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A different shadow

Chapter 1: Different from the others.

Nala was annoyed, very annoyed.

The boys never stopped hitting on her. It was frustrating.

She always had a group of girls with her which she didn't mind, but most of the boys wanted only one thing, to say they had Nala as there girlfriend.

Only one boy stood out from the crowd. Simba never really bothered about Nala, he kept himself to his little group of friends, they never really grew up. Nala found them less annoying than the rest, in fact she spoke to them before, they were friendly enough but rather cold.

She noted that they preferred their little group to be the same, no outsiders.

This left Nala hanging out with the pathetic girls who cared more about how they looked than actual fun. The boys all flirted constantly, they thought they were cute. Some of them were and caught Nala's eye but she based it on the fact that they all wanted her for what she looked like. She wanted a boy who cared about her for her not her looks.

One of the boys scared Nala intensely, it was known he forced girls to get with him, and recently his new found affection item was Nala. But the competition was fierce and at the moment she had just escaped the crowd of boys.

She rounded a corner and bumped into a boy cub.

"Sorry are you ok?" Simba.

It could only be Simba the clumsy prince. The boy who everyone liked. Not that there was any reason not to, even Nala thought he was good looking and kind hearted, but she was sure he was gay. He didn't look at girls, not even a glance.

Well now they would speak for the first time.

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