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(Line Break)

Three weeks... It's been three weeks... The hiding and killing is getting to me. I don't have much ammo left and food rations ran out yesterday.

I'm am an unlucky survivor; I happened to be in the security room at an amusement park to be trained as a gate keeper when the infected swarmed. Ten-thousand people killed or eaten, I was one of six who survived the first day. I was decked out in my guard uniform and had been given a nightstick; I see it there lying in the corner caked in blood and who knows what else.

In our group were two men, a woman and two kids barely over ten years old; oh god the blood and screaming! A hoard had attacked us and I locked them in a janitors closet thinking nothing would get in but something did. Those glowing eyes haunt me, watching them glance up from the crying child it had pinned and actually portray emotion; it dared me to kill it.

I had my gun raised, not even a foot from its head and those eyes that shimmered in amusement but it had Ellis, that thing was playing with him like a toy. If I shot it dead than Ellis would have been killed, looking back I realize that my bullet would have been merciful. It smiled at me, perfect teeth stained by blood and such, before taking its claw and cutting a deep line down Ellis' torso; the vial of oil and blood is hot in my hand.

Ellis screamed and its smile had darkened, it slashed hard with a whole hand silencing poor Ellis. Noah was curled in the corner coated in his brother's blood; I had a shot and took it. It dodged; it was so fast! Noah cried out seeing me miss but the infected screeched and then Noah was dead, his blood splashing onto my face. It felt like scalding water with how cold I felt seeing these innocent boys die, I didn't have time for my second shot before it was pinning me.

It squealed and screamed trying to remove my flesh when I got its arms by accident; luck that is unlucky. I could see its face clearly now, a man my age when he changed dressed as a student of parkour; I probably knew him before this incident and it is a shame he had suffered a such. He smelled of the infection, making my chest clench and breath hold as I fought not to breathe it in, the creature's snarling had changed. It was as terrifying as it had been but the anger was gone.

We fought and rolled about, those claws getting a bit too close to my face and chest; I screamed so loud and it seemed to enjoy it. Jonah, my boss, heard me though and shot the infected through the shoulder, knocking it clean off. I ran for it, straight for a safe room begging the others to follow me but it was too late, a whole pack of the hooded infected killed them. I locked the door and cried, hours and hours until the infected moved to their next hunting grounds, forgetting about little old me.

I crawled out of my pit with a bat and shottie, I needed to do something to honor the death of those I had come to known if only briefly. I buried the mother and sons together after pouring out my vial and filling it partly with their blood; I did not bury the men but covered them with blankets from the room. I collected their blood too; looking at it now I crave a juicy steak, dripping and nearly rare.

I'm hungry; after the massacre I stalked the rooftops knowing nothing could get me without me knowing they were coming. I climbed a ferris wheel at night fall and that is where I stayed, collecting and hoisting up supplies when I could. I found a few guns too, the sniper rifle was probably my life saver since I could just lean out and pop them off before my daily run.

Not today though, my last run was a few days ago, when I ran out of food. Now its my bat, a few shells and me. I can't run, I don't have the energy for melee kills and the shot gun wouldn't do much against the special infected types. Especially the hooded ones, they were too fast and being lead, the one that pinned me was the alpha; I see him now, stalking around. I didn't understand, he could get me when ever he wanted, I've seen them jump. He was taunting me.

"I see you down there, didn't your mother ever say not to play with your food?" I wanted him up here, in my territory where speed would mean nothing. I could get him even with the bat, steal his clothing and pretend to be him so I could slink away; I striped my uniform and readied my bat. I can do this all day if I have to.

"Come on hooded boy, I know you want me! Maybe you don't have the guts to attack me without your friends backing you up!" I'm making him angry, I can hear his snarling and growling. 'Come on you creep'; this is a good way to die and a good way to live so I win either way. The sound faded, he wasn't there any more; I leaned out slightly trying to get a bead on him.

