3-6 months after Third Base

Jack was aware of two things when he first woke up. He was aroused, and he was cold. He rolled over, flinging out an arm to grab his wife and pull her closer to him, and realized why he was cold. His eyes opened. The sheet was still warm, so Sue hadn't been gone very long.

Just then, the sound of the shower starting reached Jack, and he grinned. Showers and Sue tended to equal late arrival at the office. In other words, showers were very, very good for Jack's disposition.

He got up right away, shed his boxers, and padded into the adjoining bathroom. Sue was just stepping into the shower, not noticing the arrival of her husband. Jack waited, watching Sue through the clear glass.

She stood for a moment, her head tilted back under the spray, slicking back her hair. Reaching for a bath puff, Sue grabbed her body wash, the one Jack loved so much, and squeezed a bit onto the puff, lathering it, then running it over her arms.

The scent of the body wash hit Jack with the force of a two-ton truck, and he staggered, grabbing onto the counter for support. He desperately wanted to enter the shower, but held himself back for the moment.

Sue slowly washed her arms, then propped one foot on the small bench, leaning over to lather one leg, then the other. When she stood and started to run the sponge in soapy circles over her chest, Sue felt a rush of cool air and shivered. She turned to face Jack. "Took you long enough."

Jack raised his eyebrows, but didn't answer, taking Sue into his arms and backing her against the wall. The bath puff dropped, unnoticed, to the floor.

"Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Hudson?"

Sue hummed in the back of her throat. "If you need seducing, Mr. Hudson, then I'm not doing my job right."

"Oh, you're definitely doing it right." To prove his point, Jack pressed into Sue, letting her feel his arousal.

"I'd ask if that was a gun in your pocket, but since you don't have any pockets at the moment, I'll just have to assume you're happy to see me," Sue teased.

"Minx," Jack muttered before capturing his wife's lips and preventing any further comments.

The water cascaded over them, neither noticing as their hands sought to bring the other closer. Sue cried out as Jack's hand slipped between her thighs, and she slid her hand down Jack's body, taking him in hand. Jack groaned, leaning his head forward to rest against Sue's shoulder.

Sue started to drop to her knees, but Jack held her up. "No," he rasped. "Now."

"Yes," Sue whispered, more than ready. Jack pressed her harder against the shower wall and kissed her, lifting her up slightly with his hands on her rear. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and Jack slowly entered her, shuddering with her when he was fully sheathed within her heat.

They moved together slowly at first, allowing the sensations to wash through them. Jack couldn't help but be amazed, not for the first time, at how beautiful Sue looked, water beaded on her skin, and forming trails down her body, her head tossed back, resting against the wall, eyes shut, mouth open, gasping. He leaned forward, lapping up the water on Sue's skin, making her moan.

Sue twined her fingers in Jack's hair, pulling his face up so she could stare into his eyes. "I love you," she said, her voice low and sultry.

Jack shivered and thrust faster. "You're everything to me," he whispered back, before they both closed their eyes, focusing, for the moment, on the movement of their bodies.

Sue started to become more vocal, gasps and whimpers turning into moans and cries. Her hands left Jack, scrambling along the shower wall for something to hold on to, arching further into Jack.

Recognizing the signs, Jack backed up a bit and turned, sitting on the small shower bench, shifting his grip to Sue's hips, helping her move above him. Her hands found his shoulders, and she moved harder and faster, her cries becoming louder as she neared her climax.

"Jack," she whispered, meeting his gaze before tensing, shaking around him, her head falling back and a wail of pleasure escaping from her throat.

Using every ounce of willpower in him, Jack just barely kept himself from his own peak, watching Sue, feeling every contraction. When her cry finally quieted and her spasms ceased, Jack started rolling his hips slightly.

Shivering, Sue started shifting again, her eyes pinned to Jack's as they moved together. She could feel her pleasure rising again, and could see the mutuality of it in Jack's eyes.

Knowing he was close to the edge, Jack moved one hand from Sue's hip, to between her thighs, groaning at the breathless cry she let out. They moved faster, and their eyes were still locked when they climaxed together, sharing their love and pleasure as one.

As they sat there, breathless, Sue yelped, feeling the water suddenly turn cold against her back.