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(Line Break)

On occasion I wake and forget where I am, surrounded by warm bodies of lean muscle and the scent of blood staining the air. I screamed the first time, my Hunter pinning me down with concerned whimpers and desperate yelps to calm me even as I thrashed against him. My pack sleeps around me now just in case I did it again and I had; they grow more frequent now and last longer into the day.

I named my Hunter so he can whisper his name to me, it helps hearing a name I've associated with my deeper need for love and lust. I called him Nick; the name is easy in the Hunter tongue. My Nick mastered short words quickly and he'll speak them to me when I do not remember the pack, his body dressed in clean clothing he reserves for these nights. The garb does not smell of blood but of his skin and a world lost to us living in this abandoned city.

I was banned from the hunt; Nick fearing my safety and the safety of the pack if I ever had a spell of amnesia but still I took care of the youngest of our pack. Nick returned from the main hunt, a few infected bodies in tow and fresh animals for me. Nick knew I could eat anything now, including the tainted meat of the infected but once the incidents came at least once a week he refused to give me anything less than fresh meat.

To a point I was a prisoner in my own home, being kept from the world outside and being watched every second in case I went completely insane and killed my family. Same as this morning when I woke, it didn't fade after a few minutes, it lasted hours and I was crying seeing that I had injured my family and worse still I hurt Nick. I held him close long into the afternoon and he calmed me by violating me over and over until I couldn't remember anything but him.

His heat moving through me relentlessly and making my entire body flare as his essence fills me and the way my skin feels as it drips down my thighs. Smelling of Nick for days and feeling as every step sloshes what remains of his cream inside me, the wounds aching pleasantly and reminding me that I have become his even when I wake knowing nothing of the outbreak. We lay naked in each other's arms; his piece nestled in my opening and his breath even in my ear. I pressed my lips to his, drinking in the taste of his mouth and the tinge of my blood on his lips.

Where am I?

I am surrounded by people that smell of death, I'm covered in blood… I reached for the glint of metal shining in the moon light, the knife is coated in blood. I didn't drop it but crawled away, stepping over the sick smelling bodies. They were alive but how could anything smelling like death be alive? The door was guarded and built like a blockade, all nailed and blocked up as if done over weeks; how long had I been here?

There's got to be a way out, my eyes scanned the warehouse, right, left and up finding only one way out, the broken sun roof. There was no way up… I'm trapped here, in the sick and blood…

I'm throwing up now, the vomit bitter and thick with curdled blood, chunks of raw flesh dotting the semi-liquid remains of what was inside my stomach. It's not my blood, not my flesh but what? What was inside me? Why do I feel like something's missing; these scars and bites, the wounds marring every section of flesh. Some fresh and some up to maybe a year old; a year? This giant chunk of flesh from my leg now scarred to be a quarter inch divot of dark skin, the shape of a mouth down to the teeth outline.

Wait? What was that? I brandished my knife in the general direction of the growl, something very animal yet so very human. I see a pair of faintly glowing eyes, glancing about until they landed on me; I was stricken still, my fear getting ahead of my brain. It purred, clearly happy to see me as it stood at full height and approached only to stop short as I held my knife with shaking hands towards it. It clicked in confusion, cooing softly but keeping its distance.

"Listen… I don't know who… what you are but…" It whimpered, like kicked puppy and my weapon waned. My arms relaxed and I approached it instead, reaching out to find a clawed but clean hand doing the same.

"I…am…Nick" 'Nick' struggled with the words, sounding more like a rasp of sound than the words he was speaking but I understood. I nodded to him, not sure what to say in return; my name escaping me but maybe he could help me.

"Nick… could you help me out of here? I need to get home…" Nick tightened his grip, pulling me softly to the pile of sleeping… people, and I say that tentatively.

"This… is home; our home." I shook my head and pulled against his insistence; there is no way I could call this place home.

"I… this isn't home, I need to go home." I don't even remember where home is anymore, I just want to be somewhere that feels normal. This place makes my skin tingle and breath short, the smell coming off this man clouding my thoughts like back in high school when some hot piece of tail walked by me. Nick whined softly but let my hand loose before crouching low and gesturing to his back.

