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Young Justice: The Crisis of Two Worlds

Chapter 8

Invasion Part II

Billy Batson and reservist Green Lantern, John Stewart looked on in horror as the Crime Syndicate's satellite fortress loomed over the League's Watchtower having traversed the void into their universe.

"What do we do?!" Billy said panicking

"What we're made to do." John answered powering up. On the enemy bridge Owlman gave the order.

"Fire!" he yelled.

The Star Fortress powered up its fusion cannon as a red sphere of light emanated overhead. Stewart reacted and sent a giant man shaped construct of himself to shield the base as it fired blowing it and the Watchtower out of orbit as John did his best to shield it from destruction. Inside Billy and John were both thrown to the floor by the enormous blast as the Watchtower was knocked back and the man shaped construct finally dissipated infront of the League base. The pair groaned as they struggled to get up while the Star Fortress powered up its Fusion Cannon a second time, and assailed it with a flurry of smaller laser blasts rattling the base within as Green Lantern flew to the controls. While the younger Batson got up as well. At the controls, Lantern hailed all remaining League members while simultaneously mounting the Watchtower's own defenses.

"Watchtower to all points, Justice League emergency Priority One. We are under attack! Requesting immediate assistance to the Watchtower now!" he ordered to anyone within his voice.

On Earth reservist members like Icon and Rocket who were already airborne headed into space to answer the call. While other more Earthbound heroes utilized the League's teleportation systems to make it to the battle. High above the planet the Syndicate fired its fusion cannon again as Green Lantern countered and fired their own fusion blast intercepting the beam. The red and blue energy blasts met midrange despite the obscenely close distance and the fact that they could vaporize the other instantly. Green Lantern grit his teeth as he tried holding the fusion beam at bay with sweat trickling on his brow. On the far side of the command center the teleporters opened up as Dr. Fate, Zatanna and Plastic Man appeared on board but froze in their tracks as they saw the interconnected beams from the ship's windows overhead.

Plastic Man raced back towards the tubes while Dr. Fate tried to coax his daughter to do the same. Back in the command center, Stewart struggled to hold the beam in place and sweating profusely turning his attention over to Billy who was still with him.

"I cant hold this back much longer. Go!" he yelled at Batson.

"But what about you?" Billy implored.

"I'll be fine go! They need you more than me." Stewart ordered focusing on the beam.

Back in the hallway Dr. Fate demanded his daughter leave while there was still time.

"Zatanna we must go now." her dad said grabbing her shoulders.

"But what about Mr. Stewart?" Zatanna said concerned.

"He knows what he is doing. He must help him from the outside." Her father said as he teleported them out through a large golden ankh symbol.

"Kid! Go!" John yelled at Billy ordering him out who didn't want to abandon him. The Lantern growled and looked back at him.

"I don't have time for this!" he yelled and pushed the boy out to the teleporter with his ring energy.

"No! Don't! Mr. Stewart!" Billy yelled as he was forced out into the teleporter. As the teleporter started powering up, Billy balled up his fists and cried.

"SHAZAM!" the magic lightning struck young Billy as he was teleported and appeared out in space as Captain Marvel. While at the same time blowing out the teleportation tube and setting it on fire. Stewart looked back over his shoulder at the burning teleporter unsure what happened.

Outside the satellite Earth's Mightiest Mortal stared at the assaulting Star Fortress that was bearing down on the League satellite with its fusion cannon. At that same time Icon finally made it into orbit along with Fate and Zatanna who were behind a force field as Captain Marvel flew into the Syndicate's satellite to break the stalemate. The tower's defenses caught wind of this and assailed him with a barrage of laser fire keeping him at bay. On board the Watchtower, Green Lantern struggled to hold the opposing fusion ray in place while on the Syndicate's side Owlman stared cruelly down at him from his command post.

"Full power." he ordered grimly as the Syndicate's fusion cannon maxed out and overpowered the League's fusion beam as Stewart's eyes widened in shock.