"RAAAAAHHHHH" Oh god, the metal is in my face and the bat is clinking its way down the metal contraption; the rocking is making me sick. That thing's claws are in my back, pressing into my skin like it wasn't even there and the flowing blood is sticky and warm.

"Damn it... You're smarted than I thought..." I knew he was going to kill me, but I hoped that I would at least going out with a fighting chance. I waited, there was no pain and what ever it was planning on doing it wasn't doing it; I began to roll slowly to I could see it at least. He didn't like that, pressing harder into my back and growling low in warning.

"Alright, I'm sorry, I'm just trying to figure out what you were doing." I'm apologizing to rabid human infected for trying to roll over, I must be dead already or dreaming meaning that I'm asleep and that was good. I hadn't slept well after the death of the others. It growled softly against my back, it's face far closer to my neck than I thought. I can feel its breath now, ghosting over my hair and neck.

"Oh man, that's weird..." I was whispering, I am scared of what my speaking would do to this hunter... 'Hunter, that seems like a good name for this particular infected.' "I'm gonna call you Hunter now, for the few seconds I'm still alive."

It pressed against me harder, rumbling in agreeable; what do you know I can tame rabid infected. I chuckled softly but the Hunter didn't like that and drug sharp nails down my bare back, screaming I tried to buck him off and escape, he liked that less. The Hunter's fingers were literally through my flesh, my soft sides are bleeding with those fingers going in the back and out the front.

I whimpered, having no more strength to scream; the Hunter purred affectionately. He was enjoying my pain and if that wet sliding between my shoulders was any indication he liked how I tasted too. I didn't mind being food if only I wasn't being toyed with, those infected with tongues got you and killed you quick and every other Hunter did it but not this one.

"I wish you'd just kill me already..." The Hunter rumbled low in his throat, I could say that it was laughter but monsters could not laugh, right? The Hunter growled softly against me again, pulling his fingers from my sides and pressing them to my arms, the parts I did not manage to tuck under the safety of my body. He caressed me in an odd way, trailing my blood across my bare skin and licking it up; I was a treat for him...

I was actually enjoying it, for a monster he was lavishing me with attention that one would expect from a lover. Infected weren't dead as far as I could tell, they bleed when shot and shots to an arm or leg killed them as much as a shot to the head did. Maybe the special infected retained some humanity, seeing as they have different mutations than the others.

"Why are you teasing me? What makes me so special to you?" The Hunter 'laughed' again, biting down and taking a chunk out of the arm he was licking; I cried and bit back a weakened scream. I don't understand, he plays with me and as soon as I stop fighting he hurts me. This Hunter is a sadistic bastard and it was a bad idea to trap myself hundreds of feet in the air with him; my wound was being licked and lapped at.

"I guess living flesh is pretty tasty, better than whatever you kill or find out there?" The Hunter was grinning against me, teeth sinking softly into my remaining flesh; knowing it was a bad thing I still tried to turn over. He let me; I was staring at him like that day. Him leaning over me with this grin and sparkle in his eyes daring me to do something, anything. I did.

I shot up and kissed him, desperation is a funny mistress and she decided I needed to kiss the man in front of me despite him being diseased. He was enjoying it, readily kissing me back and biting playfully at my lips; this is wrong and the taste of rotten meat in his mouth should not be this good. He was growling in approval when I lapped at him, sucking the blood onto my own tongue; he is pressed flushed against me and rocking.

Well then, 'Hunter rape', although I am enjoying this so it's not exactly rape but then again, I can't get away. Right now I don't even want to, when all this happened I was a virgin and getting raped by or having sex with a literal zombie before death was not the worse thing. I loose my virginity and die in a way all horror fans dream of; the Hunter found me far too distracted from his lips and bit down hard on my tongue. I whined, the sound muffled by blood and inability to speak correctly.

The Hunter is purring like a pet cat, it's both cute and very disturbing. 'Something is wrong with me, why do I still hold his arms to me and kiss his mouth?' I can't figure it out, claws digging into my skin and still I drink from his poison mouth, it's so good. I am insane, I am dead... Killed by the Hunter and my last thought is this desperate attempt at a sexual fantasy; I care yet I don't. This is so good to me that I only want for it to continue even if this is actually reality and the pain, the blood loss will render me meat for this Hunter.

