Summary-Arthur thought that he had been through some pretty tough things as a kid, but when he turns sixteen he's faced with the hardest, make you break you, life changing, deadly decision he's ever had to make.

Chapter1-The situation, at hand

~Arthur's POV~

It's weird. It's weird how when I was I kid, I thought the simplest decisions, like which bike I got, or which kind of cereal I ate, was important. I can tell you, since becoming a teenager, I've realized that there are much more important decisions to be made. Like if I'm going to chose to have a good future or if I'm going to chose fun and lose my chances of a good future in the midst of all that fun.

Though school and future choices are important, sometimes there are even bigger decisions to make, that either make or break your life. Like for instance, marriage. If you're in a relationship with someone who doesn't treat you right, chances are things are only going to get worse once you two tie the knot. Then what are you gonna do?

There's always the idea of divorce, but what if you really love that person? What if you know in your heart they can change? Will you walk out then or give them another chance?

When you're stuck in a really tough situation and the only way it's going to be over, is you choosing between one thing or's really hard to know what to do. Like the situation I'm in right now.

I just turned sixteen years old, not more than four weeks or so ago and I had a party. Now what I thought was just going to be a real simple birthday party, turned out to be a real complicated, confusing event.

It had just been me and the usual people you know, Buster, Francine, the Brain, etc., but that all changed when another one of my friends arrived, Alberto.

Alberto is older than us, twenty one to be exact, but he's still living with his parents till he graduates from school and that's next year. When Alberto showed up, I had to admit, I was a bit nervous. I didn't want everyone to be intimidated by his age, but fortunately things went fine. Alberto socialized with a lot of my friends and everyone was getting along and having a good time, until I noticed something strange.

Alberto was staring at me. At first, I figured maybe it was just a cry for help because Muffy had been flirting with him since he walked through the door. So, I walked over and told Muffy that I wanted to show him something outside and we fled out to the back.

The two of us sat down on a bench under an old tree of my backyard and Alberto chuckled.

"Thanks for saving me back there" he said, smiling

"No problem, I know Muffy can be kind of persistent when she wants something" I replied

"It shows" Alberto said, laughing a bit more

I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"But anyways Arthur, I'm uh glad you brought me out here"

I gave him a questioning look, wondering if maybe Muffy's advances had made him feel a bit uncomfortable at a teenage party.

"I-if you're uncomfortable about being around a bunch of teenagers, I understand if you want to leave" I said, trying to mask the disappointment in my voice

"Oh no, the party is great, really. I just wanted to give you your birthday present" he said

I hadn't thought anything about him wanting to give his present to me in private. I had just thought maybe he was embarrassed about the gift, or how I was going to react or something.

"What is it?" I asked

"Close your eyes and hold out your hands" he instructed

Not giving his instructions any thought, I held out my hands and closed my eyes and waited. What I got next, literally took my breath away.

I had been expecting a box or maybe a cheap knock off watch or something, but instead I got a kiss. That's right, Alberto Molina sat right there and kissed me! Put his lips on mine!

My heart was racing, my face was red, my eyes wide, but even with all that shock and surprise...I didn't push him away. I sat there, staring at the lids of his closed eyes, until he pulled away from me. When we parted I stared at him my mouth slightly gaping, I wasn't breathing.

Then with a smirk, he said;

"Happy birthday Arthur"

I wanted to pass out, literally fall out, but what he said next stopped me from doing such a thing.

"Arthur, I know this must all be a disturbing shock to you, but I just couldn't hold out any longer, I had to do something"


"Now I know I'm just hoping and wishing, but...I really like you"

He had his hands on my shoulders and I knew maybe my next actions weren't the wisest, but I couldn't help it. So, I blushed and looked down and began fiddling with the ends of my red and blue polo shirt. I was at a complete and total loss at what to say. How do I respond to Alberto?

C-could I honestly tell him my true feelings?


The coldness of his finger tips as they lifted my chin was sort of like a small slap to the face.

"Say something" he said

I looked into his eyes and saw the hope and desire in them and I felt myself...break.

I slumped forward like a body losing life, but Alberto pushed me back up and stared into my blank eyes.

"C-come on Arthur you're starting to freak me out" he said

Then, I, did the unthinkable. I titled my head a little and sloppily kissed the side of his lips.

