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Chapter 1: A gamble and a deal

When someone knew I was daughter of the famous seyuu Mashiro Miho and Mashiro Moritaka, also known, along with his friend Takagi Akito-san, as Ashirogi Muto... this person would suddenly acte all nice toward me... that's why I always hated when someone found that out.

Mashiro Yume was a regular 17 years old high school student. Her mother had a legendary beauty, which she didn't have, since Yume looked a lot like her father. The same eyes and facial traits, and a hair that, even long, was a little spiky. Her name, as she had been told, was given due to her parents' dreams that had become true. Yume meant Dream in Japanese.

Moritaka and Miho were hard-workers, but never negligented the family. They always cultivated a deep love for each other and for Yume, and always told her that they would support her dreams no matter what they could be.

My dreams... Yume didn't know for sure what she wanted to her future. Voice acting never caught her interest, despite the fact that she didn't find her voice beautiful and considered herself too shy for that sort of job. She liked to draw and loved manga, like her father, but the very idea of becoming a mangaka terrified her. She had grown up at Ashirogi Muto's shadow, one of the most famous and popular mangakas in the whole world. If I became a mangaka, I'd be compared to my father forever. Despite, I'm not even able to come up with a good plot for a manga.

Yume's best friend was Takagi Ichigo, who she knew since they were little kids. Not surprisingly, after all their mothers were best friends and their fathers were Ashirogi Muto. Ichigo also knew how was to live at the shadow of her father, but, differently from Yume, she didn't seem to mind. Ichigo was intelligent and good in sports, which made her the proud of her parents. She wasn't exactly a beauty queen, just like Yume. Ichigo had a straight brown hair constantly hold in a pony tail and wore red glasses; her personality was strong, and kind of violent, which made any guy who bothered her be punched until beg for mercy. Well, not every guy.

Niizuma Akira, a childhood friend of the girls, had, pretty much since he learned how to talk, had arguments with Ichigo, without ever apologizing. He acted cold and logical the entire time and, for what Yume deduced, his reason to pick fights with the Takagi girl was that he was jealous of her being better than him at everything. Akira had a short and dark purple hair and gray eyes that seemed to see through someone's soul. For some odd reason, he always gave his best to stick around Ichigo, even if he always said something in some moment that made the girl punch him. Niizuma Akira was son of two legends of manga: the couple Niizuma Eiji and Niizuma Aiko. However, he wasn't proud at all of them. "I hate manga! It's a low form of literature!" That's what Akira always complained about. Whenever his parents had to come to school, it was always his mother who appeared. Akira didn't like to talk about his father, as if he was embarrassed of him.

The three of them studied in the same class, but they sit far from each other. Ichigo had her seat at the back of the class, Akira sit at the front and Yume at the middle, next to a window. She always liked to draw characters of manga in her notebook. Because of that, the other girls used to call her little kid and act with superiority toward her. However, if they discovered that her parents were famous, Yume would suddenly become their best friend.

At least, in these three years of High School, nobody has found out yet.

Right in front of Yume, a boy called Yamada Kouji had his seat. He had bright gray hair and black eyes and was known for his geek and shy personality. Kouji's favorite hobby was to spend his time in the computer lab. Extremely introspective, he often received mean nicknames by his classmates, who found him a weird type. Yume found him wonderful.

We never talked to each other, he probably doesn't even know who I am. Huh, maybe he has a secret crush on me since we saw each other for the first time and we're going to promise we won't see each other until make our dreams come true and get married. That story of them is so silly.

After school, Yume went back to her home and turned on the computer. She liked to read fanfictions of old mangas in FFnet, especially NaruHina ones. Looking for some good fic, she found one that happened during the war saga, in which Hinata fought alone tons of Zetsus.

"In order to help Naruto-kun, to protect him... I trained hard... Now I'm sure I can walk by his side forever." Hinata's body began to shine with pure chakra, "this is the technique I created! ULTIMATE JUUKEN!"