He purred into my and then began to moan, rocking hard against my crotch showing me that it still had some baser functions. If only I could survive and make it to a safe zone; this is would be a great story to tell. Somehow I began to moan, the Hunter had released my mouth and was licking up my blood before it began to dry; he was pushing my legs apart and forcing himself between them. It's occurred to me that I had yet to see what the infected really looked like, maybe if I did it just right he would let me undress him.

Ever so slowly I began reaching out for the sweatshirt hem, finding purchase and tugging it softly up, I was given permission with a soft growl and a clawed caress. He looked like a human, a little gray perhaps but overall human; the shoulder wound had healed but was still angry green and black with rotten blood. I took pity on him, it must still hurt even if just a little. I palmed the skin softly, stroking around the worst of the wound and pushed myself up to kiss it. The Hunter was purring and panting against me, his touches are becoming harsh but he was loving this, if the hard flesh against my leg was any indication.

The purring was becoming less animal like and much more like a low moan, we were going to have to worry about others, the Hunter's cries would alert nearby enemies. Though I doubt anything was safe from the Hunter, only those giant infected would put up a fight; I arched up softly feeling something wet pressing against my opening. I could feel the claw pressing against the soft flesh, my breath is shallow and panicked; 'please don't cut me there!' I cried inside knowing that if I did one thing wrong in this position the Hunter would make me suffer before dying. He decided, with the brain function he seemed to have, that my panic was not worth it, pulling his hands from me and leaning down to taste me with his tongue.

I let out a squeal, it was so weird to have that wet, wriggling thing inside me; it was twitching and nearly vibrating. That could not have been normal, not for a human tongue. The Hunter laughed at me, like a real laugh too. I sat up, even when I felt those claws cutting deeper into me as a deterrent I still had to look; he was flushed and in this light he looked just like a human. Even the wound looked natural on him, his eyes were glowing softly in a little like the other infected. He was staring at me and pulled away to lick his lips of my blood and other things; that is really embarrassing seeing that thing savor it so.

I turned away from him, holding onto some modesty despite the situation and he didn't like that, he showed me my error by taking a chunk out of my thigh. I jerked back trying to escape but his hand was grabbing at my arm and dragging me closer, claws cutting into my wrist and muscle. I was crying again, broken sobs breaking from my lips that were still bleeding from their torment earlier, the Hunter grinned and licked up my blood. He would come across ribbons of skin hanging and bite them off, chewing them slowly before swallowing; he was pushing up against me forcing the piece he had into my own mouth.

I'm being force fed my own flesh, and enjoying it. The tears were still flowing down my face but tasting meat for the first time in two weeks was so worth the pain at this point. My ravenous feeding from his mouth made the Hunter grin, it being a mix of pride and lust; I'm not sure what he was thinking of me but I was clearly something he wanted. Like a pet maybe. He was kissing me again, sucking hard on my lips and biting them but being careful not to cut into them; he cleaned me up of my blood a patch at a time. My skin is tingling, every inch covered in smeared blood and saliva, the Hunter sucking my wounds for his own sustenance. Funny, I never saw a Hunter eat before.

I moaned aloud, the Hunter took advantage of my woozy mental rambles and took back to tonguing my opening. In delirium this was amazing, he could have ripped my flesh from my bones and I think I would have liked it. I moaned again, pressing my hands into the grimed hair of the Hunter as he pressed a finger into me along with his tongue. He's noises were pleased and he let out a predatory growl when I tried to stroke his hair.

"You can do what ever but I can't even touch you? That's not fair..." I was whining in a higher voice hoping that the reacting would be the same as an animal, pity. It was working, he pulled back from my opening and crawled up so we were face to face; grinning he pushed my hand down his chest and to his pants. He probably couldn't get them off because of his claws, I began to unbutton them and quickly strip them off. The Hunter was pleased, that was a good thing since being good was rewarded. Rewarded I was, the Hunter loomed above me and spread my legs wide to accommodate; his flesh throbbed against my opening as he readied himself. Despite the look of blisters and sickness on his body he was attractive not that it mattered at this point but it was certainty a upside to this situation.