In the next instant the Watchtower was engulfed, consuming it in a massive red fireball. The scarlet sphere turned white and expanded outward as a large ring protruded from within destroying the Watchtower completely and everyone else that stood in its path. Only the Star Fortress was spared as it hovered just out of reach leaving a void in space with the Watchtower completely and utterly destroyed. Leaving only scraps of debris including a tattered strip of Captain Marvel's cape and Green Lantern's Power Ring that had been partially destroyed in the blast with a chunk of the ring's upper right side missing and devoid of power.

On the Syndicate's bridge Owlman stared at the destruction in morbid satisfaction, and a subtle smirk appeared on his dark features.

"Crime Syndicate to your stations. The invasion starts now." the Shadow Knight commanded as his minions vigorously went to the teleporters while other members left the space station manually and flew down to Earth.

Back on Earth-3 the Infinimax Prison Ship returned to the arena where the League had previously defeated the core members of the Syndicate as League members looked up to see the ship return with sirens wailing. The circular bay door on the ship's underside opened up as Commander Cold rode the tractor beam down to talk to the League. Superman and Batman looked at each other briefly as the Renegades leader approached them.

"Is there a problem officer?" Superman asked.

"We just received word that the Crime Syndicate's satellite is missing from its orbit. You might want to get home before its too late." Commander Cold told them.

Back on Earth-16 average citizens started to notice hundreds of dots in the skies above. As these dots came into focus the people realized that they were humanoid beings descending upon them en masse as the first wave of supervillains attacked. Blood Eagle, Hawkman's analogue was among the first to strike as he let out a war cry and swung his axe sending out a red energy blade down on the unsuspecting city. A woman screamed as the energy blade sliced through a street lamp and detonated on the sidewalk next to her creating a massive explosion. More super criminals opened fire on the vulnerable public, as people screamed and fled in panic.

A flurry of explosions went off across the city block as the villains attacked buildings, cars and people laying waste to everything in sight. Cars were going up in flames, as people and automobiles were hurled into the air by the blasts and then spread throughout the city. Squad cars arrived on the scene as policemen jumped out of their cruisers and opened fire before the villains retaliated as a SWAT truck pulled up behind them. Two officers were blown back as the police car they were behind blew up. The city was in flames moments later as the Crime Syndicate decimated the city. From the Star Fortress above Owlman relayed commands to spread out and conquer the planet.

The fortress' teleportation system went on line and sent out Zeta beam blasts to its members transporting them to other cities to further the destruction. While this was happening Owlman began the process of powering up the Fortress' Fusion Canon once more and aimed it the Earth. As the weapon charged the Shadow Knight turned to Ms. Barton. The scientist looked back at her superior with a guarded expression.

"Ms. Barton I want you to aim the Fusion Cannon at Washington, D.C. and await my orders." He said.

"What are you going to do then sir?" she asked.

"I'm going to have a word with their president. If he doesn't surrender to me in the time I give him, then I'm going nuke Washington and take over the country. Then go to the United Nations and threaten the same. When I give the signal you teleport me out and fire." Owlman explained. Her face fell as she tried to reason with him.

"Sir…is this really necessary? Thousands of people will die." Ms. Barton said.

"Your welcome to join them if you wish Ms. Barton." He said turning to her. The scientist froze and didn't say another word to him.

"I require your expertise up here, and pray that you wont be a casualty. After all you are one of the few women I tolerate up here." He added before leaving her presence.

The scientist's knees gave out as she leaned against the council for support as he walked to the teleporter, but stopped short of it as he turned back to her once more.

"The decision is yours Barbara." He said. The scientist reluctantly nodded as he stepped up to the teleportation pad and was transported out.

The Shadow Knight teleported into the White House in a flash of red immediately gaining the attention of Secret Service detail that lined the corridor and took to the invader drawing their pistols from their blazers and took aim.

"Don't move!" one of them yelled.

"Get on the floor now!" another one ordered. By this time four or five secret service agents pointed their guns at Owlman's head and chest.

The Shadow Knight narrowed his eyes activating a force field as they opened fire, unveiling his wrist sword and a pistol and raced towards them. Security fired at him standing their ground as Owlman slashed the first man down on his knee and gutted another bald agent in the chest before shooting the man behind him point blank in the face and kicked a forth man in the chest before slashing his throat and chest. The four agents went down in a heap as Owlman leveled his pistol and shot at the oncoming agents throwing one man on his back before hitting a woman in the temple and another guard in the shoulder.

