Coop wrapped his arms around Phoebe protectively, shielding her from the icy cold breeze that was blowing through the winter San Francisco night. She pulled herself closer to his body, feeding off his warmth, comfortable in his strong arms. She looked up at him and he bent down to kiss her lips, which were now turning a pale blue colour. "Let me heart us home" he whispered at her, concern written all over his face. "No, there are too many people about" she whispered back, a shiver running through her spine. "Phoebe, don't be stupid, we can easily sneak off into a bathroom, or just go round the corner." She looked up at his big brown eyes, pleading her to let him take her home, to their warm and cosy pent house. "Look" she said pointing a shaking finger up to the corner of the metro station. "A security camera, so if anyone saw us go into a bathroom on that, they'd expect us to come back out again. We can wait for the train; it'll be here any second now" As soon as Phoebe stopped speaking, the loud speaker rose loudly through the tunnel.

"Sorry to delay, but due to heavy snow, the trains have been delayed until tomorrow morning. Sorry for the inconvenience" Coop sighed with exasperation. 'That's it, I'm getting us out of here" He started to pull Phoebe towards the steps leading up, into the open air. As he led her up the stairs Phoebe's world started to spin, one moment she was holding Coop, the next, she was falling, blackness clamping onto her with a tight, relentless grip.

"Phoebe!" He called, grabbing hold of her small frame before she could fall down the steep stairs leading back underground. He swooped her legs into his arms and carried her like a baby, still wrapping his large coat over her for some protection from the icy wind. As soon as they were out of sight from the rest of the San Fran population, he hearted them back to their home.

He lay phoebe down on their bed and went to turn the bath on.

Steam rose from the bath tub and Coop gently turned back to his bedroom, where Phoebe lay, still unconscious. "Phoebe, wake up" he urged her, stroking her cheek. Her eyes flickered and then opened. "Coop" she whispered, her voice hoarse. "Shhhh" he replied, putting his finger to her lips. "I made you a bath." She smiled at the thought of being warm again.

Coop lay back in the bath, Phoebe's back now warm against his stomach. They held hands while the hot bath water swirled around their bodies. "I think you're the only one who can fight him" muttered Phoebe. Coop kissed her head. "Why'd you think that?"

"Because he's making it too cold for the rest of us, you're the only one that's not affected by the cold" She looked up at him and smiled, showing no resentment. She loved the fact that her husband could not feel cold due to his warm, cupid heart. "Phoebe, it's love that pushes away the cold, next time we attack him, think of things you love more than anything else in the world. I do."

"You" she whispered. "I'll think of you."