"I get you out, you can go… home." Nick didn't want to let me go, I could tell that much but why he wanted to keep me so bad I didn't know. I climbed slowly onto his back, leaving the knife on the floor so that neither of us would get hurt with whatever he was going to. Somehow I was ready for it when he jumped, hands tightening on his shoulders at just the right tension and legs holding to his flanks as one would in bed. I have never seen anyone with this ability, the sheer height and speed that he can jump; the roof was bright with the morning sun.

"What happened?" I couldn't stop the words seeing the sky so gray and the amusement park looking so destroyed; my home and childhood reduced to trash. I turned back to Nick, tears stinging my eyes and begging for something, anything to explain how this happened; only to stop short seeing his blistered skin and grayed flesh.

"I do not know how… Only that it got me you." Nick walked close and placed a hand against my cheek which I readily leaned into, feeling his claws brushing against my cheek bone and the odd texture of his palm smoothing over my face.

"You save me, love me. I love you." Nick stepped even closer, lips chapped and split pressing against mine with such tenderness I wished my first partner to be this kind. This kiss was more than just that, it was a fan against a fire so deep it burned my soul and with just that my clothing was damp and breathing heavy.

"Oh god… It's… OHH." It's so much, this pleasure from just a simple touch. I've missed so much, this man, Nick, was my lover and we were passionately in love. I moaned deep into his mouth, tasting blood on his tongue and loving it so much; his flavor was like drinking pure sex.

"But you want to go home… I will let you go… I love you so much!" Nick didn't stop touching me but denied the kiss, I whined against him begging for it but still he only held my face from his. Even after everything, the kissing and touching long into the night he took me far from this rotting place to the nearest lights in the sky. A military base where guards patrolled the barb-wire fences with gas masks; Nick growled softly at my side but kept quiet otherwise.

"Is this all there is? Where is the city?"

"I love you… I love you so much; this is for you." Nick wrapped his arms around me, squeezing just a little too tightly but through it I could feel his desperation to not do this, not to let go. Nick snarled in my ear, turning away just long enough to let out a low scream into the darkness before gripping me tightly again and snarling again.

"Nick, why are you doing this if you don't want to?"

"I love you, but you are not mine… I hun…ter, hunter, you human…" I couldn't just leave things like this, I knew I had to leave but this is the wrong way to do it.

"Nick… please love me once more. I don't remember anything and I need something to tell me that this wasn't a dream." Nick immediately went for my throat, his tongue running along the skin and tracing the scars. He brought us down into the grass, pinning me down but allowing me breathing room. His lips and teeth making marks where ever he could, anything to make sure I could remember this moment; everything was perfect even his hands running under my shirt and claws marking my skin. The wounds tingled, I lie, everything tingled so that my body was no longer skin and bones but an extension of Nick's being.

He was delicate and harsh at the same time, claws cutting shallow marks that burned before his mouth would ghost over the injury to soothe. The process was slow, clothing being shed in a tease, the body of my lover revealed piece by piece; he was being kind to show me exactly what he was. The skin and sores, the bumps and scars, nothing about him was repulsive but a turn on; seeing his lean torso offered before me a buffet for my teeth to attack. Nick cried out a moan that was more a scream, my teeth digging deep into him and tasting his poison blood causing my own moan.

Nick forced me back down on my back, his eyes glowing just enough to show he was playing with me as much as I was playing with him. He bit playfully at the hand I moved to his face, running his fangs over my fingers and biting ever so softly at the knuckle when he took the finger deep into his mouth. It was amazing, seeing him trust me so much yet control me with that sharp nip when my fingers curled that wrong way against his tongue. I curled away when his claws pressed against my entrance, something inside telling me that he wouldn't hurt me but my fear drowning it out.

Seeing my pain Nick gave up my hand and moved down, sucking skin until red and moving on to make every part of me moist with his saliva. Finally his mouth found my entrance and then with practiced precision breached me with his tongue, moving inside of me in a way that had me pushing back and moaning into the dark. He moaned into me, loving my sounds and committing them to memory; I didn't want to leave him, not when he can play my body like an instrument. My hands found his head and stroke the hair, which felt both greasy and silky, with fervor; Nick replied in turn with the most amazing trick with his tongue.

