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Trigger Warnings: Major character death in second chapter; PTSD from sexual abuse (actual abuse is ONLY implied; never described in any detail).


January 2011

"Ohhh, my goodness," Emily sighed as JJ gingerly handed over her new bundle of joy. "Look at those little fingernails. JJ…she's so beautiful."

"Thanks," JJ said meekly from her hospital bed, where she lay sweaty and weary.

Emily sat down and stared in wonder at the slumbering little miracle.

"She is beautiful, JJ. Congratulations," Hotch said, hands stuffed in his pockets as he stood a few feet away from Emily, glancing on at the baby.

"Thanks, Hotch," JJ said, a big smile creeping across her face at hearing anything that personal out of her former boss's mouth. He had retired from his post as stoic Unit Chief of the BAU six months ago, but he took his demeanor along with him to the new desk job that allowed him to stay home more with Jack. "Thank you both for coming," she added. Only the three of them were in the room.

"Jayje, you're my best friend," Emily said. "Why on earth would I be anywhere else?"

"It doesn't matter where I'm working. All of you are family to me," Hotch said, backing Emily up.

JJ started to tear up, rolling her lips in and crinkling the hem of her sheets in her hands.

"What's wrong?" Emily asked, worried, finally peeling her eyes away from the pink little newborn.

"I just miss you both. And I don't think the pregnancy hormones are gone yet," JJ said, laughing at herself as she ran a delicate finger under each eye.

"I've been gone for like a week," Emily said, though still reaching out one hand to hold JJ's while the other nestled the baby.

"You can still change your mind, you know," JJ said. "We haven't replaced you yet."

Emily smiled consolingly at her friend. "I can't," she said, shaking her head. "It just didn't feel right anymore." Emily eyed Hotch furtively before looking JJ in the eye again. "I miss you, too, though. I miss everyone. But I didn't feel like it was where I belonged anymore." Not without him.

JJ nodded resignedly.

"JJ…" Hotch said tentatively, finally pulling a chair away from the wall to sit near Emily, leaning forward with his hands on his knees. "Is there a reason you wanted just me and Emily in here?" He was certain he knew. There was only one reason JJ would want him and Emily, who hadn't seen each other more than a couple times since Hotch's retirement six months ago, in the same room as she and her baby.

"There is. Will and I were hoping you two would agree to be Charlotte's godparents." JJ flashed an expectant smile at her friends.

Emily and Hotch locked eyes with one another briefly before either one of them looked at JJ.

"I know it's an odd couple kind of thing, but Reid and Garcia are Henry's godparents. You can't get any odder than that, can you?" JJ added.

Hotch smirked at Emily, who didn't see him, but was instead busying herself with straightening the baby's blanket.

"So, will you?" JJ asked.

"Of course," Hotch and Emily said in unison.

JJ reached out for a hand from Emily and a hand from Hotch. "Thank you. It means so much that no matter where we go, we'll all still be a big family."

"I'm honored that you would ask, Jayje," Emily said.

"As am I," Hotch said.

Hotch and Emily shared an awkward look with one another, unbeknownst to JJ, who had taken a moment to confirm that her daughter was safe and content in Emily's arms.

"So, Charlotte, huh?" Emily said, glancing up at JJ. "I love it."

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