The villain rescinded his blade and walked calmly up the hallway seeing that the man he hit in the shoulder earlier was alive and shot him once more in the chest as he stood over him. And seemed to ignore the female agent he grazed in the temple as he walked by. More gunshots rang out as he entered the next room followed by the dropping of several more bodies. Owlman kicked in the door to the Oval Office a second later as an older, white man sat behind the President's desk with white thinning hair looked back at him in shock.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Owlman, your new ruler. And I have a proposition to make. " The shadow paladin smirked. The president slowly stood up behind his desk as he confronted the masked man.

"I don't know how you got in here. But I can assure you that it wont last." he said.

"Mr. President as a former general, I think you know how I got in here. And your going to listen to what I have to say." Owlman replied as he walked towards him.

More secret service men appeared in the doorway behind him as two more crashed through the windows behind the President's desk on repel lines. The detail ordered him to the floor as Owlman took out boomerang modeled after his namesake and hurled it at the door, agents yelled as the hallway went up in a flash, and quickly dispatched the two remaining servicemen with his pistol. Killing both of them with two shots. The president glanced down at the slain agents laying on either of him and looked back at the fiend in horror.

"Mr. President I offer you a unique opportunity to save yourself and this country some unwanted bloodshed. Right now my army of villains is laying waste to your cities and in a few hours they will fall. I have a satellite cannon aimed directly at this location and it will take all of Washington with it if you do not submit to my demands. The unconditional surrender of the United States." Owlman stated.

Back on Earth-3, the Renegades devised a plan to return the League to their home dimension.

"So how exactly did you guys wind up here?" Commander Cold asked Superman.

"We used our satellite's teleportation system. And I imagine that's how our backup arrived here as well." Superman explained looking back at his team.

"I used my quantum powers to access the Bleed. The space between dimensions." Captain Atom added.

"And who are you?" Commander Cold asked.

"Captain Atom sir." He replied. The Commander narrowed his eyes behind his visor.

"The Syndicate has a guy with your kind of powers, and that's probably how they ended up on your Earth. Unfortunately we don't have an interdimensional teleporter on this ship, but I know a place that does." He explained.

"Golden Glider take us to Heaven." Cold ordered his sister. The ship's controller obliged as the members of the League and Young Justice looked at each other questioningly. As Glider took the enormous ship skyward.

The swiftship climbed several miles as it headed above the clouds. Above the far reaches of the clouds in the Earth's middle atmosphere was a large, white ring shaped construct that was a mile across. The off worlders marveled at the enormous piece of machinery that hovered effortlessly in the air supported by several small rocket engines dotting the outside of it.

"What is that?" Superman asked.

"The interdimensional teleporter I was telling you about. Since no prison on Earth can contain most of the Crime Syndicate, including this one we had to take some rather interesting measures to ensure that they wont threaten anyone once we capture them. We call it The Halo." Commander Cold explained as the ship flew towards and pierced the veil rupturing an invisible barrier allowing the prison ship entrance.

Once through the swiftship emerged into an otherworldly dimension, void was scarlet skies and black formless masses that populated the space between. The Justice League and Young Justice marveled at the view outside but none were taken aback by it more than Superman as several of his teammates noted his expression.

"What's wrong?" Green Lantern asked. The Man of Steel narrowed his eyes and didn't respond.

"What is this place?" Wonder Woman asked looking through the window.

"The Phantom Zone." Superman answered as everyone glanced back at him.

"How were you able to access it?" he asked turning to Commander Cold.

"We did some experiments, kind of discovered it by accident. Anyway this should serve as a way home right Captain?" Cold said turning to Captain Atom who gave him a blank expression.

"Um...sort of, since we're now outside of space/time I should be able to access the Bleed. It may take a while to fine tune the exact coordinates." he said turning to the task at hand.

"Time is a luxury we can no longer afford. Make it fast." The Man of Steel ordered grabbing Atom's shoulder.

"Right." Captain Atom said turning away from him as his eyes started to glow and spread his quantum powers throughout the swiftship.

Captain Atom concentrated his powers as he hovered just feet off the ground surrounded by the milk white, sky blue and ebony quantum field and transported the ship out of the void.

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