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Chapter One

Chakotay forced his eyes open, blinking a few times before the Doctor, still wearing his ECH uniform, came into focus beside him.

"Welcome back, Commander. How are you feeling?"

Chakotay considered the question whilst he sat up and looked around the sickbay. He was on Voyager. On the biobed beside him was an unconscious Tuvok and standing beside the console was Seven of Nine. She stood in her customary straight-backed pose, however as her eyes wandered around the room she seemed slightly dazed.

"I feel... like myself," Chakotay deduced. The Doctor smiled at him.

"Well, I should certainly hope so. It seems that Doctor Kadan had quite an influx of patients. He never got around to altering your memories, he only sedated you." The Doctor ran a medical tricorder over him and gave it a cursory glance. "You seem to be in perfect health. I assume many of the crew are wandering around Voyager hopelessly lost. Mr Neelix, Ensign Kim and Lieutenant Torres are trying to round them up in the mess hall and keep them calm until I've begun to treat them. I'm sure they'd appreciate your assistance."

"Sure," Chakotay agreed. "But would you mind filling me in on what happened first? The last thing I remember," he wracked his brain, "is being forced to contact Voyager by Kadan. He made me transmit co-ordinates to Voyager- to send you into a trap." He looked up at the Doctor, "How did you get us out?"

The Doctor glanced across the room at Seven. "If you want the whole story I might not be the best person to tell you. Tuvok, Seven and yourself were all beamed up directly from the medical centre on Quarra." He looked down at the tricorder that he was running over Tuvok's head. "I need to treat Commander Tuvok, but Seven might be able to tell you something."

Chakotay nodded and slid off the bio-bed. "Thanks Doctor," he murmured, but the Doctor was already engrossed in the readings from his medical tricorder.

Seven was taking in every sight and every sound as her eyes darted around the room. "Seven," Chakotay addressed her, but she didn't turn around. He remembered how B'Elanna had reacted when she had been brought back on board. Even though Seven obviously knew that she was not supposed to be on Quarra, it must be difficult for her to comprehend that Voyager was her home when she had no memory of it.

He put a hand on her shoulder and she started, whirling around to meet his eyes.

"Amal Kotay?" she asked hesitantly, her eyes absorbing every detail of his face, undoubtedly comparing it to the face she recognised from the records at the power plant.

"Chakotay," he corrected, smiling at her. It was strange to see Seven so unsure about anything. It gave her an almost exotic quality. Belatedly he realised that his hand was still resting on her shoulder and nearly drew away, before thinking better of it and grasping her elbow instead. Gently he led her towards the Doctor's office. "You'll remember all this soon enough, but I'm a commander aboard Voyager."

"What happened down there?" he asked as he gestured for her to sit. He drew the other chair from around the opposite side of the desk and collapsed into it, making himself comfortable. Seven, on the other hand, sat on the edge of the seat, her knees pressed tightly together under her skirt and her hands twisting unconsciously in her lap.

"I only know what happened at the hospital. Kathryn Janeway went to the power facility to disable the shield grid. Since we're here, I'm assuming that she succeeded." Chakotay nodded and Seven continued, "I believe that Mr Tuvok knew we didn't belong on Quarra. He tried to- HH" Her eyes unfocused as she tried to define exactly what Tuvok had done that had made her realise something wasn't quite right. "He tried to make me remember who I was," she paused. "Who I am."

"Obviously it worked," Chakotay commented.

She shook her head but didn't speak for a moment, making Chakotay wonder exactly what she did remember. But the moment was over and she began to speak again.

"In my position at the power plant I was able to learn what files Mr Tuvok accessed before he was hospitalised. When B'Elanna Torres was kidnapped and her file was one of those that Mr Tuvok had searched for, along with my own and many others, I became suspicious."

Chakotay resisted the urge to correct Seven- B'Elanna hadn't been kidnapped, she'd been rescued.

"I contacted Detective Yerid and voiced my suspicions to him, however he had been relieved of duty, after your arrest, I believe. He agreed to help me and several other people that were mentioned in Tuvok's files- people I assume to be members of Voyager's crew. I went back to the hospital and learned that everyone who had been mentioned in the files had been treated for Dysphoria Syndrome when they arrived," Seven continued.

Chakotay nodded, "They'd been altering everyone's memories so they'd believe they came to Quarra of their own free will."

"That's correct," Seven confirmed. "Between the information I had gathered at the hospital, Mr Tuvok's files and what you had told Kathryn Janeway, we were able to contact Voyager and be rescued," she concluded.

Chakotay was silent for a moment, letting everything she had told him sink in. "Why were you at the medical centre when we were beamed up?" he asked, remembering what the Doctor had said when he had woken up.

"Detective Yerid and I intended to release Mr Tuvok and yourself, however we were transported here almost as soon as we arrived there." She stared down at her hands, still twisting, in her lap.

Chakotay's eye's narrowed as he studied her. Something else was bothering her. "What's wrong?" he asked eventually.

Seven didn't look up. "I fear that I may be the reason that Doctor Ravoc has come to harm." Chakotay didn't understand, and was about to ask her to explain when she looked up at him, eyes filled with some unidentifiable emotion. "I deceived him at the medical centre in order to gain information. When we returned he was also undergoing the procedure to have his memories altered. What if it was because of what I did that he was harmed?" She looked utterly miserable at the thought.

"Seven, you did whatever you had to. Kadan didn't have time to alter my memories before we were rescued; it's possible that Doctor Ravock's weren't either. And even if they were, the Doctor can treat him," he tried to reassure her.

She dipped her head once in acceptance as he stood up to leave. "I need to check on the rest of the crew. Thanks for telling me what happened," he smiled, "and for coming back to the medical centre to rescue me," he added. Seven looked up at him and offered him a small smile in return as he walked out of the office.

"Commander?" Seven's voice stopped him as the doors of sickbay slid open. He turned round to find her standing at the door to the Doctor's office. "I realise this is something I may remember after the Doctor has treated me, but..." she hesitated, but before Chakotay could prompt her to continue, she completed her question, "Why do you and the Doctor keep referring to me as 'Seven'? My name is Annika Hansen."

Chakotay's mouth opened to answer but not a sound came out. The question was more loaded than she realised. He looked across sickbay, almost searching for an answer. Instead he found the Doctor looking up from treating Tuvok. Their eyes met, and Chakotay realised that the Doctor was as lost as to how to answer the question as he was.

He turned back to Seven- Annika, rather. "It's a long story. Would you prefer to go by Annika, for now at least?"

Her head dipped in a small nod, "Yes. Thank you."

Chakotay gave her a smile before turning and making his way down to the mess hall, still pondering her story.

A couple of years previously, when the ship had been swallowed by the 'picture plant,' as it had come to be known as, and the crew had begun to believe their fondest dreams were coming true, only Seven and Naomi Wildman had not been convinced by the hallucinations the picture plant had invoked in them, simply because neither of them had wanted to return to the Alpha Quadrant or Earth.

Now, however, it seemed that Seven was the one who wasn't content to live out the happy life offered on Quarra, while Captain Janeway, the woman who was so determined to keep heading towards home, was the first to settle down and ignore any suspicion that all was not right.

He was forced from his ponderings as he was nearly run over by a lost and panicking crewmember. The crew were all back home on Voyager.

Now if only they could remember it.

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