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1. Meeting

Finally, I had arrived. To the Cullen's estate. It was huge, much, much bigger then my house I lived in, back in England. I knew they could hear my footsteps and fluttering heartbeat, from inside, as I approached the front door, wondering whether I should knock or not. I did though. A tall -handsome- blonde male opened it, I could tell by the description my father has left that this was Carlisle Cullen.

''Hi'' I said nervously.
''Come on in, you look like a Blair'' my heart hurt at the sound of my family's name.

I walked in to see 9 people and hear 2 heartbeats excluding mine.

'Come in Sinder, this is Esme, my wife.' he gestured to the pretty woman, with a heart shaped face and wavy brown hair, he wrapped his arms around her waist comfortingly. I looked round to see everyone's eyes on me; I felt my cheeks burn up. I never liked being the centre of attention. He then gestured to the rest of the group.

''This is Jasper and Alice'' the small petite pixie like female waved at me enthusiastically standing next to the tall lean blonde male.

''This is Bella and Edward'' the bronzed touseled haired male whose hands were entwined with the brown haired female.

''That's their daughter Nessie and Jacob - who is a werewolf - and at the end over there is Rosealie and Emmet'' I knew straight away, Nessie was the same as me. Half human, half vampire. My instincts took over and my eyes fell onto Jacob, I stiffened in response, as did he.

''Everybody this is Sinder, the daughter of my good old friend Cillian, she is like Nessie, half human - half vampire, exceptionally rare.'' There topaz eyes widened a little, however they composed there self.

''What brings you here child? How's your father?''


''What? How?''


I handed him a letter from my jean pocket, written from my father. My eyes flashed to Jacob, who was now looking uncomfortable.

''Of course you can stay here dear; Esme will show you to a room. I'm so sorry for your loss, I can't bare to imagine how you must feel, first your your father'' he shook his head softly. Don't cry, don't show them you're weak, and don't show them you have lost everything ever important in your life.

''It's not your fault.''

Esme walked me to a vacated room, which was now mine, It was bright and spacious. Nice. I sat on the bed, just thinking about my father and the few remaining glimpses I remembered of my mother. I heard footsteps approaching my door, I looked up before the door opened, and Nessie walked in, closely trailed behind was Jacob.

I smiled up at her, she seemed nice enough and roughly my age. ''Hey, I'm sorry about your parents. It must be hard.'' she came and sat beside me on the bed. I couldn't reply instead I kept my eyes focused on my bag. She smiled attempting to cheer me 'anyway Esme has cooked dinner for me, you and Jacob...also some of the pack won't have a problem with that will you'' her smile faltered a little.

''Pack members...'' then realisation hit me ''OH! Ohhhhh err no I guess...I'm just a little confused on how your all friends...they're our enemies...''. Nessie looked over to Jacob and replied ''They are not the bad ones, they have helped my family so much'' she looked expectantly into Jacobs's eyes...EW!

He lifted her up and kissed her.

Right, THAT is disgusting! I think I puked a little in my mouth, I was mentally screaming for them to leave the room.

As if on cue, Nessie's father –Edward- appeared at the door ''ahem...Nessie, Jacob downstairs please'' as they stopped sucking face and leaved he turned to me and said ''sorry about will get used to It.'' he smiled and walked away...

Great! I thought and I could have sworn I heard him chuckle down the corridor.

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