Gideon: Rise to Power
By: 41naF_redipS

Chapter Thirteen
Back in Black

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Gideon woke up with a small barage of pain. This was not from drinking again, but from bed sores. After the eventful night the day before, Gideon was dead tired. His powers had reached their limit, regardless of how he thought of them. He managed to sleep like the dead, regardless of the slight anxiety of when his powers will be full force again.

He opened up his eyes and looked at the clock. Tweleve o'clock on the dot. His eyes widened, fear made its way up his back. He had important meetings to go to today, he had to go set up the Clash at Demonhead's contract and half a dozen other chores for the day. He didn't have time for a shower so he tacked on dozen or so axe body sprays, some mouth spray for bad breath and he gelled his hair so it would look more clean then it was.

After getting dressed he rushed down to the main floor of his apartment to be greeted by Carol, who was washing the dishes.

"Oh terrific, you're awake. Listen, the meeting-"

"No time! I have a lot to do today!"

"There's no meeting today, Gideon!"

"What the crap!"

"Calm down" Carol started, waving her hands, in an ernest attempt to calm her pink slip happy employer. "I got word if it today, your buissness associates had a doctor check you. He said you had extreme exhaustion and that the meeting should go on without you. The good news is that they got the Takefuji partnership. Also the Clash at Demonhead called, they want to meet you this afternoon in an hour"

Gideon was relived at this news. The Takefuji partnership with GGG Heavy Industries was highly coveted by him, without the investment the development of Gideon's latest devices for his pet projects would stagnate for over two years. He needed those funds.

He got his shower in and was more alert now. Carol relayed CaDH's message of where to meet for lunch, put on his lucky brown dress pants, red flannel shirt, bowler hat, got into his Prius and went to the Manhatten Diner in Broadway.

Gideon walked into the diner and saw the three band members seated in the far end. There sat Bassist Todd Ingram with his arm draped over vocalist Envy Adams while drummer Lynette Guycott was sitting a far way from them in towards the shadows.

"Hey, handsome, glad you could make it" Envy greeted him.

"Sup?" Todd said.

Lynette just nodded.

The quartet ordered their meals and then Envy spoke up.

"So, I assume that the theatre is fully functional?"

"Oh, yes" Gideon replied. "There's also large dressing rooms, a service staff, bouncers, a top knotch sound check team and a large stage for the huge turn out"

"That's good. Now our schedule, we can't stay too long, we got this thing in Toronto" she started, but Gideon's mind wandered elsewhere.

"Hey, where'd Lynette go? She was just sitting here"

"Oh its nothing. She's a third genertion ninja augmented by black market cybernetics. They're a dime a dozen, really" said Envy.

"You know, you kinda look like her" Todd pointed out

Envy stared in at him, Gideon didn't mind her attention. Not with those eyes, he thought. "Jeez, you're right" she replied with a chuckle.

Their meals came in to them by a meek waitor. He smiled at Envy, while she gave him a cold look back. Gideon ordered a BLT, Todd got a Tofurkey sandwich, Envy got a grilled cheese and Lynette got chicken burger. The waitor told them they were free if the band gave him an autograph, which they did with robotic precision.

"Anything I could possibly do for any of you?" asked the waitor.

"Jump off the roof of the store" Todd requested. The man ran due haste to the top and landed with a large thump following. Gideon was surprised at this level of obedience of fans. He loved it.

"We're rockstars, we can do whatever we want" Envy said. Todd gave her an open mouth kiss for her display. Both Gideon and Lynette just looked to the side of the room and waited for them to stop before their food got cold.

Finally, they finished. They finally resumed eating until Envy asked Gideon about their paycheck.

"Oh. Well how about one grand?" he asked. Though he loved them, he was a slight cheapskate when it came to his live performances for the club.

"The cheapest we work for is three and a half thousand dollars, Graves" Lynette spoke up.

Gideon swallowed the last of his sandwich and considered the pay offer. Well, how about two grand and all the food for your dressing rooms?"

"Four and a half thousand, and we won't tell the media that you've recruited my boyfriend for a vendetta that is poised to possibly kill some schmoe and brainwash some tart that was you and Todd's ex-girlfriend?"


"Yeah, you're in it now, dude" Todd said. Gideon was in deep trouble. Did they get rid of the waitor so they could unload this on him?

"So, I can pin it all on you guys"

"True" said Lynette. "As a full blood ninja I can use stealth to pin it back on you which, again, you are the original kingpin. Drop the evil genius millionaire schtick, Mister Burns and the GOP pretty much stole your thunder"

Everyone was schocked at this statement, mostly as this was the first time ever that anyone heard Lynette speak in a multitude of words and the fact that her threat has credibility to it.

"You know what, thats pretty f #king ballsy. Ten grand, that's my final offer"

All three of their faces were stuck in a expression of denial. Envy snapped out of it, walked up to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Glad you could see it our way, Mister Graves"

Gideon, still tired, took a quick power nap. He regretted giving up coffe immensly, at the prodding of...Ramona. That bit of irony didn't escape his slumber, and he grew somewhat cranky when he got up to set up the sound check and roadies for the Clash at Demon Head's performance tomorrow.

Across the bars, the cages for the cage dancers, the arcade games and the black and white tiled floor lay the stage. Stereos for the bands were placed all over the club. The roadies were lugging large amounts of equipment and the club's stage hands were helping them. Gideon, already out ten grand, planned to stiff them for their services. The first thing he did when he came to the floor was to order a fresh cup of coffe, the first one he's had in a long time.

It was a dark, bitter brew but it smelled great. Each gulp was another reminder that no one in a relationship was going to tell him what to do anymore. After he was done the first cup, the head stage manager came up to him.

"Mister Graves, we have all the preperations set and its all up to code" said Scoots, the redheaded HSM.

"Terrific, I'll call them up to get them to do a practice run. Stay here if you want to see a free show"

"Oh thank you so much, Mister Graves!...Umm, don't be too mad, but there's another thing I have to tell you" he said, ruffling his red hair

Gideon asked for more information. "Well, there's a Mister Thornfurter that called for you earlier, he said he was getting more impatient over your next delivery"

Gideon winced at this. Ever since he started up his team, he forgot about the next order for General Thornfurter's militia group. Thornfurter was not someone that could handle disappointment well.

"He said he wants to you to call this number" Scoots said as he handed him a piece of paper.

Gideon thanked him and went to the nearest elevator. He stepped in and pulled off the gate to type in the number for his secret laboratory. Gideon knew that the General would want his latest invention immediately. This was not a good time for it now, though. While he pondered this, the doors opened to the entrance of his laboratory. He donned his black labcoat and red goggles and approached his new weapon...

Next: An artsy band performance! A death in the team! A new plot device!

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