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I Can't Love Him

Ivy's POV

It was hard for me dealing with Tristans death, dealing with Suzanne asking me to let her know Gregory's every move and me falling in love with Will.

It was the way he looked at me- it made me feel like he understood what i was going through. He stood by me and so did Beth they helped me- they could also so see Lacey and Tristian and they knew something was wrong with Gregory. He was strange he was trying to get rid of all the people that were a danger to him.

His mum- knowing that his dad wasn't really his dad.

Eric- he knew the truth then he gave me that key.

Me- i knew he could never get his adopted dads money but i could and maybe just maybe so could Phillip.

He was going out of control. He was a danger to everyone we weren't a danger to him.

I knew it was wrong but i was starting to fall in love with Will- i knew if i fell in love with him it would feel like i will be betraying Tristan because i told him "i will always love you no matter what".

But it will be good because when Tristian died i was a mess no one could make me happy- no one could even make me speak.

But i know Will will stay with me and make me happy. But will i forget all about my first love Traistain? i hope not.

He is my angel when i asked for the water angel to save me while i was hanging off the diving board- he came and he taught me how to swim and i am not afraid no more.


Will's POV.

I knew she would never love me- she was too inlove with Tristain, and his death affected her. I was out of the picture and she was getting a little to close to Gregory- scary close.

I can't believe i was wrong out side her house when she said "i thought i would betray Tristain because in falling inlove with you Will" i was so happy nothing could make me sad.

She amazing and i would never hurt her i only did once and thats by drawing that beautiful picture of her and Tristian but i didnt know it would make her sad.

I will always protect her. If Gregory ever goes near her i swear i will defend her i wont let him hurt her again. He has done to much damage to be forgiven. Poor Eric didn't see it coming all because he knew the truth.

Im only doing one chapter

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