Title: Just What She Wanted (Pt. 3/3)

Rating: NC-18, Adult, Explicit

Pairing: Jayne/Kaylee

Disclaimer: I don't own diddly. Joss is da man! Just letting the muse play in the sandbox for fun.;D Thanks to bigbadjayne for beta and comments! Please enjoy! ;D

Part 3/3


Jayne gave a disappointed sound when she let go of his pride an' joy, and looked at her with a question in them gorgeous blue eyes when she gently pulled his hand offa her.

He swallowed hard, closing his eyes for a second like he was hurtin' somethin' fierce, but opened them up again to give her a worried look.

"I do somethin' you didn't like?" he asked, cupping his big broad hand around her cheek. "Didn't hurt ya, did I, li'l Kaylee? Cause I wouldn't hurt ya a'purpose for all the worlds spinnin', dong ma?"

She gave him a big wide smile, taking his other hand and laying a soft, wet kiss in the palm. "Naw, Jayne, ya only made me feel good, but there's somethin' else I been wantin'," she said, pulling at his hand till he was up against the wall. She lowering down to her knees in front of him, and if he'd looked surprised when he come through the door, it weren't nothing compared to now.

"If'n you ain't got no problems with me returnin' the favor, that is."

She expected him to get that wicked smirk he got when he talked about sexin', but he just stood there giving her a look of half-surprise, three-quarters pure joy as she took him in hand again. Wetting her lips, she opened her mouth and watched him as she licked slowly around the thick cap of his diao before surrounding it with her lips.

Jayne breathed a hard sigh, and fought between closing his eyes that were trying to roll back and shooting her a hungry, wolfish gleam through hooded lids. He'd caught his bottom lip between his teeth, bearing down so hard she was about 'fraid he'd bite it right through. But when she slipped a good half of his hard staff into her mouth, he let go and gritted his teeth, threading his hand through her hair. Didn't yank on it, or try to push her down further on him, but just held if there, firm and let her move it along with her head as she wanted to.

He had his hips tilted out for her, riding the rhythm she set and getting thicker and harder in her mouth with every stroke she made.

"Gorrrrrramit, Kay," he ground out, "where'd ya get such a wicked li'l mouth, girl?"

She didn't say nothing, couldn't really, not with him filling her mouth up like that, but she sucked a little harder on him in response, swirling her tongue on the underside of him. He liked that right enough, starting to buck up into her, but then pulled her away, dipping his hips back so he popped right out from her lips.

"Cao!" he gasped, closing his eyes for real this time, and taking big deep gulps of air. Sweat was just pouring offa both of them now, and he swiped a bit of it from her hairline with his thumb.

"Dincha like it, Jayne?" she asked, not sure if maybe she'd lost her touch, got outta practice, but he was smiling down at her from ear to ear.

"Ruttin' hell, yeah!" he said with enthusiasm. "Liked it a li'l too much. Better hold off for a bit, else that's gonna be all she wrote for John Thomas, girl. An' I got a feelin', you been needin' a good long ride for a good long while, ain't ya?"

He pulled her up to him, sliding them muscled-up arms around her and bending down to plant as scalding, slow kiss on her, throwing that Jayne-Cobb-don't-kiss-'em-on-the-mouth fei oo right out the airlock. Kaylee felt her toes curling up as he worked her mouth as fierce and gentle as he had her nethers, and the lingering taste of her on his mouth just stoked the fire up a little higher.

Their tongues slid along each other, stroking and thrusting, while each of them let their hands explore territory that they'd seen a thousand times in passing, but hadn't never really touched. Kaylee bunched the edge of his yellow tee shirt up, and he helped her drag it off of his body.

"Ain't quite fair, me standin' her in my birthday suit an' you still all covered up like that."

She gave him a little pout about that, but it weren't a bit necessary, 'cause she hadn't never seen nobody shuck off their britches as fast as that man did then.

"Damn, Jayne," she breathed, running her nimble little hands all over the thick hair on his chest and down the muscles of his belly and the lean lines of his hips. "They sure built you right, an' that's a fact!"

"Thinkin' the same thing 'bout you, darlin'," he drawled running his hands down her arms and bringing them out to her sides so he could give her a good long look up and down. "Wo de ma, girl, I just wanna lay ya back an' – "

"Now that sounds real nice, Jayne. Sure does, but… it ain't exactly what I'm wantin' right now," she breathed, relieved that with this man she could ask for what she wanted and know he wouldn't look down his nose at her for wanting it. "If 'sall right?"

"Yer the birthday girl," he smiled wide at her, following as she took led him by the hand over to her workbench. Glad she'd pulled all her tools into the floor under Serenity's engine for the repairs, she laid down on her belly across the cool metal surface, reaching her hands across to grip the other side.