It wasn't enough, he was going slowly and it was considerate but I wanted him to do it, I wanted him to take me. I pulled softly at Nick's hair trying to tell him that I was ready for it, he got the clue soon enough and after cleaning his lips he got us both ready. Nick stared deeply into my eyes as he entered, watching for pain he knew wouldn't be there.

"Go wild Nick, don't hold back." He didn't, the moment he was sheathed he lost control, screaming and snarling in my ear he began to force into me with such strength we slid across the ground. Each thrust was like a punch to my gut and left me so breathless, I held tight for dear life despite his claws cutting into my back. The grass and mud made everything hurt and the scent of blood in the air was almost sickening but seeing Nick as he loved me was worth it all. Nick cried out and violently pinning me back down, rolling me on my side for a new angle that was uncomfortable but brought a new world of sensations.

It wasn't long before I lost myself and reached completion, Nick following close behind, his essence scorching my insides. There was so much, leaking from my entrance and making me smell of Nick's body. Nick dressed me, I could feel as he moved me gently; soon he had me dressed but he cut at my clothing just enough to make me look like a victim instead of some dumb bastard that survived.

"Maybe you are safe here… I will wait and keep an eye out."

"Nick, you speak like you don't know how."

"I do not know how, you show me; I show you my words." I wanted to ask but hearing from the park the call of the Hunter pack I realized that I had spent enough time in their care to understand their language to a certain extent. Nick offered a soft noise and a final kiss before heading back to his pack, they had called for him. I frowned a moment and cried just a bit, the image of victim ever stronger now with the blood, mud and tears; I will miss Nick with all my heart.

I ran quickly to the base, my legs wobbly from the passionate embrace I was in. I screamed and made quite a commotion, watching as all the lights turned on and the military point their guns at me. I yelled, asking and begging for help, the blood covering my skin and clothes made me a picture of pathetic. Men in hazmat suits exited the lower section of the structure and escorted me inside; the questions flew quickly with most going unanswered by me or the men.

"What have you come in contact with?"

"What do you call them?"

"Call what?"

"The hooded ones…"

"The Hunters, make sure to note this is a survivor of those monsters. Were you alone?"

"Just me and the Hunter pack…"

"The Hunters live in packs? How do you know that?"

"They hunted in packs, like wolves." Each and every question was written down and answers next to the questions, they were multitasking. Taking blood, spit and such while asking me these questions and surprisingly they were unconcerned seeing the fluids dripping from my body onto their clean floor. I am sore they made me stand here naked as the day I was born, prodding my injuries and cleaning as they went along; the hand violating me was unnecessary but the gun trained on me was keeping me quiet.

"Alright, we're done here; an officer will direct you to the supply post for you to get clothing and your rations schedule. Listen carefully when you are briefed on the way things work here or you will be punished."

"Can I just have one question before that?"

"What?" The man with the gun glared and almost demanded me to speak before he got angry; he had nothing on me and he knew it.

"How long has it been since the outbreak; I haven't really been keeping a calendar."

"It's been half a year, well, since we received orders to contain the contaminated; some areas have been suffering for up to a year now. Judging from the scars and such you have been tangling with those Hunters for, possibly, a year. How on earth did you survive? We only have a handful of people who escaped those particular infected." I didn't answer the very stupid question, I couldn't really anyway seeing as I personally have no recollection of that supposed year. The last thing I actually remember is going in my interview to become a security guard at the amusement park, I was going to go back a week later for my first day.

"I don't know I woke up this morning without remembering anything from the last year."

"That could be from exposure, whatever this 'green flu' is." A gun was immediately pushed into my face, the doctor was yelling at the man who had done it but despite his gas mask I could tell he wasn't going to back down at some word of a lowly doctor.

