Okay so I'm new to fanfiction and so I always thought about, what if when Bella came to forks, she was Super girl. The name of her people was Superpeople. What if she knew that Edward was a vampire and Vampires and Superpeople were mortal enemies. Well here is the story. Hope you enjoy it!


GREEN! Is everything made out of green?

Right now I'm in the cruiser with Charlie. It's silent. But we're really comfortable. I can tell that I'm gonna hate forks. Everything is green and I hate it. Rain, Clouds, that's all I'm gonna see. I'm gonna hate this so much. The thing is, im not your ordinary girl. The truth is, Im kinda of Supergirl. You know, super strength, flying, laser beams coming out of my eyes, amazing hearing and eye sight. Oh, theres also the beautiful part. I'm also immortal too, comes in handy but sometimes I know I'm going to hate repeating High School. My mom is a superperson. My dad isn't though. He doesn't know what I am. In a few years, me and mom are going to have to fake our deaths. You see, for some odd reason I got stuck at the age of 17 and my mom got stuck at the age of thirty. She met Phil who is also a superperson. He's stuck at the age of 32. They love each other so much, so I decided to give them space and live with Charlieā€¦..for two years. Renee wasn't really happy about me leaving, but I managed to convince her. To humans, I'm inhumanly beautiful. In Phoenix, all the guys kept on asking me out. But of course I said no. They are all pervs. It's really annoying.

"Bella, want me to help you get your stuff inside" Charlie said

"It's okay dad, I'm a strong girl" Really Strong.

"Okay, If you need help, tell me"


"And Bella"

"Yeah Dad"

"I got you a car, Its in the garage, I hope you like it" said Charlie before going inside

"Thanks dad"

I go inside the garage and there's this thing in there. A red truck. What the heck. I don't even think it's a car. To my surprise, I love it. It fits my personality, strong and doesn't care what people thing of her. I go check it out and open the door. It smelled like beer and peppermints.UGH! I close the door and go back to the cruiser to get my clothes

I take all my clothes inside and start unpacking. I have great style. I love my clothes so much. Me and my mom used to go shopping all the time. My moms the only one that knows about my powers. I cant tell Charlie. I'm gonna have to keep it a secret. Sigh

Charlie and me have a pretty quiet dinner. We ate Bacon. BACON. Who eats Bacon at six?

I say goodnight and go to bed. Tomorrow is my first day at Fork's High School.

Oh Boy

This is my first fanfic so don't be hard on me! REVIEW! Do you think I should also do it in Edward's perspective later on?