My heart was racing a thousand miles per minute, as Alberto stared at me with a look of total surprise on his face. But the moment I gave a small smile, his look of shock and surprise turned to one of pure joy.

"You feel the same?" he whispered

I gave a weak nod, as my cheeks lit up like fire crackers.

He smiled, amused at my shy behavior and pulled me a little closer, but just has we were about to engage in another kiss, Muffy stopped us.

"Alberto, Arthur!"

I never jumped so high in my entire life. The two of us were away from each other in one second, just before Muffy rounded the corner.

"There you two are, come back inside the dancing is getting hot" Muffy said

I got up and began to make my way back to the house while Muffy hooked her arm with Alberto's.

"Alberto, wanna be my dance partner?" Muffy asked, batting her eye lashes at him


Alberto looked up at me and I smiled at him, before entering the house.

"S-sure" he sighed

When we got into the house, someone had shut off the lights and started that weird colorful light machine, that shot out different colors. Someone had also taken the time to put on one the songs I didn't like to much, 'Tic Tock', by Kesha.

Alberto danced with Muffy for a bit of the song, but soon everyone had separated from their partners and were dancing with who ever was beside, in front or in back of them. I knew Alberto had purposely snuck his way through the crowd to dance with me, but I didn't mind.

From that night and a little bit on, everything between the two of us was fine...until now.

~End Arthur's POV~

It had been close to a month since Arthur and Alberto started their relationship and so far things had been great...till now.

Arthur had been fine with his and Alberto's relationship, but then he began to feel a bit of discomfort. But that was only because Alberto was starting to get...intimate with him, or at least trying.

Arthur had been being a bit reluctant, he wasn't sure if Alberto had even noticed his hesitant reactions to his advances or not, but it wasn't like he wanted him to anyways. He didn't want Alberto to think he didn't like him because he did. It was just that he wasn't use to or ready, for an intimate homosexual relationship. In fact sometimes Arthur asked himself, if he would ever be ready.

He had, had girlfriends in the past, Francine Frensky being one of them, and he wasn't scared to hold her hand or kiss her cheek. But when it came down to Alberto, he just completely and totally froze up. If he could, he was sure he would curl into a ball or go into the fetal position, not that he wasn't already, basically, doing so.

On three occasions over the past week, Alberto had tried to kiss him and luckily for Arthur he had, had excuses to get away from him. One of them being while he was reading a book, he knocked it on the floor (purposely) and had to pick it up. Another time, he had been having a hard time with a spec on his glasses and abruptly leaned forward to clean the lense. The last time he tried to dodge Alberto, it was a close one. The two had been sitting on Alberto's bed, reading a Spanish Bionic Bunny comic, which Arthur was rather enjoying their quiet reading time, until Alberto began to get a little to close. Arthur knew Alberto thought he wasn't noticing him scooting closer, but he had and had taken abrupt measures to get away from him. For every inch Alberto took, Arthur took a three fourth's an inch away from him. Alberto hadn't even noticed, not even when they were all the way on the other side of the bed. But by then, the two had finished the comic and Arthur had to go home for dinner anyways.

He had managed to avoid Alberto on all three of those occasions, but he wasn't so sure he was gonna be able to do that now.

Tonight, Alberto's parents were going out dancing and his younger sister, Vicita, was going over a friends house for a sleep over. Arthur's parents had no plans, meaning, when Alberto came over and asked them if it was okay if Arthur came and spent the night, they didn't even think once to reject.

When Arthur thought about being abandoned in a house alone with Alberto, all night, he had quickly tried to come up with a way out of this scary situation. He had called his friends, practically begging them if they had plans on this nerve wracking Friday night. But unfortunately, no one had plans. They had all decided to stay home tonight and do nothing, which was a real surprise to Arthur. They always seemed to wanna go out when he needed to do something important, but then when he had free nights they wanted to laze around the house all night.

"So you and Molly are going to see a movie tonight" Arthur said

"Yeah, sorry Arthur, Molly wants to go see this movie and she wants it just to be the two of us" Buster said

"It's okay, I understand" Arthur said

"Maybe we can get together tomorrow tonight, okay buddy" Buster said

"Yeah sure, that sounds great. Well bye Buster, enjoy the movie" Arthur said

"Bye and I will" Buster said

Arthur sighed as he closed his cell phone and pocketed it.