The Hunter moaned low in his throat, pressing into me slowly. I didn't expect the calm treatment, I began moaning softly against his skin and wrapped my legs tightly around his hips. I bite down on the skin under my lips when he failed to move faster, he was pissed off at my sudden attempt for control and impaled me on his flesh. I hurt, it hurt so bad and the thrusting was forcing blood across my opening and across my backside. I knew that was going to happen and still I was crying and screaming. The Hunter was screaming along with me, shrieking his joy like a wild animal as he drilled his flesh into me; his movements are fast and I couldn't fight it.

The metal was rubbing my back raw and the jerked movements jarred my wounds to bleed, not that it mattered to either of us as the blood loss helped with most of the pain. All I could feel was the hot flesh moving between my legs and the immense, raw pleasure of having my most primal urge sated. I can't think, just moan and pant for more from this Hunter who had killed my friends and tried to kill me; the fear heightened my want. I was biting at him with force, tearing the healing scab off his gunshot wound and sucking his darkened blood into my mouth. He bit me back in turn and soon we were both covered in his blood and a bit of mine.

The dark spots on my vision were warning that I was going to die or pass out; I held tight to the Hunter as he sped his thrusting. If I was going to die I was going to come to completion, at this rate I just might. The teeth I had praised took hold of my lip, worrying it until bruised; the glowing eyes found my dazed ones. It was odd, in my haze I must have imagined the kindness I saw. The Hunter was thrusting wildly in to me only to speed them to the point where I could feel nothing but a constant burn; the warmth in my stomach scalding.

I let out a loud moan finding my completion, the colors dancing around the dark spots in my closed eye, the Hunter left out a primal skin louder and far more inhuman than when he attacked. The heat that filled me was just too much, I moaned again being far too sensitive from my own orgasm; the Hunter was panting against me, arms holding me close. I was a rag doll, limbs too numb from both blood loss and exhaustion, my own breathing was deepening. He shook me softly, I groaned softly forgetting myself for a moment and pressing lips against his and whispered that I was tired.

It is dusk now, I can see the orange sky and the pain I was in wasn't that bad for being partially eaten alive. I sat up slowly, waiting for the tell tale growl of the Hunter that I had slept with but there was no noise, not a sound. No birds, no infected and the Hunter wasn't near; maybe another band of survivors came through here and took care of them. My chest was clenching, thinking that the hunter was dead made me hurt far more than my wounds did; I let out a sob and groaned breathing it in. I'd have to wait to look for food again, it was dark and I didn't have the energy to climb down the wheel. I curled up against the blanket I had stashed before the Hunter was there and slept, dreaming that I had become a Hunter too.

I woke at dawn, it was warm today and that alone gave me the energy to move across the park looking for more supplies. After climbing down the rope, the one I usually used for pulling supplies up to me, I began looking around. I had started far away when it came to supplies, in situations like this I could stay close to my haven; there was a sick cough behind me. I turned quickly, holding my shotgun at the ready; the sequel of pain and splatter of blood throwing me off just a bit and that moment was enough for the Hunter pack to surround me.

My brain issued a 'give up' command and with a clatter the shotgun hit the pavement and was soon joined by my knees. The sky is beautiful here, I hadn't noticed before but in dawn the sky was the perfect shade of blue and the gradient between the shades was equally as impressive. I wasn't being mauled but I actually expected that, the alpha Hunter was the one who marked me the day before so I was technically his prize. They stood around me, stepping back only when that Hunter came into view, he walk directly up to me and took my face in his clawed hand. His pants were shredded around the duct tape and the hoodie was also in disrepair; I smiled softly remembering the approval of undressing him.