"That means infection and my orders are to kill and dispose of anyone who is." His gun did not scare me, the man underneath was still a man; ignorant. I don't know what came over me but somehow I had taken his gun without a single shot fired and placed him down, the gun aimed between the eyes of his gas mask. I snarled at him, deep and menacing, so much like a Hunter. I instantly dropped the gun, curling up before the men standing around me and let out a choked sob; infected or not I was becoming a Hunter and separated myself from my pack.

A week had passed and my only consolation was that I did not feel as sick as I did when I first showed up; the meat in my system purged and the fiber finally cleaning me from inside. The clean water was nice too, the showers maybe but not being able to smell what remained of Nick on my body was unnerving; I missed him so much. There were many people here, I avoided them all thinking somewhere inside that I did not deserve to sit beside any of them; I wasn't like them. Yet on occasion one would approach me.

At first it was this young woman, her name was Rochelle and she said I looked so lonely sitting by myself. She sat with me during full camp activities like meals and daily exercise; how like a prison this was but judging from the original building it likely was intended for it. Rochelle was kind, trying to get me to talk with her but settling for the quiet when I still refused her; on this day she called over another person.

"Hey Ellis, come over here and sit with us." I paled, the name sparking something dark inside my mind. I could see a small boy, no two boys and blood and… Nick. I was reminded of the vial around my neck; they had let me keep it when I swore I would never opening it within the walls; Ellis and Noah's blood.

"Gee, wha's wrong, you lookin' like you seen a ghost." The southern drawl was sobering, I did remember but now was not the time for that; I can't let them know that I hadn't killed the person that killed my friends.

"It's nothing…" I kept my voice down, the soldiers by the doors keeping a closer eye on me than I was comfortable with; I would not let them know of anything they could use against me.

"Well, look at that, first time I've heard you speak. What's your name deary?"

"I don't know… I can't remember much except for things that happened before the outbreak."

"Well that's okay; it will come back to you eventually." Rochelle didn't say much after that and let Ellis go into a story about his 'buddy Keith', Rochelle had clearly heard this story a hundred times along with everyone else in the grounds. It must be nice to be able to cling to something like that; I could imagine this little hick being absolutely crushed if he learned his friend was dead but would still tell the stories to keep Keith alive in spirit. That's probably why he does it right now, trying to convince himself he hasn't lost anything and soon everything will go back to normal.

But it won't; nothing is going to be the same. The world could be purged of the outbreak and infected but nothing will ever return to how things were before, millions of people have died or been turned. This isn't just some war, this was the end of the world as we knew it, the military is crumbling and survival of the fittest was become the genetic standard again.

"Dunnit sound fun?" Ellis asked me directly, my self-musing coming to an abrupt end and all I could do was agree without knowing the context; Ellis went into another story and this time I actually listened.

It went on like this for days, a new story everyday of some silly adventure that was caused by some form of stupidity or recklessness. Rochelle clarified where ever should could on some little detail that Ellis forgot or might have exaggerate for the sake of the story; it seemed like she had every version of the story Ellis had ever conjured.

"You got any stories, remember anything?" I thought about it a moment, the only thing I knew was that I survived with a pack of hunters and my group was killed by the very man, Hunter, I loved.

"I… I only know that I shared territory with a Hunter pack for next to a year…" Ellis and Rochelle both gasped, offering me their support with the slightest of touch to my shoulders.

"Them Hooded dudes are nasty, how'd you do it?"

"I don't know, but I have plenty of scars to prove that I didn't get away unscathed." Ellis had those puppy dog eyes that I just couldn't deny, damn that boy and his baby blue eyes.

"Ellis, honey, it's rude to ask something like that…"

"It's okay, I really should look at them myself; I've been avoiding it for too long." I hiked the cheap shirt up high enough to show off the first layer of scars, only the ones around my stomach and lower back catching a glimpse of them in a window that caught the light just right. They were quite a sight, the mix of smooth and jagged as well as the cause of the initial injury; the claws in the troughs of passion, angered slashes, worst the quarter sized piercing from when Nick and I were still enemies.

"Damn… You lived through that? Ain't anyone 'round here been in a tussle so many times they end up lookin' like that."

