Summary-After Arthur sees Alberto walking into Urban's with another guy, things get a bit testy between the two. Not being able to take the pressure or the fact that Alberto has replaced him, Arthur flees the establishment. Alberto chases after Arthur, where he runs into a dead end at an alley. There Alberto is able to talk a bit of sense into Arthur. Regardless of the fact that Alberto was with someone else, Arthur takes him back and now the two can start over.

Chapter9-Starting over

It was three o'clock in the morning when Arthur came home. He had stayed over Alberto's all day long, making sure to contact his parents and tell them he would be there a while, considering it was Saturday, and not to wait up for him because he would be home before midnight. Since his parents trusted him, they believed what he said and went to bed at nine thirty. He was sure he was home free, considering everyone should be fast asleep by now.

Quietly closing the back door, Arthur removed his shoes and quietly made his way up the stairs and to his bedroom door, but just before he got there...


Jumping, Arthur dropped his shoes on the floor and turned around to face DW. Sighing and rolling his eyes in annoyance, Arthur bent over to pick up his shoes.

"What do you want DW?" Arthur whispered

"It's three o'clock in the morning, are you just getting in?" DW asked

"So what if I am" he replied, frowning at her

"So I'm telling mom" DW said, smirking

"I was just at Alberto's house" Arthur said

"Yeah right, like mom and dad are really gonna believe you and Alberto stayed up till three in the morning playing games and reading comic books" DW said, rolling her own eyes

And for a split second, DW's eyes landed on Arthur's bandaged hands.

"You know what DW you're-"

"Hey, what happened to your hands?" DW asked, pointing

"H-huh? Oh nothing, I just got hurt while I was uh, playing baseball with Buster and the others" Arthur said shrugging

"When did you play baseball? I thought you said you were going to Urban's" DW said

"I did, we uh played baseball after we went to Urban's" he said

"No you didn't, Vicita called me like no more than a half an hour after you left and told me you were there" she said

"...what are you, my keeper?" Arthur said, frowning

"No, but I do know good blackmail when I see it" DW said

Arthur rolled his eyes

"What could you possibly want from me?"

"I don't know, your allowance maybe" DW said, smirking

Arthur narrowed his eyes at her, before digging into his pocket and pulling out two dollar bills, which was all that he had left after going to Urban's.

"Here" he said, throwing them at her

"Two dollars, this is all you have, two dollars? What am I suppose to buy with this" she said, putting her hands on her hips

"I don't know" Arthur sighed, getting very annoyed of his nosy little sister

"I know you've got to have more than this" she said, frowning

"Nope, that's it"

"You're lying, you big liar"

Sighing, Arthur opened his door and walked inside, but not before he insulted his sister one last time.

"Go fuck yourself"

"Go what myself! Oh that's it, I'm so telling mom in the morning" DW said, going back to her own room

Arthur closed his door, before taking off all his clothes and getting into bed. He pulled off his glasses and sat them on his bedside table. He closed his eyes and just as he was about to start dozing off, his phone went off. Grabbing it, he looked at the picture of who was calling and saw it was Alberto.

"Hello?" he said

"Arthur, you asleep?" Alberto asked

"No" Arthur said, sitting up

"Come to the window" Alberto said

"U-uh okay, hang on a sec" Arthur said, blushing


He put the phone gently down on the bed and ran to his drawer, where he yanked out a pair blue plaid pajama pants and a brown t-shirt with the number '99' on the front. He then picked his phone up and sat in his computer chair, before sliding it over to the window.

"Okay, I'm at the window" Arthur said, slightly out of breath from practically ripping and running around his bedroom

"You okay? You sound a bit winded" Alberto said, smiling

"I-I'm fine" Arthur said

Alberto walked over to the window and sat down in his own desk chair, with a smile on his face.

"Why is it so dark in your room?" Alberto asked

"Because I don't have any lights on" Arthur said



"I can't see you, if you don't have any lights on" Alberto said, chuckling

"Oh, s-sorry" Arthur said

He stood up from his seat and turned on the lamp over his bed. It wasn't much light, but it was better than none at all. Arthur then sat back down in his chair and turned towards Alberto.

