as I hate to say this, your services may be required." The Bat said in a grim and serious manner.

"Your sending us to…wherever this place is? Don't you have like 500 members in the League or something?" Kid Flash said incredulous.

"You said you wanted to be taken seriously." The Dark Knight replied.

"Well yeah but, isn't this…no offense guys. A little out of our league?" he asked.

"Your not afraid are you?" Superboy smirked.

"Shut up clone boy! I'm serious here!" he yelled.

"I think Wally may actually have a point here sir." M'gann said softly in his defense.

"The more time we spend debating this, the more in danger your counterparts will be. Other League members are out on missions across the galaxy and it'll take hours for them to return." Batman told them.

"So just zap there here like you did us." Wally told him.

"We'll need all the power we can get from our Zeta Beam transporter to open the barrier into the Antimatter Universe. If you don't be a part of this mission then I suggest you step back now." he growled.

The team stood silent as they each pondered the situation at hand. M'gann looked away from the Bat before deciding.

"I'm going." She said stepping forward.

"Me too." Robin said.

Superboy stood silently with arms folded before stepping forward. Followed there after by their leader Aqualad. Leaving Wally the only member of the team that hasn't stepped forward. The others looked over their shoulder at him waiting for him to join. Kid Flash buried his face in his hand and groaned.

"All right I'm coming." he said stepping forward.

"But I'm not going to like It." he muttered scrapping his boot against the ground.

"You are all very brave individuals. Prepare for teleportation to Earth-3." He ordered.

Their eyes lit up at the alternate Earth's designation and looked at each other questioningly.

"Did he say Earth-3?" Aqualad asked. M'gann shrugged.

A few minutes later the team walked onto the teleportation platform and stood over the respective circular bulbs that served as the teleporter beams. The team looked back at Batman and Red Tornado who initiated the process.

"Full power." the Bat ordered.

Red Tornado pulled down on a lever and the team was teleported out via a full powered Zeta Beam blast. Transported across space/time the high-powered Zeta Beam ruptured the dimensional barrier separating the positive universe from the negative one, after a few seconds the beam was able to break through the barrier before quickly resealing.

Now in the Antimatter dimension the Zeta Beam raced towards the alternate Earth landing in what appeared to be the Eastern United States. Touching down on solid ground the group rematerialized and to their shock saw what appeared to be a totalitarian version of New York City. Buildings everywhere were adorned with oversized banners reading 'Obey' and other sorts of propaganda styled messages. The streets were ravaged, with burning trash barrels lining the sidewalks and only a handful of people walked its streets. Most of the inhabitants were in old and tattered clothing and overcoats and kept to themselves as they wandered about. One person caught sight of the group and quickly put his arm over the child that was with him and ushered him away to safety.

"What is this place?" M'gann asked.

"It looks like New York City." Superboy answered.

"But this…this isn't right. Should a city be bright and full of life?" she asked looking around.

"Actually if you think about it this probably isn't very far off from our world." Kid Flash joked and was ribbed by Robin.

"What? I'm just saying." He defended.

"Guys take a look at this." M'gann said pointing ahead.

On one of the buildings was a banner that had the initials C.S.A.

"What does C.S.A. mean?" Robin wondered scratching his head.

"Crime Society of America." Someone said.

The gang looked back and saw a blonde haired man in a bright green outfit with an inverted triangle and a black stylized 'X' in the middle, wearing metallic wristbands, and a long dark cape with a large 'popped' collar, and domino mask.

"Who are you guys?" he demanded. The gang stood around dumbstruck.

"Answer me now." he ordered aiming a glowing ring at them.

"They don't look like any kids we've seen." A speedster said racing up to them.

The man before them wore a red jumpsuit with twin yellow lightning bolts racing down his chest in a V pattern, with yellow gloves and boots with a large silver helmet that covered his face.

"They must be with the others." He grinned.

Young Justice threw up their guard.

"What are you doing in our city Johnny Quick?" the man in green demanded.

"Chill old man, I'm just out here doing my job. Since they don't look like the Young Offenders of Juvenile Injustice, what do you say we take them to the Meadowlands where the others are?" Quick inquired.

"Fine, as long as it gets you and your lot out of my city." he scoffed.

"You old fogies don't know how to have fun anymore Power Ring. That's why we rule all the other cities." Quick chided.

"You have no respect for your elders. Very well let's get this over with." Power Ring told him.

Author's Note: Okay as some of you may have already guessed. Or if you've seen it, this is sort of based off of the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths animated movie. Admittedly I havent seen it yet, but I hear its good. If you've seen the movie, it deals with the League traveling to a parellel world of Earth-3 where they face off with evil versions of themselves called the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. The problem with writing this is that there have been several versions of the same characters throughout DC's history up to four versions at last count. Much as how the Crime Syndicate is an evil version of the League and its founding members. The Crime Society is a 'Golden Age of Comics' predecessor to their counterparts the Justice Society of America. The Society is the most recent version introduced in comics. In laymen's terms there's alot of people useing the same codenames simotaniously, which in itself is confusing. And basically means I cant figure out which ones to use. At its core there are five founding members (Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring & Johnny Quick) along with an expanded roster. The Crime Society has the expanded roster which includes analouges of other superheroes that were never seen before. I think you can tell where I'm going with this. So if you have any suggestions I'd like to hear them. Crime Society or Crime Syndicate or mix?

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