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A Different Shadow

Chapter Finale: Tying the knot

Nala could not quell the flow of tears that had poured from her eyes. Simba was so sweet to her and he was so without wanting anything in return. Nala could not understand why none of the other cubs were as sensitive as her best friend. All the time the boys had complemented her on her body, and how pretty she was, they tried showing off and various other methods of getting with her. It took just one moment of clumsiness for her to meet the one cub that would love her and was worth keeping.

And he was the prince to boot, he may have been arrogant and vain, but it was limited and that's what she loved about him. He was confident but not big headed, he was more mature.

Simba stared into her eyes, his pupils twinkling and his expression slack. He was clearly away with the fairies. His expression was clearly that of a lovesick cub whose whole world revolved around Nala.

Nala blushed and tried to fight the fresh stem of tears. She felt a warm furry paw beneath her chin forcing her to look into his eyes.

Simba gently and romantically pressed his lips to hers, and explosion of colour raced into both cubs faces.

They broke apart and they turned to face the other cubs that because of the distance had not seen the intimacy of the situation.

"How are we going to break it to them?" Simba asked. Nala shrugged her shoulders watching their friends close in on them.

"Hey Nala, is Simba ok?" Chumvi asked once he was in ear shot.

"Um yeah he's fine!" Nala replied quickly glancing at Simba.

"What was that all about man?" Chumvi directed the question to Simba.

"Oh I err well umm I kinda did something" Simba finished lamely. Chumvi looked between Simba and Nala who were deliberately looking away from each other.

"Did something actually happen between you two at last?" he asked amazed. Simba was more shocked than his friend at his words.

"What do you mean at last?" he asked defensively.

"Oh come on Simba! Everyone knew you had a crush on each other it was so obvious, when you'd space out and stare over at her, or you'd disappear as soon as Nala was even remotely near by!"

Nala giggled at Simba's face. That was before Nini, Nala's best girl friend pitched in with a smug smile on her face.

"I don't know why you're laughing Nala! Whenever someone mentioned the prince you ALWAYS start smiling stupidly and once or twice ive heard you mutter "so cute" under you breathe" Nini winked at Nala.

Nala stood with her beetroot face staring at her beetroot boyfriend. The word boyfriend revolved around her head for a few moments. He hadn't actually asked her to be his girlfriend yet.

Nala turned to face Simba asking a silent question. Simba was oblivious to the look he was receiving.

"So are you two a couple or what?" Chumvi asked bluntly.

"Well I haven't really err asked" Simba mumbled blushing, before Chumvi or any of the others could say a word Simba turned to face Nala flushing furiously.

"Err Nala I'd like you to be my girl friend, will you?" Simba shifted his paws resting the weight from one to the other.

Nala's face contorted for a moment in amazement before an unknown courage entered her.

"No Simba, I really want nothing to do with you!" She left an awkward silence in the air before she continued.

"I mean I only love you with all my heart! Why the heck would I want to be your girlfriend, idiot!" she said sarcastically, Simba's ears perked up before they were flattened by the ground. It took a few seconds for Simba to realise he was lying on the ground with the girl of his dreams on top of him. Nala nuzzled Simba fiercely pressing her face into his soft fur. Simba licked her on the top of the head causing her to blush. Realising their friends were still around them the two climbed to their feet and looked at each other. Both said the same thing at the exact same time.

"I love you" The two cubs blushed at the timing and the love they felt for one another.

The grouped cubs watched the newly formed couple with awe and wonder.

"What happened to make you guys open your eyes?" Chumvi asked.

Nala giggled glancing shyly at Simba.

"We err went to a special place" Simba grinned at Chumvi and proudly proclaimed.

"And she doesn't mean a special place in my heart because she's always there" Simba flashed a charming smile at Nala causing her to blush staring at the ground once more.

"Aww Simba cut it out mom's gonna notice" Simba nuzzled her cheek gently.

"As long as I get to say I love you in front of her then I don't have a problem with that" Simba whispered. Nala licked his cheek and grinned cheekily.

"Come on lets go tell them, RACE YA!" Nala sprang from where she stood leaving a trail of dust behind her; Simba coughed grinning and tore after the love of his life.

Simba caught up to her easily and they ran in step with each other all the way to pride rock.

"Whoa! Where are you two heading in such a hurry, it's not time to come in yet?" Sarabi asked as the cubs skidded to a halt in front of her and Sarafina.

"Nala what have you got on your coat?" Sarafina asked staring at Nala's ruby face.

"Well nothing mom!" Nala exclaimed brightly.

"But your all red" Sarafina pointed out bluntly.

"Yes well that would be erm well" Nala hoisted her and Simba's entwined tails into the air, Simba looked into Nala's eyes and winked. Nala giggled at her mother's expression.

"So erm mom, auntie Sarabi, Simba is my boyfriend" Nala flashed a huge smile showing her teeth. Sarabi glared at her son, Simba looked worried for a moment.

"What have I done?" Simba asked worriedly.

"It's taken you this long to tell Nala about your crush on her?" she asked incredulously her glare changing to a cheeky smirk.

Simba blushed his eye's darting from Nala's glowing orbs to his mother's face.

"Mom!" he yelled ruby faced.

Nala chuckled.

"So how long have you had a crush on me?" Nala asked him.

Simba smiled bashfully at her paws.

"Since we first met" he admitted still grinning.

"Love at first sight?" Sarabi asked.

Nala giggled and nuzzled Simba ripping a blush from him.

"Yeah" he purred nuzzling her back. Sarabi grinned as her son kissed Nala boldly.

"Come on then Saffy, let's give the love birds their privacy" Sarafina rubbed her head against her daughters and followed the queen to the watering hole.

Later that day Simba and Nala sat at the top of Pride Rock and stared across the savannah.

"Everything the light touches my beautiful perfect flawless Nala" Simba simpered his eyes burning into hers.

Years later the old couple sat in the same spot smiling across the savannah their great grandchildren roaming free.

Simba turned his old face to Nala.

Her blue eyes were still alive with mischief as were his amber ones. The two lovers nuzzled one another remembering their youth.

"So long ago, and yet so close to home" Nala whispered to him. She missed her mother sometimes as Simba missed his. But they knew that soon they would be reunited with all of their old friends. They were the last of the pack of cubs, the last of the old friends. They were the last of the old breed and when they passed on, they would all be together again forever.

Simba whispered in Nala's ear the words he had used the most to her in his long life.

"I love you Nala"

"I love you too Simba" she replied, neither blushed as much now, for they had become accustomed to each other's affections being displayed blatantly.

And so ends the story of the two lovers who found each other not through drama or antics, but through a normal life. They found each other by accident, one slip once at the right time in the right place for Nala, lead her to her king. And Simba's curious nature led him on a walk to find his queen.

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