Arrows of chakra flew to everywhere, reaching all the Zetsus. Their bodies' chakra were deeply affected and they couldn't even move anymore.

Yume stared at the lines for a while, amazed. This is pretty cool, I wish Hinata had done something like that in the manga! Who's the writer?

Yume read the name at the top of the page: Strawberry Muto. She paled. No, it can't be!

The next day, Yume entered the classroom half an hour before the class started. I want to talk to her privately... not that it is a big deal, she can write fanfiction if she likes it, just like I can draw manga... damn, why do I keep thinking about Dad and Takagi-san?

The door was suddenly opened, but the person who came through it wasn't the one Yume was expecting. Kouji entered the classroom and looked at Yume a little shocked. I thought nobody would be here!

"Y-Yamada-kun! G-good morning!" Yume tried to act normally, which, she realized right away, didn't work. Damn it! Did I blush? I hope I didn't! If I blushed and he saw me... DAMN IT!

"Good morning, Mashiro-san. It's good to see you here!" Kouji greeted gently, giving Yume an outstanding smile that took her breath away.

He's smiling at me... HE'S SMILING AT ME! And now he's coming in my direction, DAMN IT!

Kouji sit on the table in front of Yume's, facing her, for the girl's despair.

"I think we never were alone like this before... you know, I always wanted to know you better, Mashiro-san... there's a thing I want to ask you."

Is he going to ask me to date him? Wait, what am I thinking?

"Mashiro-san... is it possible...?

"W-what?" Yume's eyes were shining and she was trembling in anxiety. Kouji smiled shyly and questioned:

"Is it possible that you're daughter of Ashirogi Muto?"

Yume felt as if her heart was sinking. In a deeply disappointed tone, she replied, "Yeah."

"I knew it! I knew your drawing style was similar to his!" Yamada shouted in excitement.

"M-my drawing style?" Yume asked. What is he talking about? I never showed my drawings to anyone!

Kouji took a paper from his suitcase and showed it to her. It was a drawing of him that she had made in class one year before. A drawing she thought she had lost. Yume felt that the ground had vanished from under her feet.

"It fell from your notebook last year. I wanted to give it back, but I never was able to be alone with you... I'm too shy with other people. Your art is truly beautiful, Mashiro-san."

He said that my art is beautiful? Is this really happening? Wait, he stayed with that drawing of him for a year and, apparently, he hadn't realized why I've done it? Or he does know that I like him, but doesn't want to put me in an uncomfortable situation? Could he like me too?

"You know, Mashiro-san, since I was a kid, I had this dream... I always wanted to work with animes."

"Animes? Don't tell me you want to be a seyuu!" Yume asked scared, but Kouji laughed.

"What? No, I don't have a good voice for something like that. I want to be an animator and, maybe someday, direct animes." Yamada replied, blushing a little, "and... after seeing your drawing, I realized..."

It's now! He's going to declare himself! Or maybe he's going to say something like "I'm sorry, I don't love you." I'm over-thinking! What is he going to say?



"I'd like to make an anime based on your manga!"

Yume almost lost her balance and fell from her seat.

"What manga?"

"Well, since your drawings are so amazing and... you're Ashirogi Muto's daughter... I thought..." Kouji was talking slowly, finally noticing the astonished expression Yume had and getting upset, "you... don't want to become a mangaka, right? I'm so stupid, I'm sorry for bothering you."

"No, I'll become a mangaka for sure!" Yume almost yelled, getting on her feet suddenly, "I-I'm not good with plots, but... that's not a problem, Ichigo will make the story for it!"

"Takagi Ichigo-san? I never thought of her writing." Yamada commented.

"She's pretty good! If you don't know, Ashirogi Muto is actually two people: my father and hers!"

"Really? That's awesome, Mashiro-san! It's perfect!" Kouji stood up and held Yume's hands, without noticing. The girl felt she was floating, her heart was beating loudly.

"Yeah. Ichigo and I will write a great manga, then you can animate it and then... and then..."

