Friday Night Lights.

Don Billingsley.

Garrett Hedlund.

fan fiction.



1. First Quarter

It started freshman year. I was the girl no one noticed. I was on every committee and almost every club. I had tried to make friends but it was difficult. I only knew a handful of people. Or, I should say, only a handful of people knew and remembered my name. I was invisible and I hated it. There was nothing good about being invisible...not when it's senior year.

My older sister has spent the last three years telling me about her senior year. She was actually popular. For my first year at Permian High School in the glorious Odessa, Texas, she tried to help me. As head of Student Council and Yearbook, she assigned me to both of her committees. She never did say that I was her sister, though. Maybe if she did I would have been half as popular as her. As soon as she graduated, my importance was nonexistent.

The summer of '88, I gave in and I called her. The last time I had saw her was in March. She came down from her school in Dallas to visit me for my birthday. She had told me then that she would do a complete overhaul of my wardrobe and look for my senior year. I laughed at her then but now I wanted it.

There was one thing I wanted before I graduated. It wasn't a makeover. It wasn't a new wardrobe. It wasn't a diploma. It wasn't to leave this small town. It wasn't to be Prom Queen, or even in the court. All I wanted was number twenty-six, Don Billingsley. All I wanted was for him to notice me.

So, I put all my faith in my sister's hands. A month before classes started, Carina came down from Dallas fro the weekend. Partly to help me and partly because she wanted Mom to do her laundry.

"What are you girls doing?"

I looked up at my mother as I sat on the floor of the bathroom. Carina was busy fiddling with my hair. "I wanna be Prom Queen, Mom. Cari's gonna give me a makeover."

My mother smiled. She always wanted me to be popular. Her and Carina both had been Prom Queen's their Senior Year...now it was my year. I couldn't bear the thought of telling her that I could care less about it. "GOOD! We'll get you a wardrobe tomorrow! Cari, you'll be here?"

"Yeah, Mom, of course! I can't wait to see my baby sister grow up or get some real style!" Carina leaned over and kissed my cheek. She thought she was so funny.

"Oh boy,I can't wait," I said faking a smile. "Hey, Mom, can we have some sisterly time?"

Our mother smiled and laughed. "All right, girls, dinner will be ready soon." We both nodded as she slowly walked away.

"What is it you needed to talk to me about?" Carina asked staring at me by the mirrior's glaze.

I looked up at her. "I need help. It's senior year. What do I need to do to get a jock to notice me?"

"Football jock?"


"First string?"

"I...I don't know. I think so."



"What number?"

"Twenty-six." I waited for her reaction. I figured she would be mad. Don had a name for himself even when he was only a freshman. It wasn't a good reputation.

"Why?" She stopped and sat up onto the counter. "Are you crazy?"

"No, I'm sane. I just...He's cute and popular. How else do I get Prom Queen without first taming the beast?"

She glared at me. She disapproved. It was obvious and written all over her face. I didn't, nor could I, blame her. "Daphne, what...why him? He's cute...from what I remember. I also remember him getting around."

I shrugged. "Maybe...but from what I remember, you weren't an angel either-"

Carina hit my shoulder quickly. "Don't say that inside the house! Mom's here!"

"Can you help me?" Looking at her with despite eyes, I hoped she would cave in.

"Are you still a virgin?"

My jaw dropped. Never had my sister ever asked me something even remotely as awkward as this. "YES! Oh my god! Why are you asking me? ARE YOU?"

"Shut up! Daphne, I'm asking because if you want a guy like Don, you can't be a virgin. He won't go for it."

"No one said he had to know."

"He'll know just by looking at you. He has that ability. He's one of those."

"One of those?" My eyebrow raised in her general direction.

"Yeah, he's one of those that can tell by how you talk and how you look," She jumped off the counter and closed the bathroom door. "Look, if you want Don, you have to loose it. As your older sister, I am required to tell you that you shouldn't and that you should wait until marriage! But that would be if I was the good sister...I'm not a very good sister though. If you want to be with Don, then you need to loose it. Pop your little cherry."

Something told me that my dearest sister was trying her hardest to help but didn't have a clue how to. She was scaring me. The idea of loosing my virginity wasn't something I spent all my time worrying about. I really didn't care about it. It didn't seem important to me. "Maybe my virginity will be what makes him what me."


I shrugged. This was going to be something I was going to have to just think of on the spot. "Well, he's known to love sex. Maybe, just maybe, the whole thought that he can't have it will tame him. Maybe he will be compelled to try to change it."

Carina nodded quickly. "Damn, that might work. Either way we have to sex up your look. And...you need to start going to conditioning. Tomorrow's Saturday. There should be one of the field. I'll drop you off."

"What? No. No! I don't need to be sexed up nor do I need to go to conditioning. Why would I go there?"

"The more you show up the more likely he is to remember your name or at least your look. You do want him to remember you, don't you?"

"Yeah...okay, do upon me your worst."

"You mean, my best!"

I rolled my eyes as she grabbed her makeup bag. "Right."