"I'll walk you up," Jack said and signed, receiving smiled from both Sue and Amanda.

In the hallway, Amanda ran ahead, into the apartment, excited to tell Lucy about the movie, and having sat beside Ben the whole time.

Sue looked at Jack once they reached the door. "Thank you," she said softly. "For the ride, and for coming to the movie with us."

"My pleasure."

They were silent for a moment, staring into each other's eyes. Finally Sue turned to leave, but before she was fully away, Jack grabbed her arm, swinging her back to face him.

"Jack? What-" she was cut off as his lips brushed hers, shutting her brain off and sending her heart into tailspins.

The kiss was light and sweet, Jack's lips just brushing against Sue's softly tasting her before retreating. Sue's eyes stayed closed for a moment, before she met Jack's gaze again.


Jack smiled, resting a finger across Sue's lips. "Instant message me after I get home. We can't really talk now, Lucy and Amanda are waiting for you."

Sue nodded, still slightly dazed as Jack left.