"It's not even the worst of it; I've got chunks missing out of me in places, mostly on my legs though." Ellis let out a low whistle, asking in the most polite way he could to see them and earned quite the lecture from Rochelle. I promised Ellis time to see the scars, I wanted to map them and figure out what had happened, from what I could tell the majority of marks were not done out of hate. They were done with an ulterior motive, not to kill but to tease, injury enough to bleed and scar but not to cripple.

Nick had done these I'm sure… In the bathroom I inspected as best I could the scars across my belly, the deep muscle injuries straining the wrong way as I stood on tip-toe just to be able to get a look in the vanity mirror. It hurt a lot, working those scarred muscles to anything other than relaxed; the full piercing, stabbing wounds folding in the strain. He had done those to hurt, he wanted me to suffer a lot when he did these; but not the claw marks along the front. They looked shallow, little white lines breaking every so often as parts healed correctly; I placed my hand along them, the lines a perfect match to nails.

He held me here once, passionately thrusting into me and clinging to anything. The line cutting from my nipple down my body, he had teased me; playing with me and telling me that he had the control aside from this like mark where I pushed into it, I owned him too. I whined softly, the strain just too much and relaxed with heaving breaths against the sink, I growled low and let out a series of rasps telling myself everything was okay… In Hunter tongue, I was speaking as they would and if anyone heard me doing as such I'd be killed.

I shied away from the group, pretending to be sick during lunch and dinner; staying by the guard when outside with some excuse about not feeling safe. Ellis frowned softly but did not bother me about not sharing my scars, I told him to come to my room just for a quick look and he did with a quiet smile. He did touch even though I told him not to, the ones along my back not I had yet to inspect and when he went over the still fresh ones I shivered in suppressed lust.

"Oh did I hurt cha?" Ellis was so sweet, his hand jerking back when he felt the shiver.

"No… Just remembering how it happened…" The hardcore sexing I asked for just before walking right into this prison camp.

"Shoot, do you remember how ya got away? I mean, them Hunters don't let cha go once they get cha."

"He did… He just let me go…"

"Whoo, that's mighty weird; no Hunter I eva' tangled with will just let go, they either kill ya or ya buddy shoots 'em."

"That's what happened to my friends, the Hunter killed them and one of them shot it off me… That Hunter was playing with me… I was helping a mother and her two kids, Noah and… Ellis; the Hunter killed them right in front of me and then owned me for the last year."

"Hell, we weren't out there that long and there was the four of us… I'm gonna give you a hug now, kay? Next best thing for bad memories; next to a good beer." I didn't fight the hug, feeling a pair of strong, warm arms for the first time in two weeks was a welcomed change to the gray color and barred walls.

"Hey overalls quit the loving and get something to eat or you're going to complain all night."

"Oh lay off Nick, my friend here needs some comfortin'." I froze with that name, tears sprang from my eyes like a fountain and ran down to soak Ellis's shirt; I want so bad to see my Nick again that it's painful to sit here. It hurts to be in another man's arms.

"I miss Nick… Oh god I miss him so much!" I don't know what to do. I loved that Hunter, Nick, so much and yet I forced him to let me go; how could I be so cruel? Ellis tightened his grip on me, he said something but my crying drowned out most of it; I felt more than heard the person that sat next to me.

"Ellis, the guards are getting antsy, we should let the quack handle this."

"Ya being cold Nick…" I snarled sharply and let out a scream, the Hunter's cry for help. The rasping call that was suspiciously like the word 'run' scared both men to their feet and into a frenzy to find a weapon to kill the 'Hunter' that was surly going to kill them. I made a run for it, shoving Ellis to the floor and forcing my legs as fast as they would go, not really knowing where I was going but aiming for anywhere that wasn't inside. On my heels I could hear guards, their feet hitting the floor like a herd of elephants and making the floor shake; they thought me a Hunter and were going to kill me.

The door to the grounds was open, just slightly ajar; some suave man with a silver tongue probably convinced a guard to open the door so he could smoke. I slammed into the metal door full force and tripped violently into the dirt but having spent so long doing parkour I rolled into a crouch with my weight even on my legs and fingertips, just like the Hunters. The sound of guns were quiet compared to the sudden rush of sound from a helicopter, the search light blinding but showing that I was no Hunter, my normal skin and living eyes.