It growled a command to me, I did not know what possible way I was to understand him but a moment later he pulled me to stand. The hand on my face took me by the front of my uniform and shredded it; he wanted me to stand beside him undressed? He pulled me against him and made a series of orders to his pack, the growls and clicks were lost on me but seeing the others stand at attention and eye me curiously I think I understood. I think he's telling them I am off limits from attack and consumption, he was claiming me as one of the pack and as his pet.

They sniffed at me a bit and upon smelling lower on my body did they nod amongst themselves; I stunk of the essence of their leader meaning I did indeed belong to him. Speaking of the alpha, he snarled softly hearing or seeing something that I did not and forced me onto his back. His muttering when crouched filled my ears and the screech as he jumped soon followed; it was fast, covering the whole park far quicker than I ever did on foot. I don't know what we're doing, did the pack follow the food? Did they have their own personal home that they returned to? What were they going to do with me?

Questions distracted me the remainder of the trip, there was a large storage building with boarded up windows, the pack jumped onto the roof and dropped in through an access point. My Hunter placed me on the roof and made a motion for me to stay put, I won't go against him and nodded furiously. He smirked and pulled me against him, sucking my lips into his mouth and opening the wounds from our mating. I could taste more blood on his tongue, not mine and I found myself jealous but that meant I was just crazy; not much of a realization at this point. He smirked and licked my blood from his lips, disappearing a moment later into the building below.

I took a shaky breath, I didn't like this. I feel like bait for some monster, but that didn't seem to be the case as two other Hunters crawled out from below and handed me what looked like a chunk of a leg and bandages; fearing repercussions I made a sound of thanks and gathered the gifts. The meat was gross to put it lightly but strength was returning to my body with every bite; the wounds along my body are hard to bandage with the little I had to work with. The two Hunters had yet to leave, the sat there watching me closely and occasionally sniffing about me or pressing against my skin softly. They seemed fascinated by the living creature before them but a sharp call for their alpha had them backing off and staring fearfully back at me.

I frowned softly and made a soft motion, trying to portray kindness I guess. Motioning I moved closer and had them come closer, offering my arm for them to examine. Their prodding was far from soft but they made sure not to mark or mar me; my Hunter screech launching himself from the entrance to the building. The ones near me backed off quickly making a move to run; desperately I stood and moved my arms to show that I wanted them safe. My Hunter backed off a bit but dug his claws into my chest and growled low in his throat, I whimpered and promised not to let them close to me again. He licked my wounds clean and snarled at his pack who slunk back into the building, he stared me down and pressed me against the rooftop.

I moaned softly feeling how badly he wanted me, but I wasn't ready for this again... A shot rang out from a rifle and my Hunter was launched across the roof into the access point; I was running before I could think and feeling the clawed hand against mine. I had barely caught him, he was bleeding heavily from his chest and he wasn't returning the grip; I cried out to the Hunters below, demanding help. My order seemed good enough to them and quickly they were scaling the inner structure to reach me, taking their leader onto their backs and lowering him down. I could hear yelling, calling out to me. Damned survivor, I was safe here and he ruined everything! I called to a Hunter, making a snarled noise as they did and motioned him to follow behind me; I was going to make that guy pay!

Here I stand yelling to the survivor to come closer, explaining how I was injured and in need of help; every step he made closer I grinned wider knowing that the pack would take him down quick. I could see him now, dirty jeans and sniper rifle tucked away on his back, just a little closer. When I could see the color of his eyes I snarled softly and screamed as the Hunters would when attacking, the man had no chance, he was soon pinned and killed. Now... I hurried back to the entrance and motioned for help down, I was granted the request. Rushing through the area I scrounged up some more bandages and a med kit which I used to the best of my ability, covering the wound and stopping the bleeding.

It was a week before my Hunter was able to move about without taking a break and suffering a bleed; we had sex during that time too. He demanded it and I did as told, I had a fare number of claw marks and missing chunks from those sessions as well. The other Hunters made themselves sparse when we were mating, for good reason too since one had taken a lick when I was taking care of my wounds and had a missing fingers. I treated him of course but that same Hunter kept his distance unless I approached him. My Hunter holds me at night, clawing me softly and growling if my breathing changes in the slightest; like a child with its first puppy.

