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What Ifs and Plot Holes

I Need a Vacation

On any given day Inuyasha didn't mind rescuing his friends. They were after all human (save for Shippou and Kirara) so they were weaker than he was physically even if they were spiritually gifted or trained especially to slay demons. Shippou was a kid still and couldn't be expected to use his fox magic to their full potential. And Kirara, while older than he and certainly more experienced had her paws full carrying Sango and Miroku most of the time so it wasn't any surprise if once and a while she was caught unawares.

The half demon didn't even mind when low class demons or demons that didn't have too much intelligence went after the girls because it was that time in their cycle. They were female and it was the natural course of things that they'd be more attractive to male demons during certain times of the month.

However, the fact that the Shikon shards in their possession seemed to be enhancing that attractiveness was giving him trouble. Just how many times can a miko be kidnapped in a week? "I need a break," he muttered, wringing his haori out. He'd fallen into a river while rescuing Kagome from a demonic vulture.

"You need a break? I need a vacation. This is ridiculous," Kagome returned, hanging her socks over a branch so that the fire she'd made could dry them. Her shoes were tossed to one side in the hopes that they too would dry out.

Miroku spread his outer robe over a bush, near enough to the fire that it would catch the heat but not close enough to ignite if a breeze blew it towards the flames. He and Sango had not been fortunate enough to miss getting wet either. The demon slayer was currently changing into a pair of Kagome's pajamas. He wisely kept his mouth shut about just who needed a break more.

"Why is it that the demons that are chasing us or trying to kidnap us all seem to be male?" Sango asked, coming out from the larger bushes on the other side of camp.

"Ah, well…" Inuyasha started, unsure about how to bring up the subject without offending the taijiya.

"That's easy," Shippou said as he tried to dodge Kirara's attempt at giving his head a bath.

"Shippou…" the dog demon warned.

"Do tell, my young friend," Miroku said, well aware of the problem. His mood had gone steadily south as the week had progressed.

"Sure. You girls smell better than us males and the jewel shards make you even more appealing to other demons. So even if the demons weren't after the shards, they'd go after you."

"Oh, is that all?" Kagome asked with a grimace. Just what she wanted, more "suitors." Weren't Hojo and Koga enough?

"Isn't there any way to counteract that?" Sango asked, ignoring Miroku's perusal.

"Not for another three days," Inuyasha said distractedly, not noticing that he'd spoken loud enough for both girls to hear them.

"What happens in three days?" Kagome asked, brushing out her hair. While she hadn't fallen in the river completely, she had had her hair tangled by the wild ride.

"You have your 'time,'" Shippou said innocently. "Both you and Sango."

"Shippou!" they scolded at the same time, their cheeks blossoming in color.

"You don't talk about that, ever." Sango barely resisted the urge to shake her finger at him.

Emerald eyes colored with confusion. "Why not? It's a natural process."

"Women don't like hearing men talk about it, Shippou," Miroku said knowingly. "It's not polite to bring up in conversations."

"Oh, well, sorry, but you did ask."

"I did, but still. It's a private matter, Shippou."

"All right, Kagome. Anyway, the demons will stop coming for you when they sense you can't get with child. That's not to say that they won't come after the jewels but you should be safe. Well, as safe as you always are." The kitsune cub went back to evading the nekomata.

Inuyasha, his face still brilliantly red, sighed. "Let's head back to the babaa's. At least we can get some rest there."

"I agree, Inuyasha," Miroku said. "I too need the rest."

"I'm all for it," Sango said, slumping down onto her bedroll.

"Good, we're all in favor. Let's take a vacation," Kagome said and went to change into her night clothes.

Shippou, pinned under Kirara's paws, rolled his eyes. They need a vacation? I'm the one that needs the break. Anymore of this mothering and I'm liable to go insane. Maybe he could get Lady Kaede to help. There had to be something she could do. At this point, anything would do.

Even going to the future.