"Better?" Arthur said

"A little" Alberto said, shrugging

"I don't have a lamp close to the window like you do" Arthur said

"It's fine" Alberto said, leaning forward and resting his arm on the bottom of the window

It then went silent and Arthur found himself getting nervous. He knew Alberto was staring at him, he could feel it, even with him being that far away from him.

"D-DW caught me walking in late" Arthur said

"She did? Well it's nothing to worry about, it's not like we were doing something we weren't suppose to be doing" Alberto replied

Arthur could hear the smirk on his lips and ignored it

"She's gonna tell my mom in the morning and more than likely I'm gonna be in trouble" Arthur said


"So, I won't be able to see you" Arthur mumbled, turning slightly away from the window

"Turn around and it's not like I can't sneak and see you" Alberto said, shrugging

"And how exactly are you gonna do that?" Arthur said, complying with Alberto's order

"I don't know, but I'll figure something out" Alberto said, shrugging slightly

Arthur didn't say anything, just sat there picking at the white paint that was chipping off of the window sill. He could hear Alberto sigh on the other end of the line, but still didn't say anything. He wasn't sure of what to say anymore. He was scared to say anything more, especially if it was about their relationship. He didn't want to make another mistake in telling Alberto about his 'feelings', he'd rather just keep them to himself if it would make things easier for the two of them.

"Arthur, you still there?"


"Why are you being so quiet?" Alberto asked


"About what?"


"Come on Arthur, tell me" Alberto pushed

"I'd rather not"

"How come?"

"Because remember what happened the last time I decided to speak my mind" Arthur said, looking at his bandaged hands

"Arthur that's over and done with. We're starting over now" Alberto said

"...S-starting over?"

"Yeah, forget all that other stuff that happened, let's just focus on the here and now" Alberto said, smiling

"O-okay" Arthur said, smiling as well



"You wanna know what I'm thinking?" Alberto asked

Arthur felt nervousness once again enter his body at Alberto's sudden change of tone.


"You and me"

" it something bad?" Arthur asked

"No, not really" Alberto said

"I see" Arthur said, swallowing

"In fact, it's something, really good"

'I'm about to do something real stupid'

"L-like what?"

"Oh nothing, just us"


"Doing some things"


"...some very naughty things"

"Alberto!" Arthur said, his face turning three different shades of pink

He could hear Alberto laughing on the other end and looked through the window at him, who was practically falling out of his chair laughing.

"T-that's not funny, that's very, very dirty" Arthur said


Jumping ten feet in the air, Arthur spun around in his chair to see his mother standing there. Alberto had already stopped laughing and was staring with wide eyes at the scene that was playing out before him.

"M-mom" Arthur said, his voice cracking

"Honey, what are you doing up, it's four in the morning" she said, walking over to him

"N-nothing, I was uh just talking on the phone" Arthur said, smiling

"On the phone, to who?" she asked

"Uh, Alberto"

She looked at Arthur for a little while, before looking up and out the window next door.

"See" Arthur said, holding the phone up to his mother

"H-hi Mrs. Read" Alberto said into the phone, waving

"Hello Alberto" she said

Arthur smiled at his mom once again

"I know you two want to talk, but you're gonna have to talk tomorrow okay. Right now it's time for bed" she said to Arthur

"Y-yes mom"

"Bye Alberto" she said, waving to him once more before walking out of the room

Arthur made sure she as gone, before spinning back around and looking at Alberto who was once again chuckling.

"Well, I have to go now" Arthur said

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow?" Alberto replied, smiling


"Alright then. Goodnight Arthur"


"Oh and Arthur"

"Hm?" Arthur said, looking down at the wooden floor

"I love you"

Arthur looked up and out the window at the other man, before slowly smiling.

"I love you too Alberto"



Alberto waved to Arthur one last time, before turning off his lamp. Arthur turned off his own light and removed his glasses once again, before closing his eyes and getting ready to sleep.

'It's nice having someone who loves you...well someone other than your parents and your friends'