Scarlet Roses

I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me

I still feel your touch in my dreams

Forgive me my weakness but I don't know why

Without you it's hard to survive

The dark sky engulfed the room in shadow. Georgette lay curled up on her large blue pillow located by the radiator, looking down at the small bundle nestled against her side. Tito was sleeping soundly, his side rising and falling in rhythm with his soft breathing. Georgette smiled. He looked much more innocent like this. Drawing her eyes away from the cosy and contented Chihuahua, the poodle cast her gaze to the night sky scattered with stars and sighed. She had been so confused lately, something was happening, something had changed but she was unsure as to what it meant. The one thing I do know Georgette thought is that it all revolves around Tito.

The prize winning pedigree rested her head on her paws, the moonlight leeching through the window causing her form to look eerie. This new emotion that was gripping her and causing her feelings to fall into chaos usually only arose when Tito was around, and her heart would start pounding loudly for no reason when he brushed against her or reassuringly licked her muzzle. The street savvy Chihuahua had grown on her, and she immensely enjoyed the time they spent in each other's company. And he cares her mind whispered to her adding more to her already muddled thoughts.

'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling

And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly

Can't you feel my heart beat fast?

I want this to last

I need you by my side

She smiled softly when her memories stirred of a few weeks ago, when she and Tito had snuck off for a private walk. They had been padding along by the park when the incident had occurred. Georgette frowned when she recalled the canine socialites that had been walking by. There had been two of them, primed pedigree females that had been bred to perfection and they clearly knew it. When passing by herself and Tito the pair had glared disdainfully at the Chihuahua and Georgette heard them mutter "Trash," and saw them stick their noses in the air. Georgette smirked when she remembered what had happened next. After hearing that remark she had turned around with a snarl causing Tito to pause. The two pedigrees's turned their bodies in Georgette's direction with raised eyebrows. "Excuse me," Georgette began sweetly, "but do you have any idea of what you accidentally uttered just then?" she finished fluttering her eyelids. The two strange dogs began to look a little nervous, clearly taken aback by Georgette's contrasting tones. Both clearly decided that not answering the poodle was the best way to go. Big mistake Georgette had thought. "I believe I heard you mutter the word Trash" Georgette had growled the word out, "do you egotistical second class mistakes even realise who you are calling trash?" she spat ignoring the confused look of Tito. Not waiting for an answer Georgette had continued "You have just insulted the famous Alonzo Julio Frederico de Tito who has compiled a grand total of eight ribbons, nine trophies and has been this city's champion not once but twice and could wipe the floor with you in any event!" Georgette had snarled furiously, venomously emphasising the numbers. Taken aback by Georgette's anger, the two dogs had muttered quick apologies and scampered off. Georgette had huffed in satisfaction. Tito had then edged forward cautiously. "Thanks baby," he smiled.

Georgette had snorted before responding. "They were all bark and no bite and needed a wake up call."

Tito had continued grinning, "You're a good liar, Georgette even I almost believed I'd been this city's champion twice!"

Georgette had said nothing but had thought You have all those achievements in my book.

'Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static

And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky

Can't you hear my hear beat so?

I can't let you go

I want you in my life

Georgette shook her head dispelling the memories in an effort to clear her head. The curled up form of Tito shifted slightly next to her but his eyes remained closed, causing her focus to once again centre around the small dog contentedly sleeping next to her and pulling Georgette's gaze away from the night sky. Glancing over his body Georgette felt her mind pull another memory to the surface, this time from last week. It was brief but had made a great impact on her.

Georgette recalled that she had been crying after suffering from a nightmare involving greatly injured friends. She had been walking along a long black corridor in the dream and had come across Dodger first, panting heavily and lying on his side with a trickle of blood slowly staining his white fur and landing in the increasing pool of crimson under his form. His eyes were pained but he had motioned for Georgette to go on, where she had discovered Rita in pretty much the same position but lying on the opposite side to Dodger. Georgette had moved forward to help but Rita had shaken her head and pointed upward with her head. Georgette had ran this time, feeling an ever increasing amount of fear. When she came across the next dog her heart felt like it had stopped. Tito was lying in an unusual position, eyes closed in pain, his fur ragged and marred with the red of his blood. Georgette had stood there not knowing what to do, when he coughed and opened his eyes. The stare had pierced through her and dream Tito had rasped out "Why?"

On this note Georgette had woken up, heart pounding and tears quickly falling down her muzzle. It had been at this point she felt soothing and reassuring licks washing the water droplets away. Tito waited patiently till her sobs had subsided and had encouraged her to lie down so he could rest his head atop of hers. She had then proceeded to tell the Chihuahua about the dream to which his simple response was "I'm here Georgette. I'm here."

Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky

They wipe away tears that I cry

The good and the bad times, we've been through them all

You make me rise when I fall

The final remnants of the memory drifted away, leaving Georgette restless. The clock on the desk caught her eye and the poodle discovered that the time was three in the morning. Good Grief! She mentally exclaimed, I should really try and get some sleep. She stretched and yawned, moving her tail a little to dispel the ache. As she settled down, curling her body so that Tito was securely nestled, the Chihuahua stirred blinking sleepily. The large amount of movement had woke him, and his eyes flickered over Georgette's form realising she had only just rested her eyes. He smiled and nuzzled her cheek before closing his eyes again. The poodle let a small smile grace her features as she felt the pull of sleep embrace her, her final thought being I still don't know what this feeling is, but I know I like it.

'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling

And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly

Can't you feel my heart beat fast?

I want this to last

I need you by my side