"Orders sir! It seems human!"

"I've seen them turn men, keep your guns ready to blow its brains out!" At least they were giving me a chance; I felt the tears begin again but this time it was just for the sake of doing it, I was crying just to let the tears fall.

"But the test was negative, not infected!" I remained in my crouch but turned the majority of my body to the scientist's voice over the intercom, he was complete liar, there is no possible way I wasn't infected.

"What do you mean doctor? The only reason it's not dead is because it hasn't hurt anyone yet." I snarled at the ranking officer, if he kept treating me like cannon fodder I was going to show him just how bad I could hurt… Over the commotion I could hear Nick calling out to me, screaming with his pack like a wolf, calling for his lost mate and I called back. I could hear the guns rise but still I screamed back, let them strike me down because now I remember, my alpha, my Hunter will strike them all down in revenge.

I smiled when I heard the death scream, that human cry when a Hunter ripped into him; every guard around me began to scan for the 'enemy' but they would not see my pack. The lights were all on me and concealing my pack, their dark clothing blending perfectly into the night; I rose slowly and flashed as feral a grin as I could to the ranking officer. I dodged it when he fired his first shot, a meager little pistol in hand that he clearly couldn't shoot with by over compensating for kickback that wasn't there. Besides if there is anything I mastered from my Hunter pack it was taking down an armed enemy; I closed the distance between us quickly and relieved him of his pistol and life.

My pack was only targeting the military and scientists, the survivors corralled here were simply terrorized for fun and games back to their bunks; one of the young Hunters getting hands on Ellis before I barked. I was greeted whole-heartedly, being told that he had missed his mother and they came back to get me; Ellis stared at me a moment when I replied to my young ward in their tongue.

"You speak Hunter, when cha learn to do that?" Nice to know Ellis wasn't going to kill this little one; despite him brandishing a frying pan intent on protecting himself and his friends.

"I remember now, I didn't fight them off; I was their mother figure. I lived in their pack, taught them how to jump and hunt; I took care of them."

"Well how 'bout that? Didn't know Hunters needed mothers." I didn't have time to explain, I sent the little one to find Nick and tell him I was in this living area. Every gun shot was beginning to worry me, I was hearing less yells from my hunters and less screaming as the military was turned inside out. I went to look for the intercom, find a way to rally my pack and get them out of here before they got killed. I was joined by a few of my pack that were just searching and some who had been injured and ran; the moment those officers rounded the corner I had them killed by claw or gun.

Before rallying my troops I thought it best to find first aid for those who had been hurt, one of us had broken their leg when they misjudged the distance on the other side of the wall. Poor thing was limping rather pathetically and panting against the pain; I supported the better part of his weight down the long stretches since the others needed to take down guards. I thanked the military for their surplus of first aid equipment; I patched my pack up quickly and forced them to take pain killers just in case. Now we were really cooking, the pain killers doing wonders after acting quickly and taking away even the minuet pain that their illness caused; their speed was stunning.

I gave up on the intercom and went straight for the main exit, no barbed wire and no guards; they were worried about people getting in not getting out. I told my pack to go to the edge of the small forest, that separated the areas, and wait for me and Nick; it was quite the job to get them to do that but I managed. It was easy enough to run past the throngs of people trying to escape the Hunters, not taking the time to realize that the Hunters weren't after them; such cattle. I only had a few shots left in my stolen gun, against those machine-guns I wasn't going to last long; a Hunter rushed into me and I fired without thinking into a guard.

"Ugh, damn it… Why are you helping them?" I snarled low at the man, holding the Hunter back with a calm hand across his shoulder.

"I am their mother." I stated cold as ice and fired directly into his head, the blood stank of a life of vices and rage; I told the hunter the same as the others and he went without a fight, hugging me for good measure. I found some dead, tears springing from my eyes and rage ripping the screams from my throat, telling all who have wronged my family that they were going to suffer! I located ammo and killed all who stood in my path; soon I was back in the middle where the open grounds were.