"What are we going to do, Yume?" Ichigo, who had just arrived with Akira, questioned without understanding. Yume got very nervous when she saw her standing there.

"Yamada-kun, do you excuse me for a second?" Yume asked. Kouji nodded and she ran to Ichigo, grabbed her arm and pulled her in high-speed. They ran until they reached a desert hall. There, Yume explained what had happened.

"What the Hell were you thinking?" Ichigo asked furious, "Don't put me in a situation like this just to impress a guy. I'm not a writer!"

"Of course you're a writer, I read your fanfic yesterday!"

Ichigo paled, but tried to dissimulate, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I'm talking about the NaruHina fic you wrote, the one in which Hinata fought the Zetsus!"

"I-I didn't write any f-fic!" Ichigo was getting nervous, but Yume wouldn't take easy on her.

"The author's pen-name was Strawberry Muto. Seriously, you couldn't have picked a less obvious one."

"All right, all right! I admit it! I am Strawberry Muto, I love to write!" Ichigo confessed, embarrassed, "but nobody can ever know about this!"

"Why not? I think you write well."

Ichigo looked down, taking a breath before answering.

"Come on, you know why! If our parents found out that you like to draw and I like to write, they would persuade us to become the next Ashirogi Muto! I don't want that! I don't want to live forever at my father's shadow!"

Yume went serious when she heard that.

"I understand... I thought the same thing for a long time."

"You understand?"

"But, now that I think about it... I don't think there's other thing in my life that I enjoy as much as drawing." Yume said, "I was insecure, afraid of the pressure... but, deep down, I always knew that drawing manga was what I wanted to do."

Ichigo looked at the other, sadly, "I don't think I enjoy other things as much as I enjoy writing, either. However, I'm not sure if I can deal with the pressure on us."

"That's a simple problem," Akira, who had followed them and listened, hidden, to the conversation, showed himself and decided to talk, "you just need to keep secret about it to everyone and use a pen-name."

"Niizuma, were you spying on us?" Ichigo asked annoyed, Akira walked toward her until be face-to-face with the Takagi girl. His eyes were deeply serious.

"Takagi, is it how it's going to be? Every time I try to catch you, you'll find another thing for me to overcome?"

"What are you talking about?" Ichigo questioned, seeing Akira clenching his fists.

"That's fine. If you're going to become a mangaka, then I will not lose to you. I'm going to write the most popular manga in Japan!"

"Really?" Ichigo smiled mischievously, "That's a great gamble, but I don't have any intention to lose to you."

"Let's make a deal, Takagi," Akira added, "if your manga become more popular than mine, I'll do anything you want."

Ichigo's eyes widened. He's serious about this. Why is he so determined, I thought he hated manga.

"But," Niizuma added, "if my manga surpasses yours... I want you..."

"What?" Ichigo questioned. Akira, who was blushing lightly, replied, "if my manga surpasses yours, I want you to marry me!"

The three of them stayed silent for several minutes, until Ichigo began to laugh loudly.

"D-Damn, Takagi, don't laugh at a man's feelings like-"

"Deal! I agree with your terms!" Ichigo said, smiling, for Akira's shock. Yume quickly pulled her to a close classroom.

"Have you lost your mind, Ichigo? What was that just now?" She asked, panicking.

"Don't worry, Yume. We're not going to lose to him." Ichigo stated, "We must trust in our art!"

She's right, I can't have this kind of doubt. We must work hard.

"You know, Yume, I'm very surprised at you. You always said how you found your parents' promise of not seeing each other until their dreams became true silly, but you ended up doing a similar thing."

"It's totally different. I didn't make any other deal with Yamada-kun besides letting him animate our manga."

"Eh?" Ichigo was surprised, "Wait! Does it mean that he doesn't know that you like him?"

"I don't know." Yume answered, with a serene smile, "It doesn't matter, though. I'll just confess to him what I feel when we reach our objectives."

I see, Ichigo thought, amused, in the end, she's just like her parents.