'Well I've just spent the last hour or so calling all my friends and no one has plans and the ones who do have plans, they're doing it with their boyfriends or girlfriends'

It was seven thirty and Arthur was sure Alberto would be showing up to help him with his sleeping bag and stuff. So, he got up from his seat in his desk chair and grabbed his sleeping bag, a pillow and pajamas and put them in a bag. He didn't really have to bring anything else. He would come home tomorrow, take a shower and clean himself up.


Flinching, Arthur turned angry eyes on his twelve year old sister.

"What DW" he snapped

"Alberto is here" she said, stepping aside as Alberto entered the room, a smile on his face

"Thanks DW, I'll take it from here" he said

"Okay, see ya" she said, leaving the room

Once she was gone, Alberto stuck his head out the door and peeked around the corners, before closing the door. He then hurried over to Arthur and wrapped an arm around his neck and another around his middle, in an awkward embrace.

Arthur's face lit up and he grasped onto the arm that was loosely around his neck.


Alberto smiled and rested his cheek on Arthur's.

"I'm so happy to see you" he said, his warm breath ghosting over Arthur's cheek

"Y-yeah, m-me too" Arthur said

"And I'm so glad we're gonna spend the night together" he said

Arthur gulped and stared at the ground with a red face and racing heart.

Alberto noticed his boyfriend's sudden stiffness and tilted his head so he could see Arthur's face.

"What's wrong mi amor?"

"N-nothing, just, just tired" Arthur said

"Oh, well let's get your stuff so we can go over to my house and you can lay down" Alberto said, untangling his arms from around Arthur

Once Alberto let go, Arthur let out a relieved sigh he didn't even know he was holding in.

"Come on, let's go" Alberto said, having already grabbed his sleeping bag and pillow

Arthur grabbed his pajamas off the bed and walked out the door after Alberto. He turned out the lights and headed down stairs with him.

"Uh you can go on outside, I'll be out in a minute, just gotta tell my mom I'm going" Arthur said

"Okay" Alberto said

Arthur walked into the kitchen where his mother was washing dishes from tonight's dinner.




"Oh, sorry sweetie I didn't hear you over the water" she said, shutting off the faucet

"Well i-I'm going to Alberto's now, so I guess I'll see you guys in the morning and mom, please don't forget to feed Pal and put him up in my room when you guys get ready to go to bed" Arthur said

"Arthur, don't worry I know how to take care of Pal by now" she said, chuckling

"O-okay, well I'm going then" Arthur said

"Bye, oh and make sure you have your cell" she said

"I do"

"Good, goodnight hone, call if you need anything" she said

"We will, goodnight"

Arthur walked out of the kitchen and out the front door. He and Alberto then walked next door and went inside.

Alberto shut the door and the two of them began to make their way up stairs to his room.

"Uh, s-so what are we going to be doing tonight?" Arthur asked, standing in the doorway

"Watching movies and why did you bring this sleeping bag and this pillow?" he asked, holding the two items up

"B-because I'm gonna need them for when we go to sleep" Arthur said

"For what"


"You're going to be sleeping with me anyways and I have plenty of pillows and blankets" Alberto said

Arthur's face lit up and he looked nervously at Alberto.

"Y-you mean sleeping in the same bed? Together!" Arthur said

"Well yeah, I mean you didn't honestly think I would make you sleep on the floor" he said smirking, as he walked up to him

"W-well yeah, I mean that's where I usually sleep when I'm over my friend's house" Arthur said

"Well you're not over your friend's house, you're over your boyfriend's house" Alberto said, smiling

"W-won't your parents find it strange that we're sleeping together in the same bed?" Arthur asked

"Arthur, I'm twenty one years old" he said


"So, I've been told my parents I was bisexual" Alberto said

"R-really and they don't have a problem with it?" Arthur asked


Alberto went over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of white pajama pants with grey stripes, before beginning to undo his jeans .


He looked up at Arthur, who was covering his face and had turned his back on him.

"What?" Alberto asked, smiling in amusement

"U-uh nothing, do you have a bathroom, where I can go and change maybe" Arthur said

"Yeah, it's right down the hall, it's the door in the middle of mine and the one to the left, that's Vacitia's room" Alberto said

"O-okay thanks"

Arthur fled the room and literally ran to the bathroom after closing the door. Once he was in the bathroom, he slid down the door partially and stared at himself in the mirror ahead of him.

"This is going to be a long night"