I was left at the building when they went out on hunts, and they shared their food with me. I would get sick sometimes, eating raw meat was not good and eating human meat was not good either; my Hunter began catching animals on the side. Today was a good hunt for the pack, they had killed a few humans and my Hunter found me a rabbit; I was cutting the skin from the meat with a knife he found for me. I should give him a name, but what do you name a creature like that? Hunter as a name would be too obvious. James, Max, Noah?

Shivers racked my body, my Hunter was running his tongue up my neck and nipping at the bruised skin from the other day. The knife slipped out of my hand, clattering to the floor with a light clink; I was longing to hold him against me and proved it by reaching back into his hair.

"I wish I knew your name..." My Hunter purred with pure amusement, as silly request I know but I'm sure anyone would want to know the name of their lover. The nips softened into open mouth kisses, I moaned encouragingly for him, I love it when he was gentle with me. Taking cues he wrapped his arms around me but made sure to keep his claws away and rubbed his cheek against my back. I worried his neck, working the kinks out of taut muscles; the purring got louder and the rumbling through my back was pleasant. I hated to think that he would know that the times where he mostly forced me to lay under him were not acceptable; I can only fear what he would do then.

A heavy growl voiced its self from the far end of the building, different from the ones I had heard before and yet, akin to my Hunter. Ohh, now I understood. That is why it sounded so different. My Hunter was crossing the room faster than I could believe; a sick splatter of blood and a whimper made my heart clench. My Hunter stalked on both feet back to me with a good chunk of meat in his mouth, spitting the dark piece away he offered me an apologetic groan and motioned for me to treat the wounds.

I felt bad for this poor guy, he was youngest of our pack and suffered the most injuries when the survivors came through; he whimpered while I pressed a pad to the wound. Poor thing reminded me of Ellis, cold and scared, clinging to his mother and me when things went bad.

"Hey, it's alright, I know you didn't mean any harm. I'm just his pet and he is rather protective of me." The young Hunter whimpered again, pressing his head into my chest and making a low whining noise after I had finished wrapping the section of arm. I had trouble understanding what each click and growl was but this was clear enough; he was sorry and wanted me to forgive him. A true child at heart; I put my arms around him and sang softly like I had done with my cousins when they stayed over at the family house. The whines softened to little hiccups of noise and then to light breathing, carefully I moved him into his little area in the building. He was light and not eating well, Hunters retained lean muscles but this little one was thin enough that his ribs were sticking through.

"Poor thing, I bet you didn't have a chance out there alone." I pressed a hand lightly to the Hunter's back to rub along their spine, he twitched slightly in his sleep but relaxed visibly. A low growl halted my affections; my Hunter snarled a warning in my ear and quickly gathered me up. I am in for a world of hurt, showing any creature my pity or affection left me sore for days and a good chunk missing from whatever place he happened to favor that day. We weren't, he was just laying me upon our mess of blankets and curling around me; I made a noise of confusion in my throat. My Hunter purred against me and nipped at my ear but nothing more; did he just want me by him tonight? Was he worried I was going to try and escape? Questions plagued my mind until I fell asleep.

Panic, nothing running though my mind except the panic of waking up alone and the sound of gunfire; the knife from yesterday in my hand and hoodie pulled over my naked body. The screams of survivors and Hunters; I can't hear my Hunter among them. I was quick, slicing a fresh neck and catching the gun that fell from those hands; one, two, ten shots. Humans dead, Hunters victorious; my hunter was not among those who stood beside me with growling approval and presents of hearts and livers. I snarled softly then barked, demanding the best I could where my Hunter had gone, the youngest lead me about. The house was covered in blood and bile, I hear it, the groan of pain that belong to my Hunter; he's stuffed in the back. Pinned under a heavy section of ceiling, my pack and I dug him out.

