A/N: Something I came up with when my Aunt asked me to write something. I am thinking of doing a series of little one shots for Criminal Minds. This is my first Criminal Minds fic so please let me know what you think please! Thanks to Lauren Holly-Blueberry Splash for encouraging me to post this! Kudos for reading everyone! Please review!

Amanda Morgan struggled in her fathers arms, giggling as he carried her up stairs towards the bathroom.

"Settle down, baby girl!" Derick laughed, his fingers dancing across Amanda's ribs.

"NO BATH!" She yelled, still giggling uncontrollably.

From the kitchen, Penelope smiled as she listened to her daughter and husband play fight.

She cradled her 6 month old son, Levi, in one arm while she stirred a pot of pea and ham soup with the other hand, tasting the mixture everynow and then.

"Amanda!" She heard Derick yell, just before a door up stairs slammed shut, and he came thundering into the kitchen.

"I'm telling ya. She ain't a daddy's girl." He grumbled, taking his son from Penelope's arms.

She laughed.

"Did she escape you again? You are hopeless at getting her to have a bath!"

"Fine. You go get her to have a bath then!" He challenged her and Penelope smiled.

"You're on!" Turning off the stove, she shed her apron and followed her husband up stairs to their 2 year old daughters bedroom. Once there, she gave Derick a playfull smile and leant against the door.

"Amanda! Sweet heart, can you come out here for a second please?"

"NO BATH!" Amanda called back.

"Honey, you need one. You are covered in mud from playing with Lilly from next door. I am sure she is having a nice warm bath right now, like you should be."

She heard her daughter giggle again.

"Me like playing in mud!"

Penelope sighed.

"So you don't want a nice warm bath with a boat load of pretty soap to get you clean? If you dont have a bath, then Aunt Emily and Uncle Spencer wont want to come over."

There was a silence on the other side of the door and Penelope knew she was getting through to her.

"What kind of soap?" Amanda asked suspiciously.

"Bubbly grape smelling soap! I know that is your favourite and i bought some today but if you dont want it..."

The door flung open and Amanda charged into the bathroom.

"BATH, BATH, BATH!" She chanted and Penelope smiled victoriously at her husband.

"You owe me, Derick."

Derick shook his head and leant in to kiss his wife passionatly.

"I'm sure you'll be happy with the payment." He smiled, before handing Levi to her and chasing after his daughter.

Now that Amanda was in the bath, the question was "How do we get her out?"