He didn't have to be told twice. She hadn't barely settled herself when he took a hold of her hips in them big, strong hands and slid into her in one long, smooth motion. Kaylee's mouth flew open, but her breath caught in her chest from being filled up so full so fast. Gripping onto the table, she rocked her hips back into him.

He stood there not moving for a second, hilt-deep and throbbing inside her, and she could feel him shaking, too.

"Fast or slow," he offered in a tight, husky voice, sliding back out till only the tip of him was inside her. Kaylee let out a disappointed moan at the empty feeling inside her, until he eased back in all the way again. "You wanna go fast an' hard, or slow an' easy, darlin'? Whatcha need from ol' Jayne? You just name it, bao bei, an' you got it."

"Aahh! Oh, cao, Jayne that feels so good like that…" she moaned. "Slow… yeah, slow an'… an'… slow an' hard… yeah, just like that." She felt whatever she was gonna say next catch in the back of her throat as he flowed back into her again, till his hips was firm flushed up against her, the last inch coming fast and hard.

"That what ya meant, darlin'?" he asked her through his ragged breathing, slipping that big, hard length out to the edge and back in just as slow, giving her bit more thrust at the end. "Ya like that, li'l Kaylee? Like feelin' a man all hard and flush all up inside yer nethers? That what ya been missin', bao bei?"

"Ooohhhh, yeah, Jayne, yeah… just like… just…" she keened as he filled her over and over, keeping the same slow, steady pace until the only thing she was aware of was Jayne and skin gliding on skin and sweat dripping onto her back and the sweet pressure uncoiling inside her belly and spreading like a slow wildfire to every inch of her body.

He felt it too, she could tell, as it weren't but a minute after another high, uncontrollable sound worked itself outta her, that he answered with a deep growl through his teeth. Gripping her hips harder and starting to thrust into her faster and faster, pulling her back to meet him as he pounded into her.

"Oh, Jayne!... oh Jayne… oh Jayne…" she wailed as she came hard around him. In the haze of pleasure, she felt more than heard him join her. His body tensed up, thrusting into her deep a few more times before his diao pulsed inside her and flooded her with a new warmth.

Kaylee wasn't sure how long they laid there, her still against the work bench, Jayne bracing himself on his forearms over top of her, resting his wet forehead against her shoulder. His ragged breath blew cool against the sweat of her skin.

"Happy Birthday, Li'l Kaylee," he whispered, feathering soft kisses across her back and neck. Pushing himself up off of her, he caressed her back as she laid there glowing. "Wasn't 'xactly what I planned to give ya, but I hope ya liked it anyways."

Kaylee rolled over on her elbows to look up at him with a dreamy smile. He was grinning too, not that smart-assed smirk, but a real, honest, satisfied, sex-tired smile. The glow of the engine room lights just glistened offa his body, and Kaylee couldn't help but think they looked like little stars out in the Black, dancing all over his skin.

"Oh, Jayne, that was the shiniest present I ever got," she told him. "Fit just perfect, too! Thank ya, don't know how bad I been wantin' it!"

Jayne pulled her up to stand against him, wrapping her up in those arms of his again, his eyes all earnest and tender. "Been wantin' to give ya that for a ruttin' long time, bao bei." He kissed her again, his lips gliding over hers soft and hot and sweet, before pulling away to give her that smirk she'd been waiting for. "It's a subscription, by the way."

She just grinned up at him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Out of the corner of her eye, she spied the little box he'd been carrying when he found her, laying in the hammock where he must have tossed it. The small, carved wood box was about as long as her hand, and square, with a thin red bow tied around it.

"Was that for me?" she asked, pointing to the hammock.

"Oh, yeah, bout forgot! Hang on," he said, letting go of her to fetch it, he held it out to her with and excited look on his face. "Had to use my intimidatin' manner to get these, but I thought of you the second I saw 'em. Happy Birthday, Kaylee."

Pulling the ribbon off careful, she gasped when she took the lid off, staring at the precious contents with delight. "Jayne! You got all this for me?"

He was looking pretty pleased with his self, and right he should be! "Go on, now. Didn't get 'em for ya to just look at, now did I?"

She pulled a huge, perfectly red, perfectly ripe strawberry from the box, one of about a dozen and traced it across her lips, letting her eyes close.

Weren't gonna rush this, no sir! Slipping half of the giant berry in her mouth, she bit down and groaned with pleasure when the sweet and tart juice hit her taste buds.

"Ohmm, Jayh, 's so goo'!" she moaned around the bite, her eyes fluttering open as she heard his breath catch again. He was staring at her again, the same way she was staring at the strawberry, like he wanted to take a bite outta her all over.

"Mmmm," she moaned again, holding the remaining half of the deep red fruit up to his lips. "Wan' some?"

"Oh, girl, you got no idea," he purred, taking her wrist and holding it there while he slipped the rest of the berry into his mouth.

"Oh, but I'm gonna enjoy findin' out," she said with a wicked grin of her own.