Disclaimer: I own not the Victorious show... cause if i did their would be a lot more of Cat, Tori, and Jade making out than singing... all im saying is that the show itself sometimes proves they are gay... im babbling to no one... who reads disclaimers?... this is only here so i don't get sued by nick... damn laws

Cat teasingly slid her tongue over Jade's bottom lip. As Jade was about to flip Cat over and be on top again Tori grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the floor.
"Vega." Jade growled up at Tori. Tori smiled and leaned down to kiss Jade as Cat started unbuttoning her pants and sliding her hands up her shirt. Jade moaned against Tori's lips and arched against Cat's touch.'Fuck! I want to be free, i want to do what I want to them.' Jade growled in her head as Cat unclasped her bra. Jade took in a deep breath and yanked her wrists away from Tori. She grabbed Cat's shoulders and pushed her over.
"Oh no Kitty Cat, thats my job." As she straddled Cat she grabbed Tori by the throat and pulled her over to a very angry, and violent, kiss. Cat smiled and bit her lip lightly, the sight of Jade abusing Tori slightly turning her on. Jade finally pushed Tori away and kissed Cat. Tori felt her eyes water, her lips hurt and she could tell they would be bruised. But the feeling only made her want Jade more. Tori crawled back over to the girls and started sliding Jade's shirt off of her. Jade slid her hands up and down Cat's sides as she caressed her tongue with her own. Tori stared at Jade's perfectally unscaved back, she smiled devilishly as an idea popped into her head. Tori slowly slid her hands up Jade's back and forcfully raked her nails down. Jade released Cat's mouth and moaned at the ceiling, grasping handfuls of the carpet. Jade turned to glare at Tori as Cat leaned up and bit her neck. Jade moaned again as she felt Cat draw blood. She pushed herself off Cat, her bra falling to the floor leaving the two other girls smirking. Jade dug in her pant pocket till she pulled out her rainbow pocket knife. Tori's eyes went wide as Jade slowly flipped out the blade. Cat sat up and bit her lip in anticipation for what was to come.
"Ok you two I'm in charge now. Strip for me, Tori you start." Jade sat on the bed like it was her throne and smiled down at the girls. Tori began slidding off her shirt when a warm hand on her shoulder and a cool blade on her throat.
"No, no dear. Not like that. Make it fun for me. Dance while you do it." Tori stood finally realizing the CD player was still going. she listened intently for the song to change as Jade took her place on the bed. Cat crawled over to sit on the floor in front of the bed so she could watch the show. Suddenly the song changed and Cat smirked. "You know theres a dirty word never gonna say it first. No its just a thought that never crosses me mind." Tori sensually stepped toward Cat moving her hips sexually to the beat. "Maybe in the parking lot, better bring your friend along better off together then just one at a time." Tori pulled Cat up so she was standing and danced down her body while staring at Jade. "Lets piss her off." Tori whispered in Cat's ear making her giggle. She pushed Cat away and face Jade fully as the chorus started. "S is for the simple need." She threw off her shirt and grabbed the button on her pants. "E is for the ecstacy." She slowly and sexily unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. "X is just to mark the spot, cause thats the one you really want." She slid her pants down slowly without bending her knees. She turned to Cat and climbed on top of her. "Yes sex is always the answer, never a question cause the answers yes." Tori began making out with Cat. Jade slid off the bed and slid her knife up Tori's back. She cut the strap on her bra making Tori stop when she felt her bra lose tension. Tori pulled Cat close to her. "I'm done." Jade grabbed Tori's throat and pulled her off Cat. She pushed Tori on the bed roughly.
"Ok. Cat your turn." Cat scurried over to the stereo to find a song she liked. Jade turned to Tori while Cat's baack was turned. She captured Tori's lips in a fiery kiss when she pulled away she held Tori.
"I'm proud of you goody goody, you make a nice bad girl." Tori smiled.
"Is that suppose to be a complament from you?" Jade glared at her and pushed her against the wall. Jade turned and sat facing Cat to watch her preformance. Cat stood smiling as the song changed to the one she picked. A smile slowly crept across Jade's lips.

A/N: Ok i know this chapter is short and i know you all are like "What? where is the epic sex scene i was expecting? lame!" well its not done yet! if you want it to be really good you will deal with this filler chapter (and the next one...) so the big sex scene can be as EPIC as i have promised it to be... be patient my little psychopaths, i mean loyal followers, it will be great.