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Chapter 3 Reactions

Teddy's POV

"You're pregnant?" my dad demanded. He never spoke to me this way...

"Yes." I mumbled softly.

"Oh my God. I'm gonna kill you Spencer!" he screamed. He jumped up from the couch and charged for him mumbling "Getting my baby girl idiot..." and some other stuff.

"No dad! Stop! It's my fault not his!" i screamed before he could choke him.

"How can you be pregnant Teddy? You're not even 16 years old! How can you be so irresponsible?" my mom roared.

"I'm sorry! I really am mommy! I don't know!" I cried. Hot tears were slowly falling down my cheeks.

"I thought we raised you better than this!" my dad yelled.

"I know...But I have an entire solution. I'm going to find a family who would like to adopt the baby." I said squeezing Spencer's hand.

"That is a good id-" started my dad.

"No. No Teddy, you will not find an adoptive family. Your punishment is, you will have no teenage life or freedom. While your friends are partying and going to the movies you will be taking care of this baby." my mom finished sternly.

"Mom! No please! I'm 16! I can't take care of a baby!" I sobbed, pleading.

"You should have thought of that, before you had sex." my dad said frustrated.

Spencer and I looked at each other with disappointment. We always said we wouldn't have sex, but we said we had it. We thought there was a difference. I guess not.

"Spencer, I hope you know that while Teddy will be taking care of the baby, you will too." my mom said now very angry.

"Yes, i know. I want to help." he said kissing my hand.

"And if you two are really in love, you will get married after graduation, and have your own family and house." my dad said roughly. At first I thought he was joking, but then I saw how serious his face was.

"Yes. If you two really are in love then you had a good reason for having sex, but not a good one for not using protection." my mom agreed, chewing on her nails.

"Marriage?" Spencer and I said at the same time. This was a new strange. Even for my parents.

Ok guys. I'm writing ahead and I am thinking about names for Teddy's baby. It is going to be a boy, but i need names. I have 2: Devon, and Sam. Please tell me which name is better, and then I'll figure it out. Thanks!:D