"You called them here, didn't you!"

"No, they came for me of their own accord! I am their pack mother; they will stop if you let me go!" The second-in-command demanded much for shaking hands on an almost empty gun; from behind him I caught sight of my Nick. That man didn't even have time to scream before Nick removed his airway; Nick smiled down at me and I smiled back. He came down to my level and immediately took me in a passionate kiss, his blood soaked tongue invading my mouth. I clung to him, drinking in the flavor and burying my hands deep into his hair like my life would leave me if I dared to let go.

"Let's go home Nick." Nick smiled brightly back at me, his eyes so full of life once again and he crouched for me to get on his back. I tightened my thighs at his hips and wrapped my arms loosely around his throat, the soaring was something I had truly missed and soon our whole pack was on our way home. The travel taking no time and along the way the cheers and welcoming tones made my heart flutter, I was so loved and responded to all that I was never going to leave ever again.

Home, I loved it here, the colors far from gray and white, everything and nothing had changed, so inviting. Nick carried me to bed, stripping me of the clothing of that place and stripping himself so that we lay perfectly flush against one another. I moaned into his skin finally feeling his hot tool against me, I had not touched myself in that place so now I was dying for relief from this pent up lust. Nick trailed his fangs against my throat, purring softly as he nipped and kissed the skin, I tilted my head back begging for more.

My begging was answered with heavy sucks, the hickeys rising quickly to the surface and pulling the most desperate of moans from me, I wanted the whole dirty dance. He denied me, taking his time to get reacquainted with my body, tasting every scar and plane of flesh. I don't like being teased, I wanted him to cut me and take me like he did when we first had sex; still this isn't so bad just frustrating. I whined and whispered to him nasty things, Hunter tongue for things that would make a porn star blush in embarrassment; Nick nipped at one of my new scars and told me to be quiet.

Not that I was one to listen, I got louder and begged even more, words dirty and movements raunchy as all get out; somewhere in the mess Nick pinned my arms above me. The growl he made was one I hadn't heard before, something so desperate in his noise and feeling his flavor dripping onto my bellybutton I think I understood. He was making it last because he wanted to be sure I was real; this was too good to be real for the both of us and he was playing out something he could never dream of.

I smiled back at him, calming my movements to play along with his version of role play. Nick cooed, teasing my upper lip softly and stroking my arms in lazy motions as a human lover would. I love the development of something like this, how Hunters are not primitive yet fall back on their baser instincts, as if the reason they survive as Hunters is because they sacrifice their humanity. But does this matter? No. All that matters are the hands holding my body and the sex pulsing against me; the deepest need to join with the love of your life.

Hands covering my chest and massaging all there before soaking me in saliva from a tongue of a desperate man, he was hungry for many things that only I could give him. We shared many a passionate but slow kiss, hands touching skin with slow strokes, teasing and drawing out. The petting was still too much, I was panting violently into Nick's ear begging for him to finally grant me his pulsing heat; I was not denied this time. His fingers slipped into me and stretched my entrance as slowly as he could, desperately trying to draw it out even more.

"Please Nick, I beg you! Take me!" Nick's control had reached its end and with little warning he spread my legs and filled me. He held my legs and drove his sex as deep as he could; using my moans as a guide for his thrusts. I was lost, moaning and snarling and screaming as an animal, digging my nails into his back just to get his mouth close enough for our tongues to battle in a sloppy war. I was easily dominated since it has been ingrained into my very bone that Nick was my master as well as my lover, I would submit every time.

Nick was off rhythm, he was so close and I was right there with him, my legs still aloft began to shake with the strain of holding it in. I begged for Nick to fill me, to let me come to completion. Only with a final dig of his claws did we finish in sync, both of our screams echoing in our home and into the night sky, telling all near that lovers had if but for a moment existed as one.

Nick brought me close to his chest and purred into my ear, our chest vibrating in unison as I returned his satisfied sounds. As the moon began to sink into the night I fell asleep in my lover's arms, surrounded by my children of the Infected.

Here I was royalty and Nick was my king.

If I were ever to leave them again, I would die.