The wounds were bad but not fatal, if I can patch him up. I whispered worried words to him, begging him not to leave me and the pack; the weak groan in response making the pain in my chest and worry worse. I stripped my own bandages from mostly healed wounds and used those to cover his worst; the pack was gathering with hushed growls and clicks. I barked for bandages, my chest tightening seeing that only one was willing to listen and scampered off. They thought he was going to die and then they would disband or fight over top dog, I screamed and gathered my gun pointing it at the eldest of the Hunters.

"Stand against me and I will take every single one down with me! Kill me or help me, the first option has a high body count! RAAAAAAHH!" I screed as loud as my lungs would allow; they ran off, whimpering and clicking in fear. I don't care if they return because I just needed to know they weren't going to take me as some prize if my Hunter died, he grunted low and purred at me. The clawed hand had a few broken fingers but I took it in mine anyway, he was reaching for me and I would not leave him.

"I'm going to help you, you're going to be fine..." I might have been lying to the both of us. The young Hunter returned with a few others in tow, all carrying bandages and assorted items they managed to scrounge up. I worked quickly, wiping the blood on my hoodie and pouring what little disinfectants onto my Hunter, closing my eyes in empathy when he screamed and grunted in pain. The majority of his clothing was useless so I had to throw it to the side, his bare skin was looking so awful I had to look away for a bit so I wouldn't get sick. It was terrible seeing so many bandages soaking up dark blood, I splint the broken bones last hoping that he had not suffered too much as I did the rest. I clicked softly, asking instead of demanding for help. The youngest had decided that I was worth it and helped his alpha on my back.

I lead them back to our building, forcing aside the door that the survivors had broken through to get to us. I would have to fix it, our diminished pack would not survive another round of armed survivors. Even with the limp weight against my back I gathered the blankets and as much soft material available to make a bed of sorts. My Hunter could not be placed on the floor in this state. Finally the bed was good enough for me and I lowered him off my back onto the material, he grunted in discomfort but sighed in thanks when he was finally settled. I barked back at the others, demanding food, water and anything to bar that door.

The young Hunter pressed his hand to mine and stared into my eyes, I offered him a sad look. This little Hunter knew I was scared; I patted his head and tossed him a piece of meat off the large piece I was going to feed my Hunter. My Hunter cooed at me, and growled in a way that was akin to a lust drunk come hither; I sent the little one on his way and curled against my Hunter on his less injured side. He purred to me, pressing my thigh softly and stroking the skin with the back of his claw; my Hunter took my hand in his and held it tight.

I don't know why he was being so kind but I enjoyed it; I rewarded him with the bloody meat in my other hand. Those teeth scraped my knuckles when he suckled the meal from my fingers and he even cleaned them of the blood that was threatening to stain my skin. He was making me feel good, since I knew he loved me covered in blood. He had not taken me to bed in days, I wanted him inside me. I wanted to sleep with him, not just cuddle but now is not the time for that. He needed to get better, and I needed to bar that door.

'Later, I'll do that later.' The pack had settled in and we had killed those damned survivors that think Hunters deserved to die; I used to be that kind of person but now I knew it was about their own survival. Besides, my Hunter wanted me alive so I am very safe under his eyes and pack.

Months have passed, I don't even speak anymore just growls and clicks like the Hunters. My Hunter and I have taken control of the whole area, reducing all the infected to prey and increasing our pack to a size of twenty or more. The young Hunters clung to me as their mentor, my Hunter treating me extra well in bed when I taught them to hunt and some of their new abilities. Not a single survivor fought there was through here again, there might be no humans left at this point. I whispered in a pleasing way when my Hunter sucked my neck just right, nipping softly at a scab from an old wound. I ran my own tongue through the sweat collecting on my Hunter's brow.

This is life, no jobs or anything just living in the moment and taking pleasure from the very source. I might be an infected now but it does not matter to me. This tight coil of pleasure filling me while being filled by the creature I had come to appreciate and even love. His fluid filling me until I stunk of his scent , this was my haven and my ideal home.

I hope rescue never comes.

(Line Break)

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